Best Myth PvP Pets

In this series, I will be looking at what pets are the most popular among overlords. I will also give an overview of what your best pet options are. Today, we’re looking at Myth. I love Myth!

This article is based on the data I collected in November and December of 2017. I collected screenshots of the pets of a total of 307 overlords. However, when divided per school, the data is too limited to draw wide conclusions about the subject. Where the data isn’t complete, I will add my own pet suggestions if needed.


1. Enchanted Armament

The Enchanted Armament is the most popular pet among Myth overlords according to the data I collected. Out of 27 Myth overlords, 8 chose an Enchanted Armament as their pet. No doubt its three sharpened blade cards are very useful when blade stacking. These 8 overlords were 1 Adept, 3 Champions and 4 Legendaries.

Why is the Enchanted Armament a Good Pet
for Myth?

First, this is a good pets for most schools. This pet is great if you like setting up for a big attack and killing your opponent in one hit. It’s especially useful to those lower levels who have not learned the sharpened blade spell yet. The three Champions with this pet prove, however, that this pet is still useful even after that. If damage is what you’re after, this pet can be useful for you.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Offensive or bladestacking


2. Golden Ram

I ran into two Myth overlords with a Golden Ram, one of which was a Magus and the other a Grandmaster. The Golden Ram comes with three Basilisk item cards. This spell can only be learned by Myths who are at least level 68. Before that level, this pet can be a good replacement.

Why is the Golden Ram a Good Pet for Myth?

If you’re too low level for Basilisk but want to make that part of your strategy, you have the option to go for either the TC version or the pet version.

The Treasure Card version costs 9 pips and does 350 + 900 Myth damage, while the item card costs only 7 pips for a slightly lower damage of 125 + 750. Another difference between the two is that the TC will stun for one round, while the item card will leave a +30% trap.

Perhaps the TC version in combination with an Enchanted Armament would work better, but the pet is a valid option. It has a really cute dance too, so that’s fun!

Level range: Legendary and lower
Playstyle: Any


3. Rude Goblin

Two overlords were using a Rude Goblin: one Legendary and one Adept wizard. This pet comes with a lot of cards. First, there are four cards that allow you to sacrifice a minion for either pips or health. In addition, there are two minion cards. The minion will randomly be either a Rude Goblin or an Edacious Ogre.

Why is the Rude Goblin a Good Pet for Myth?

This is a good pet if you’re the kind of Myth who loves minions! If you plan your deck around sacrificing minions to get pips and health, this could be a very cool setup. With Van der Borst, you have to get lucky. The Rude Goblin minion is the least useful of the two, as it focuses on Fire damage. The Edacious Orge, on the other hand, does Myth damage and knows Spritely and Mythblade. I’d like to try this myself some day!

Level range: Legendary and lower
Playstyle: Minion-centered


4. Mythdactyl

One lonesome Myth overlord was using a Mythdactyl when I ran into him. He was an Initiate, which makes sense. After all, the Gargantuan item card you get from this pet is awesome especially at low levels!

Why is the Mythdactyl a Good Pet for Myth?

This pet gives three awesome item cards. First, a blade, which always comes in handy. Second, a Gargantuan, which low levels would appreciate immensely. Third, it also has an Earthquake, which at Initiate maybe isn’t all that handy because of the high pip cost, but at lower to mid levels it could prove very useful indeed against shield or blade spammers.

Level range: Any, but especially lower levels
Playstyle: Any


4. The Various Medusa Versions

I ran into one Magus Myth overlord with a Li’l Medusa pet. This pet has some hybrids that are also worth considering: the Poised Medusa and the Shivering Medusa. All three of those come with one Medusa and two other cards. There’s the regular Li’l Medusa (Mythblade + Blinding Light + Medusa), the Poised Medusa (Stun + Spirit Blade + Medusa) and the Poised Medusa (Cleanse Charm + Freeze + Medusa).

Why are the Medusa pets Good for Myth?

If you’re too low level for trained Medusa, these pets are quite nice for the Medusa card. It does a little less damage than the TC version, but it also costs one less pip. Stuns and blades are of course good for Myths of all levels!

Level range: Any, but especially below lvl 58
Playstyle: Any


5. Strange Beast

While the Medusa pets are better, you might have an easier time getting hold of a Strange Beast. The pet comes with one Myth blade. I ran into one person with a Strange Beast, but that person was me, so maybe that doesn’t count 😉

Why is the Strange Beast a Good Pet for Myth?

The blade is useful to all Myths. That’s all.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


6. Stegosaurus

None of my overlords used this pet, but it’s one that deserves to be mentioned. This pet comes with three cards: a Stun, a Myth Banshee and a Legendary Treant.

Why is the Stegosaurus a Good Pet for Myth?

This is a tricky pet to use, because all these cards stun the opponent. Yes, stunning is easy, but you have to time it right and stun blocks are actively used against Myth opponents. I think this pet would work especially well in combination with Talos. The minion Talos has the tendency to stun pretty often, so you and your minion as a team could stun your opponent to death. I’ll have to test this some day!

Level range: Grandmaster – Legendary
Playstyle: Control


There are of course other pets, like the Proper Penguin two of the Myth overlords I encountered were using. The Polar Fox and Party Corgi (one overlord with each of those) are good as well, because they give one blade. However, I am mostly limiting this list to Myth school pets.


Do you know of another good Myth pet?
Let us know in the comments!


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