FTUE Update
Olde Town & Triton Avenue 

Spring 2020’s update continues to improve Wizard City’s first time user experience (FTUE). This update features a modernized Olde Town & Triton Avenue questline. This article will discuss some of the more notable changes we can anticipate when test goes live. WARNING: There are SPOILERS AHEAD!


Triton Avenue, like many late-game worlds, now has teleporters. This allows for easier travel on the long and winding streets. Many players have requested teleporters in Wizard City’s (and other early worlds) larger zones, so seeing this addition is a welcome change.

Revamped Storyline

The storyline of Olde Town and Triton Avenue also received significant updates. In Olde Town, we meet Penny Dreadful and earn our first pet very early in the playthrough. Upon reaching Triton Avenue, we help Arthur find his sister Susie. (We used to help Susie find Arthur.) We also get better explanations about why the undead here favor storm magic. Finally, Harvest Lord has a more notable role within the narrative.

Improved Writing

Ever wonder why the Wizard City guards would let another student explore dangerous streets where other students had disappeared? Well now, the guards explain that our feats in Unicorn Way give them confidence in our ability to succeed. Thus, they can send us onwards in good conscience. There are lots of other instances where the writers have polished the story (and dialogue) to make more sense, thereby establishing a better narrative flow.

Context Based Music

There are some new musical tracks added to the Triton Avenue story-line. These tracks seem to be triggered by completing certain quest objectives and really help with story immersion. Several of the tracks are very good and I hope to see them in future music scrolls.


Although they’re common in later worlds, short cutscenes and animations have historically been missing in Wizard City. We saw some added with the FTUE for the updated Unicorn Way, now Triton Avenue also boasts some of these cool cutscenes.

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