Melee Musketeer Series Intro
A Pistol and a Dagger

Let’s face it guys, dueling at times can get really boring!

sparring chamber melee musketeer series intro

Unless I’m in dire need of gold for making pets, I’m always staying sharp in sparring chamber. I always love trying new things (strategies/companions/gear sets) in PvP. I must admit though, the same problem keeps occurring for me. While it is fun and all, it still gets old!

Using different classes in PvP is a great way to become familiar with different matchups and learn to adapt to different playstyles. I always enjoy challenging myself on the battlefield; I often purposely get into sticky situations to see how well I can work around an early disadvantage. However, I’ve have recently been having a drought of ideas and am now seeking new adventures. Luckily enough, I happened to stumble over something I assume was fate at work.

melee musketeer series intro a pistol and a dagger

In short, I am very fond of the musketeer class. It requires a very (a-very-Avery, terrible jokes are just inevitable) different playstyle than your typical melee class. Its unique niche in the meta prevents one from mastering it overnight. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t justly compare musketeer to witchdoctor, though the ranged approach to dueling of both classes can be very rewarding to learn.


Melee Musketeer Pet a pistol and a dagger


I’m sure we all have are share of stories when it comes to pets. Fortunately for me, pet training doesn’t always go as planned. When I trained Lord Hunter here to super and saw “Grants Relentless” on my screen, I knew immediately that my drought of ideas was at an end. I had found my next project and no longer had a choice, it absolutely had to be done.

While it is not the most shrimpy of ideas I’ve seen (shoutout to Eric Stormbringer), I decided that I’d go in the ship bottle before taking aboard with my new project (that reference is great, no one will make me think otherwise). Forcing a class to work in a way that defies the norms is like a musketeer wielding a sword alongside his pistol, laughably foolish. Absurdity is giving up a utility that makes your class truly shine, and for what at that?!

At the gateway to my next adventure lies that exact absurdity: a pistol,

and a dagger.

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