New Utility Spell Ideas: Myth

As we fast approach the end of Empyrea, I believe it is high time we received some new utility spells. As such I have designed 3 new utility spells for each school. I imagine them being acquired at lvl 30, lvl 60 and lvl 90. Each spell follows one of three design principles: 1) Tool(s) a school is missing 2) Team assistive spell and 3) Individual spell. Let your imagination go wild with these myth spell ideas! All cards created by LegendsoftheSpiral’s Card Creator!

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Myth Spells

Name: Tribal Ritual
Type: Enchantment
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 0 pips
Acquired: Lvl 30

Description: Transform a minion into a “Spirit Totem”. Spirit Totem properties are as follows:

  • The Spirit Totem retains all the spells of the minion it comes from (same AI as well)
  • The Spirit Totem does not take up a spot in the duel circle instead it appears behind you (like how a shadow creature does), this in effect means that a Spirit Totem cannot be killed by your opponent (even with AoE spells)
  • Spirit Totems as a result only last a certain number of turns. They last 3 more rounds than the cost of the minion they were made from (Example- a Golem minion spirit totem would last 3 rounds)
  • Spirit Totems cannot cast spells on themselves instead the spells would be cast on the caster. However, as a result- minion manipulation and buff spells cannot be cast on the spirit totem (or on yourself)
  • The Spirit Totem is still considered a separate entity which means it will not use your blades (it will use your traps, however). You can see its current pip level by hovering over it with the mouse.
  • A Spirit Totem and a minion cannot exist at the same time. Neither can more than 1 Spirit Totem. Casting another while one is active will overwrite the currently active totem or minion.

Explanation: The biggest tool the myth school is lacking is its minions. Their fragility makes them less and less useful as you level up. They also cannot be used in a full team. Turning them into a Spirit Totem via this spell fixes all of these issues and allows myth some serious utility.

Name: Obliterate
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 6 pips
Acquired: Lvl 60

Description: Remove all positive wards from the enemy team and remove all negative wards from your team

Explanation: The mother of all ward removal spells for the ward removal specialist. This one cleanses your team of pesky wards while leaving your opponent’s team wide open.

Name: Lupine Legend
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 6 pips
Acquired: Lvl 90

Description: This spell casts as either Midnight Wolf or Midday Lycan depending on the conditions on the field. If your opponent has no stun blocks it will cast as Midnight Wolf which will stun the opponent without leaving the automatic stun shield after. However, if your opponent does have a stun block it will cast as Midday Lycan which will remove one stun shield and reduce your opponent’s pips by 1.

Explanation: A powerful card with a unique mechanic, Lupine Legend transforms into one of the 2 cards shown depending on what your opponent has on them. How it works is when you target your opponent with Lupine Legend, it will automatically turn into one of the 2 (depending on your opponent’s circle) and ask you for confirmation before it casts.

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