Wizard101 Olympian Bundle

olympian-bundle Olympian bundle

The Olympian Bundle’s gift card includes:

  • Gear:  Aquilian Gladus and Shield (wand) & Gladiator Attire
  • A few Special Spells (on the gear)
  • A Pet: Trojan Horse
  • A House:  The Acropolis (a.k.a. Aquilla Palace) with gift giving Minotaur and Fortune Telling Oracle
  • A Mount:  Two-person Chariot Mount
  • $5,000 Crowns or 1 Month

The Gear


 Olympian-75-Tower  Olympian-Coat-Basilisk


Combined, the Tier 10 gear offers:

  • +14 Piercing
  • +21 Pips
  • +31 Universal Resist
  • +6 Accuracy
  • +32 Damage
  • +955 Health
  • +78 Crit
  • +120 Crit Block

The Basilisk spell rocks at 7 pips.  It deals 125 +750 myth damage over 3 rounds and gives a +30 Mythblade. A great deal for a Myth wizard, or a Myth Mastery user. The Tower Shield is -75.

Click to see the individual gear stats for Tier 10

Aquillian-Gladius-and-ShieldGladiator-Gear-Tier-10 Olympian bundle


The Pet

The Trojan Horse is a life pet at 66 DNA.  It is reported to have variable talents such as piercing, critical, incoming heal, and spell defying as well as may cast Entangle. Woo! (Beware! This pet also has selfish talents. Boo.) The animation entertains when the warriors march out then run back in.

The Gnomes! spell is 7 pips.



olympian7 Olympian bundle

The House

The Acropolis house is sized for an Olympian with plenty of rooms.  It is a great place to hold parties and play housing games.

It has a maze that leads to a Minotaur statue offering gifts.  There is another room with an Oracle that will give you a tip when you visit her.  Sneak up the path to peer through her eyes at those who stand before her.

If that isn’t enough for you, it also has a private PvP arena!


After Thoughts – Olympian PvP

The Tier 10 Olympian bundle gear and the pet offers additions to piercing. We have more reason than ever to consider boosting these abilities.

Piercing has quickly become a necessity.  Although alone, 14% it is nowhere near what we need to tackle Immunity, it is a start.  Add some more with your pet, another piece of gear or a Sun/Star spell in your deck to be competitive.

38% damage is not exactly what we have become accustom to, but it will assist in getting the job done.

With the +31 universal resistance, the gear could be worn in PvP safely. Particularly if you have a pet with Spell Proof and Spell Defying. This is not gear of the ‘zilla’ variety.  You aren’t going to do any major ‘turtling’ with it, but what self respecting wizard does? The lack of critical block at 120 is a bit scary.  Hopefully an added piece of gear will bring that up a smidge’.


Happy Wizarding!

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