New Utility Spell Ideas: Death

As we fast approach the end of Empyrea, I believe it is high time we received some new utility spells. As such I have designed 3 new utility spells for each school. I imagine them being acquired at lvl 30, lvl 60 and lvl 90. Each spell follows one of three design principles: 1)Tool(s) a school is missing 2)Team assistive spell and 3)Individual spell. Today it’s the Death school’s turn. All cards created by LegendsoftheSpiral’s Card Creator!

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Death Spells

Name: Mortify
Type: Manipulation/Ward
Accuracy: 75%
Cost: 2 pips
Acquired: Lvl 30

Description: Stun an enemy for one round and cast Feint on the enemy.

Explanation: A powerful spell that gives Death the ability to stun. The feint assists the death school in spiking damage even at the lower pip levels which is something the death school often struggles to do. As with all single target, standalone stuns: its accuracy is 10% below the school’s average.


Name: Pandora’s Box
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 3 pips
Acquired: Lvl 60

Description: Move all negative charms and wards(universal only) from your team to the caster

Explanation: A very useful spell for a support oriented Death wizard. This spell acts as a cleanse of sorts, moving universal charms and wards from your team to the caster. This includes weaknesses and universal traps such as feint. It also synergizes well with the fact that death can then remove these spells from itself via its self-hit spells.

Name: Burial Rite
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 5 pips
Acquired: Lvl 90

Description: Banish one card from your hand to banish a card your opponent has used that is equivalent in cost. “Banish” means that all variations of the selected spell become unplayable for the rest of the battle. The banished cards will remain in their respective decks but will be “grayed out”(unable to be selected). Do note that only one card can be banished at a time so if you cast burial rite again, the prior banished cards will once again be playable.

Explanation: A very powerful tool for death that allows it to remove an opponent’s tool at the cost of one of its own. Don’t like your opponent spamming Lore? Banish Vampire or poison or any card that’s 4 pips (if you’re really smart you could sacrifice an off school tc). This spell is balanced in a number of ways. For one, the caster is also sacrificing a tool and the caster must have the card to be sacrificed in hand to activate the rite. Secondly, burial rite can only be active for one card at a time. Finally, the opponent must have cast the spell at least once in the battle for burial rite to target(Meaning you will have at least one guaranteed use of the banished card)

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