Ways to make farming
more interesting in Wizard101

We have all done our fair share of farming in Wizard101 and we all know how long it can take to get that certain drop. It’s always that one spell, pet, mount, or even that one piece of gear you just need to get! Well, after a couple hours you might find yourself getting bored and that is why I am here today! So without further ado…….

Let’s make farming more interesting!

(Just to clarify not all of these methods are recommended for instances of farming such as bosses with specific cheats or longer dungeons such as Castle Darkmoor, Medulla, or the Aquila dungeons)


Suggestion 1 of 5: Change Your Deck Setup

So let’s say you have been farming an instance such as Loremaster or Lord Nightshade and you’ve been using the same deck every single time. You might get bored seeing the same spell animations every single time. Perhaps you should try changing up how your deck is set up. Now, if you just want to get the fight over with as soon as possible, this may not be for you. However,  some people may find this as an intriguing concept that you just never thought about.

Let’s use an example:


Deck 1:

  • Blizzard x2
  • Ice Blade x2
  • Snowball Barrage x1
  • Epic x3
  • Sharpened Blade x2
Say this is the setup you have been using to farm for those beautiful spells from Loremaster. It’s a good deck and it will get the job done quick especially if you’re with a team. However, after a while it must get boring seeing those two attacks over and over again. So let’s make this more interesting…

Perhaps this?


Deck 2:

  • Shift Dread Paladin x1
  • Reindeer Knight x1
  • Climaclysm x1
  • Ice Blade x1
  • Elemental Blade x1
  • Epic x2
  • Potent trap x1
  • Sharpened Blade x2

Now that’s refreshing! Throwing in some different spells can both make things more refreshing and change up your strategy quite a lot. Perhaps you would like to take them out over time? Perhaps you want to pick and choose your enemies wisely? Or perhaps you just want to give an underrated school just a bit more love? Well, whatever your reason is for changing the deck setup, go for it!


Suggestion 2 of 5: Bring Some Friends

Now this one might be obvious, but I feel like I should bring this up. Farming alone — no matter how hard or how easy it is — can get super boring and you can start to feel lonely. Perhaps you could bring some company with you to change things up for the better.

Just look at these happy Wizards preparing for Graveyard together!


But what if your friends aren’t available to play, or you don’t have any friends that play Wizard101?

Well, then there are some ways were you can go out and make some friends within the game and community to get together and farm with. You can always just join Team Up and try talking to the people that join the instance with you.

If that’s not your style, there are ways outside of the game to find players. Perhaps you can join one of the many Wizard101 discords that exist on the service. You can also interact with the community on other social medias such as Facebook and Twitter, where there are dedicated Wizard101 communities.

The people within the communities are usually very nice. They always welcome new people, so never be afraid that you won’t fit in. We’re all here for the same purpose: our love for this game!


Suggestion 3 of 5: The 10-10 Strategy

Ok, so this one will need some explanation. You’re probably asking “What is the 10-10 Strategy?”. It’s actually fairly simple. It means you do ten runs of the one dungeon you’re doing and, then, you go do ten runs of another dungeon. A great example of this would be with quicker, short dungeons such as Lord Nightshade and Loremaster (oh look those names popped up again).

I’d personally do this strategy with a friend or two. That way, you can cover both dungeons you need to farm AND dungeons your friends need to farm. The strategy’s only flaw from my personal experience is that it requires a lot of time. That’s especially true if you are using this for longer dungeons such as Graveyard, Waterworks, Mount Olympus, Mirror Lake, etc.

make farming more interesting

Suggestion 4 of 5: Music!
(Idea from TheRavenTamer)

Music! Another very simple yet effective idea. Music can make you feel so many different things! The type of music to use can vary from person to person, the specific dungeon you’re doing, or even what time of day it is.

A great way to change up a dull farming session with music is to choose some music relevant to the time of the year. Perhaps it’s Christmas and you want to listen to something jolly, maybe it’s Halloween and you want to listen to something eerie, or maybe Valentine’s day is approaching and you want to listen to music that reminds you of that special someone? Either way, music is a great way to change up farming!


Suggestion 5 of 5: Using Off-School Spells
(Idea from Talon)

Now this strategy I personally was hesitant to try but the idea is promising. With this I suggest that you use a mastery amulet if you have one. If not, that’s fine, but a mastery amulet will make things go much quicker. I would also recommend using treasure cards for this unless you rather learn the spells of the other school.

Let’s use an example:

Say you are going to farm a short dungeon boss (in this example I’ll use our favorite punching bag Lord Nightshade) and you have a Myth mastery amulet. While you’re a Death wizard, your set up could look something like this:

make farming more interesting

Treasure Card/Deck:

  • Humongofrog x18
  • Keeper of The Flame x1
  • Athena Battlesight x1
  • Myth Blade x1 (from mastery amulet)
  • Wand hit x3

This is certainly not the farming deck of your typical Death wizard now is it? No, this is the deck setup of an insane person, or an innovator (your choice). The strategy is certainly fun, especially if you use a school of magic you are unfamiliar with, so the spells will all feel fresh and new.

Besides, who doesn’t love watching Lord Nightshade being burned alive by a dragon? I know I do.

make farming more interesting

In conclusion, I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful and perhaps enjoyable!

Got some ideas of your own? Leave them in the comments below!


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  • Try doing crown trivia during the fights. As you pick a spell, quickly change tab to answer the trivia and switch back to the game when its your turn. this passes time quicker!

    • Great idea! Just need to remember that if you ignore trivia for a bit, it’ll time out.

      • The for the info! Learnt this the hard way already though😔

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