Craftable Arcanum Scholar Statues
By Angela ShadowGarden

Hello! I’m Angela ShadowGarden. I’m new to Final Bastion, but I’ve been a part of this community for a long time. I started playing Wizard101 in 2009, been playing Pirate101 since its launch in 2012 and I play the mobile games as well (some more than others). I am also a longtime staff member of which is one of the many official Wizard101 fan sites.

As I am a collector of all things in Wizard101 (gear, pets, mounts, plants, housing etc), my writings will mainly revolve around how to get stuff; farming, fishing, crafting, packs, etc.

For my first topic I thought I’d check out the craftable Arcanum teacher statues. I haven’t crafted any yet, so we can take this mini journey together to discover how difficult or easy they are to craft.

Arcanum Scholar Statues Featured

The Recipes

These recipes are sold by Ignus Ferric, the Arcanum Fire Scholar. There is a recipe to craft a statue of each teacher of the Arcanum. Each one costs 12,000 gold. All of them require you to be a Champion Crafter to purchase the recipe.

Looking at the list of ingredients for each reveals that they are actually all the same with one exception, each requires 22 treasure cards of the shield spell for its own school.

Let’s take a look at the recipe(s):

  • 25 Antiquity
  • 100 Mistwood
  • 100 Ore
  • 100 Stone Block
  • 5 Loremaster Treasure Cards
  • 10 Fulgurite
  • 2 Turmeric
  • 22 Shield Treasure Cards

Arcanum Scholar Statues Recipes

The Crafting Ingredients

How hard is crafting the Arcanum scholar statues going to be? Let’s pretend we have nothing in our inventory, unless you actually have 999 of everything on every wizard…

25 Antiquities

Antiquities are reagents that come in a variety of forms from antique coins to an antique teapot. Antiquities can be found all around Mirage. They can be dropped by battling bosses/mobs or from being harvested. Antiquities can also be found in the Bazaar, but if you see them grab them fast! Many other wizards shopping in the Bazaar will likely be trying to grab these up as well!

Arcanum Scholar Statues Antique Reagents

100 Mistwood

One hundred is a lot, but Mistwood is super easy to get. Firstly, it can be found all over the spiral. Secondly, you have a chance of getting it from packs like the Ghulture’s Hoard pack and the Mega Reagent pack. Additionally, you can get it from harvesting plants like the Dandelion and Snap Dragon. It’s also found in fishing chests, dropped by fighting bosses/mobs, and acquired by interacting with housing items like the Magic Lamp. Mistwood is EVERWHERE. And you can find it in the Bazaar, which is probably where you would want to check first.

100 Ore and 100 Stone Block

Other requirements to craft the Arcanum scholar statues are Ore and Stone Blocks. I am talking about Ore and Stone Block together because I feel they are equally challenging to attain. They are certainly not impossible to get and can both be bought in the Bazaar, but most people who craft are most likely looking for them also. They are both used in a lot of recipes and are both used to transmute other hard to come by and often needed reagents; Diamond and Fossil. Both can be harvested all over the Spiral, can be attained from hoard and lore packs, interacting with housing items like the Dromel Merchant and Giant Gorilla, as well as dropped by a multitude of bosses/mobs.

While there are many places to find it, when I need Stone Block I usually head out to Three Points in Azteca. The map below shows you where it can spawn. It won’t be in every spot, every time. Change realms to find more. For Ore I usually head to Mirkholm Keep in Grizzleheim (spawn point map also below) and do the same realm hopping I do for the stone block. There are many places to do this, just find your favorite!

5 Loremaster TC

Arcanum Scholar Statues Loremaster TC

This could be one of the hardest items you need for this recipe or one of the easiest. If you are a gardener in game and have a nice Sword Fern collection, you will have a good chance of getting these as you harvest your plants. Otherwise, you may have to take your chances farming the Loremaster boss (Deep Spawn also drops these). The good news is this card is craftable, but it can be a pain to craft something just to craft something else! If you want to craft it you need to see Grady in Dun Scaith, the Wyrd, Avalon. The recipe will cost you 5,000 gold and 7 of each of the following reagents:

  • Weakness Treasure Card
  • Sunstone
  • Aquamarine
  • Comet Tail
  • Pearl
  • Turquoise

You can also find Loremaster treasure cards at the Bazaar. Just remember to also grab these quickly as they can be popular, and others are likely looking for them as well.

10 Fulgurite

Fulgurite can only be harvested in certain areas of Mirage like Alkali Barrows, Caravan and Rubal Wastes. It can also be attained by interacting with the Cauldron in the Battlemage Keep and can be bought at the Bazaar.

Alkali Barrows Map

2 Turmeric

This one is super easy to attain. While it is dropped by mobs/bosses, if you have gold, you can save time and just buy it from Guillermel in Caravan for 500 gold each.

Arcanum Scholar Statues Shield TC

22 school specific shield treasure cards

Either Fire Shield, Storm Shield, Myth Shield, Life Shield, Death Shield, Ice Shield or Tower Shield depending on which statue you are trying to craft. These also are super easy to attain. You could farm (fight) bosses/mobs, you can get them from certain gardening plants, the Eye of Bartleby card pack, you can even craft them, but the easiest way to get them is to buy them from one of the many vendors in the Spiral that sell them for $150 gold, like Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library.

Crafting All of Them

Overall, the crafting of any one of these statues should present only a moderate challenge. Crafting them all may take some time, especially when it comes to collecting enough of the slightly more challenging ingredients like Loremaster TC.

What does it take to craft all seven of these statues?

  • 175 Antiquities
  • 700 Ore
  • 700 Mistwood
  • 700 Stone Block
  • 35 Loremaster TC
  • 70 Fulgurite
  • 14 Turmeric
  • 154 School specific shield TC

Have you crafted any or all of the Arcanum Scholar statues?
Do you plan to?

If you’ve successfully crafted one or more of these, how much of a challenge did you find it to be?

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