Jewel Vendor in Unicorn Way

If you haven’t run into him yet: Unicorn Way has an NPC called Jordo Mistborn. He’s one of the most important vendors to max level or any level PvPer.

Vendor: Jordo Mistborn

jewel vendor unicorn way jordo mistborn   jewel vendor unicorn way

Jordo Mistborn, the Jewel NPC, is found standing across the street from Olivia Dawnwillow right past Unicorn Park in Unicorn Way. He sells 4 of the major jewel shapes at all the level ranges. His wares are available for arena tickets and for a decent price!


Jewels for Sale

Circle- Damage Opals for all levels.

lustrous damage opal jewel

jewel vendor unicorn way   Picture 2016-03-18 01-26-16

Square- Defense Opals for all levels

lustrous defense opal jewel

Picture 2016-03-18 01-35-08   Picture 2016-03-18 01-25-58

Tear- Health Opals for all levels

lustrous health opal jewel

Picture 2016-03-18 01-35-11   Picture 2016-03-18 01-26-22

Triangle- Accuracy and Pip Opals for all levels

polished accurate opal jewel  lustrous pip opal jewel

Picture 2016-03-18 01-35-06   Picture 2016-03-18 01-26-08

Why is this Exciting?

This vendor is revolutionary as he offers easy, reliable access to these jewels. This is especially important at max level where the top tier block athames do not offer power pip chance. With the jewels from this vendor one can feasibly acquire 100% power pip chance and 100% accuracy while still maintaining relevant block statistics. Jorda also offers the best health opals currently available allowing wizards to more easily max out their health buffers.


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