Popular PvP Pet Jewels (2016)

In this star jewelguide, we will be looking at pets and pet jewels! I have spent two weeks collecting screenshots of pets that fulfill the following requirements:

  • The pet has been trained to mega or ultra.
  • The pet has a jewel attached to it.
  • Their owner is an overlord (rank of 1000+) of any level.

I’ve collected 200 different pets. Please notice that the fact that an overlord has a certain pet equipped doesn’t necessarily mean they use that pet in PvP. However, I think it’s still close enough to give some information worth analyzing.

To start with, I have divided the pets into 4 categories. While putting them in categories, I have ignored the jewel completely, and only looked at the talents the pet has gotten through being trained to mega.

Ward pets

Pets that have a minimum of 3 wards, or 2 wards, proof and defy. If in addition to these wards, they have two damage talents, I moved them to the “mixed pets” group.


ward pet 1

ward pet 2

ward pet 3

ward pet 4

Defensive pets

Pets that have a minimum of 3 defensive talents, or 4 defensive talents if there’s a damage talent. Examples of defensive talents are Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying, critical block, may cast Fortify, any may cast heal and may cast Enfeeble.


defensive pet 2

defensive pet 3

defensive pet 4

defensive pet 1

Aggressive pet

Pets that have a minimum of 3 aggressive talents, or 4 aggressive talents if there’s a defensive talent. Aggressive talents are any damage or critical talents, as well as may cast Infallible and Shatter.


aggressive pet 3

aggressive pet 5

aggressive pet 2

aggressive pet 1

Mixed pets

Pets that have either 2 aggressive and 3 defensive talents; or 3 aggressive and 2 defensive talents. Talents like mana or accuracy giving talents are neutral-ish.


mixed pet 4

mixed pet 2

mixed pet 3 pet jewels

mixed pet 1

pets200 pet jewels

Here’s what kind of pet my 200 overlords used:

  • 97 mixed pets
  • 49 defensive pets
  • 32 ward pets
  • 22 aggressive pets




Pet Jewels Overlords Use in General

The overlords I snapped pictures of had a total of 52 different pet jewels on their pets. Of those 52, there are six jewels that appear more than ten times in my data. The top ten is quite interesting.

pet jewels

  1. Ice-Proof (19 times)
  2. Ice-Dealer (18 times)
  3. Ice-Ward (16 times)
  4. Balance-Ward (14 times)
  5. Unbalancer (11 times)
  6. Balance-Dealer (10 times)
  7. Fire-Proof (6 times)
  8. Hearty (6 times)
  9. Fire-Dealer (5 times)
  10. Fire-Ward (5 times)

You can see that there are clearly three schools people pay more attention to: Ice, Balance and  Fire. For these, both damage and resist talents are present, suggesting these are the most common schools to face in PvP currently.

There is also a selfish talent in the top 10: hearty. Hearty is a talent that adds 25 strength to the pet’s stats. The amount of strength a pet has affects its damage and resistance. The Hearty Opal has something else going in its favor: you can simply buy it from the Pet Shoppe Boys, so no farming needed. The perfect talent for the lazy!



Aggressive Pets’ Jewels

I didn’t find very many purely aggressive pets. Manydamage pets pet jewels pets ended up in the “mixed pet” category, due to having two defensive talents in addition to 3 aggressive talents. More about those in the part of this guide that addresses mixed pets.

Of the 22 very aggressive pets I collected, 63 % used a damage jewel (14 pets) and  22 % a critical jewel (5 pets). The other 3 pets had a 5 % pip chance, Balance-Ward and Hearty talent.

Of the 14 damage pet jewels, 50 % were for Storm damage talents: Storm-Boon 3 pets, Storm-Dealer 2 pets and Storm-Giver 2 pets.


Defensive Pets’ Jewels

I collected defensitve pet49 especially defensive pets. Just like in the previous category, pets with 3 defensive and 2 aggressive talents did not end up here; they’re among the mixed pets.

Of these 49 pets, 59 % have a resistance jewel (29 pets) and 33 % a damage jewel (16 pets). The remaining 4 pets have Hearty, a health opal, myth striker and a tower shield sapphire.

The 16 damage jewels were spread as follows: 5 for Balance, 4 for Myth, 4 for Ice, 2 for Life, 1 for Death and 1 for Fire. The 29 resistance jewels were for the following schools: 18 for Ice, 7 for Balance, 3 for Storm and 1 for Fire.


Ward Pets’ Jewels

wardI ended up with 32 Ward pets, of which 78 % had an additional resistance jewel (25 pets). Resistance to Balance and Ice is equally common, with 8 pets of each kind. Fire resistance occurs on 5 pets and Storm resist on 4 pets. Of the remaining Ward pets, 4 had a damage jewel: 3 Ice-Dealer and 1 Fire-Dealer. The remaining 3 had a selfish jewel: 2 sported Hearty (+25 max strength) and 1 Steadfast (+40 max agility).

Ice Resist iceice

Balance Resistbalancebalance

Fire Resistfirefire

Storm Resiststormstorm


Mixed Pets’ Jewels

I tried to divide this huge group of 97 pets in groups based on different criteria, but there was never a clear correlation between the pet jewels used and the type of “mixed pet” in question. It seems this group is quite homogenous, with both the more aggressive and the more defensive pets sporting the same pet jewels in more or less equal quantities.

When it comes to jewels, damage jewels are the most common and occur on 52 % of the mixed pets.

Ice Damageice damage

Balance Damagebalance damage

Fire Damagefire damage

Myth Damagemyth damage

Death Damagedeath damage

Storm Damagestorm damage

Resist jewels occur on about 30 % of the mixed pets. The variation between the different strengths and schools of resistance is not as larg as with damage talents. For mixed pets (as well as most other kinds of pets) the most common schools for resist are Ice and Balance, with a smaller amount of Fire-resist coming as a third.

Ice Resistice resist

Balance Resistbalance resist

Fire Resistfire resist

In Short

  1. Aggressive pets tend to have aggressive jewels: about 86 % of the ones I collected have an aggressive jewel (damage or critical) attached to them.
  2. Ward pets are more often than not made even more defensive with a defensive jewel: in 78 % of the cases.
  3. Of the defensive pets, 59 % had a defensive jewel, and 33 % an aggressive jewel.
  4. Of the mixed pets, 52 % had an aggressive jewel and 30 % a defensive jewel.
  5. In addition to clearly aggressive and defensive talents:
    • A selfish talent occurs on 10 pets.
    • A health boosting jewel occurs on 2 pets.
    • An accuracy boosting jewel occurs on 2 pets.
    • A tower shield card jewel occured on 1 pet.
    • A pip chance boosting jewel occurs on 1 pet.


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