Crowns Reward Event

As I am sure most of the community is aware of, Kingsisle has introduced a new rewards system. The Night-Knight event rewards players for spending a certain amount of crowns over a set period of time. People have been asking for this type of reward system for quite a while. Kingsisle have always given us, the players, awesome member benefits like fishing, crafting and monstrology benefits. However, this often left Crowns players in the dark. The Night-Knight event is KI’s attempt to rectify this situation. Nevertheless, let’s put the members vs. crowns players discussion aside, as it is a completely different topic from what we’re going to discuss today. Today we’ll focus on the Crowns reward event alone. We won’t compare it with membership benefits, since there are two completely different strategies behind these two. Instead, we’re going to focus on only the Crowns reward event as a standalone event.

Crowns Reward event


What’s the benefit about?

During the Crowns reward event you’ll receive extra items when spending your crowns. While this sounds good, you’ll notice that things become slightly different when you delve a little deeper. There has been a lot of debate in the community, with people expressing their concerns and disagreements with this event. These concerns are understandable because the bar was set really high:

  • 145,750k crowns for new gear set;
  • 275,000k crowns to add a wand to a set;
  • 550,000k crowns for new mount.

Crown usage is cumulative across all wizards on the same account, so if you need to gear up several wizards, this might be opportunity to ease your way upwards. However, you can redeem rewards such as member benefit elixirs on only one of your wizards, so be careful when and how you use it!


What rewards can you get?

Crowns Reward eventThere is a variety of rewards you can obtain. Here’s the list of items from the first Crowns reward event (15th – 18th November 2018). Keep in mind that rewards will differ in future events.

  1. 330 Crowns: Mana Elixir,
  2. 1,925 Crowns: Health Elixir + Farley’s Gardening Pack,
  3. 4,400 Crowns: Rockhammer’s Jewel Pack + Proffesor’s Hoard Pack,
  4. 8,800 Crowns: Double Pet XP Benefit – 1 hour x2,
  5. 16,500 Crowns: Night-Knight Cap,
  6. 27,500 Crowns: Bric-a-Brac Elixir + Purreau’s Potion #9 x2 + Decaversary Hoard Pack x2 + Crafting Benefit 1 hour,
  7. 42,900 Crowns: Mega Snack Pack + Monstrodome,
  8. 63,250 Crowns: Night-Knight Robe,
  9. 88,000 Crowns: Mega Snack Pack x2 + Baddle of the Bands Gauntlet + Expand Backpack,
  10. 115,500 Crowns: Double Pet XP Benefit – 3 hour + Double Gardening + Fishing Benefit – 3 hour,
  11. 145,750 Crowns: Night-Knight Slippers,
  12. 192,500 Crowns: Mega Snack Pack x2 + Bundle of Fun,
  13. 275,000 Crowns: Night-Knight Banner,
  14. 412,500 Crowns: Level 50 Elixir + Double Pet XP Benefit – 5 hour + Double Gardening + Second Chance Chest Benefit + Archangel’s Attire,
  15. 550,000 Crowns: Night Dragon (PERM).

All the rewards stated above are worth 66,476 crowns if bought separately. Well 66,476 crowns + Night Dragon Scooter mount, new outfit and all the benefit elixirs. These were excluded since we can’t find any price tag. That being said spending around $700 is still a bit much.


Problems with the Crowns reward event?

One of the biggest complaints for the Crowns reward event is that it costs too much. This is partially true, since people earn different amounts of money. And while it’s true that for majority of us regular mortals spending 700$ in 3 days is too much, there are people around who can afford it. So anyway, let’s dig a bit deeper and explore some other problems.

There are actual real life barriers that can prevent you from spending so much money. Your credit/debit card can have a daily spending limit set. Which means you can’t buy that many crowns unless you physically visit a bank and request a raise in your card parameter limits.

Crowns Reward event

Let’s imagine a scenario where we have enough crowns on our account. Our second issue would be finding enough items to buy in the short amount of time that the event takes place. While the ability to spend crowns across multiple wizards makes things a bit easier, it’s still a challenge. You would have to spend little more then 90,000 crowns on each of your 6 wizards to get the top reward. Also, consider that that’s still a lot of things you’ll have to find and store somewhere.

One could go and buy packs – those are a really nice way to burn crowns really fast. Be that as it may, there is a similar issue with this as with buying things from the Crowns shop. Spending so many crowns will become a chore rather then something you enjoy doing. There is simply too much organizing, running around and clearing your backpack to finally reach the magical 550,000 crowns mark.

The last thing I’m personally worried about is actually the only one I hope KingsIsle WON’T do with this Crowns reward event. I sincerely hope that future rewards won’t include some kind of over-powered gear, which would totally shift the gameplay and give you an advantage over the other players. According to the video below where Kingsisle explains more on the Night-Knight Crowns reward, they aren’t planning on doing anything of the sort, however you can never know what the future will bring.


What can be done?

Of course we can say leave it be. But we’re all about constructive criticism here and it’s only suitable to provide some potentially useful suggestions.

Firstly, the issue which is most commonly heard across forums and social media, is to lower the amount of crowns we need to spend in order to obtain rewards. This may work, but it would still require players to use large amounts of crowns in a short amount of time. This will once again lead us to problems stated above.

Another option could be extending the period where we can receive rewards for spending our crowns. On the other hand, making the event a permanent thing can be a plausible option – especially if prices stay as they are. Right now, players are using the Crown shop when they need or want something. Having a permanent bar would be a nice incentive to spend some additional crowns just for the sake of progressing toward the next reward.

Crowns Reward event



So, is the Crowns reward event bad? I would say no. It doesn’t hurt you at all if you don’t participate. If you don’t like it, you can simply ignore it and let others enjoy it. Some people will gladly take an extra item or two while spending their crowns while others will enjoy owning brand new, rare items.

However, while I’m saying this isn’t a bad thing, I still think that this isn’t enough to be a benefit for crown players. It can stay, but our crown players need some other benefits/events. Events that are easier to approach.

Don’t miss the KingsIsle video about the benefit to get more information on the topic:

What do you think about new Crowns reward event?

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Jeremy Ravenhunter

Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations.


  • Im not a fan of this event. I think the bar is set too high in a small amount of time. Most of the strictly crowns player I know do so because of limited income. They can buy areas as they have the resources and own it permanently and never have to pay again. A monthly or yearly subscription is not in their budget. Expecting these people to come up with $700 in 3 days 5 weeks before Christmas? Who thought this was a good idea? Crowns players need benefits too but this isn’t the way. I have 2 subs and 1 crowns acct. I dont have that kind of money laying around with 3 kids and Christmas around the corner.

  • I read somewhere that for most MMO’s the top 10% of spenders in a game are the ones who make the gaming company 90% of their income. If that’s true for wizzy as well, then this event is just meant for the top 10%. If you keep that in mind, it’s pretty much whatever: this event is not meant for me but for the elite.

    I’d like another event that’s meant for me though!

    • That is an interesting theory. I am in that top 10% for W101. I will not participate in this craziness. That means I will not collect that mount which, in turn, means I will not be able to continue to collect all of the mounts in the game. Having played since the very beginning, this changes my current drive to continue playing.

      This new update is a MAJOR game changer. KI might have missed their mark on this one.

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