Pet Happiness and Talent Tokens

Spring 2020 test realm brought some major changes to the pet system. Two of them are an introduction of a new pet stat, talent tokens, and pet happiness. The former is needed to unlock new adventure and combat talents, which you can find here. The latter is required to actually use these talents in game. These two things open new horizons to the whole pet ecosystem, since you can transform into your pet or use your brand new will cast talents.

Pet Happiness

Introduction to Pet Happiness

Pet happiness is a new stat that every pet will have. Unlike other stats, like strength or power, pet happiness has a dynamic value. Other stats have a fixed total value, known when your pet first hatches. You can then train and feed the pet to permanently raise them. The maximum amount of each stat you can have right now are as follows:

  • Strength: 255
  • Intellect: 250
  • Agility: 260
  • Will: 260
  • Power: 250

On the other hand, both a pet’s current  happiness and maximum happiness can change throughout its lifespan.

How is it calculated?

I mentioned that happiness’s value will change as you train your pet. Let’s see how it’s calculated. Its maximum amount depends on your other obtained (not maximum) stats. It’s a total of all your other stats combined. For example, if you have 232/255 strength you’ll receive only 232 points towards the max value for happiness. Let’s take a look at an example to get a better picture how this system works. Let’s say your pet has following stats:

  • Strength: 215/215
  • Intellect: 17/250
  • Agilitiy: 79/225
  • Will: 243/250
  • Power: 150/150
  • Happiness: X/704

In this case we calculate the max value of happiness by summing the currently values for each other stat: 215+17+79+243+150 = 704. If we play additional pet games and raise intellect to 21/250, then the maximum happiness would also change: 215+21+79+243+150 = 708. Now, let’s move on to the variable X, that I put under happiness.

This is the only stat attribute whose value can increase and decrease. In the bottom left corner of your screen, you can open the Pet HUD by clicking on the little piggy above your potion bottles. If you click on the first icon with a pet snack on it, you’ll get a new prompt window. You choose your desired snack and click the “Offer Snack for Happiness” button or the snack button in bottom left corner. This will start refilling your pet’s happiness bar.

How can I use it?

So far, you can use pet happiness for one of two things. You can either play as your pet or use it to activate one of the new talents. If you want to play as a pet, open your Pet HUD and click the 3rd button, “Play as Pet”. This will decrease your happiness bar for 5 points for every minute you spend as your pet. However, if you’re in the Pet Pavilion, playing as your pet costs no happiness.

The second way to use happiness is to “pay” for adventure or combat talents, which will cost you some happiness each time you use them. To see the exact cost, go to your pet page in your spellbook and hover over the talent.

As the name suggests, combat talents can be used in combat. Make sure to check this video and Cody’s guide to see how they work. On the other hand, we have adventure talents, which can be activated during your everyday activities. Your pet can smell nearby reagents (or other things from given talents) and will warn you in the form of a fourth icon in the pet HUD. Your pet will go towards the goal by itself if you click on that button. But be careful! You will always pay the happiness fee, regardless of whether or not your pet actually finds the bonus.

Talent Tokens

Introduction to Talent Tokens

If you already trained and obtained a new combat/adventure talent, you probably noticed that many of them are initially locked. Basically, as long as you don’t use talent tokens to unlock them, you won’t be able to use them. There are a total of 11 types of talent tokens:

  • Basic Talent token
  • Elemental token
  • Spirit token
  • Harmonious token
  • 7 different school tokens (Balance, Death, Life, Myth, Ice, Fire, Storm)

Obtaining Talent Tokens

Right now you can obtain these tokens in 2 different ways. The first is via Pet Promenade, one of the new upcoming special events. You can perform various pet-related activities to gain points. If you obtain enough points in a given time period, you’ll be rewarded with one Token.

The second way is by training your pet to ultra. Before this update, we only received 1 rank 4 selfish talent jewel  when we trained our pet to ultra. Now the required xp to level a pet from Mega to Ultra is 250 higher, but we also receive much more stuff when we do reach Ultra:

  • Rank 4 selfish talent jewel: Guaranteed drop
  • Elemental/Spirit/Harmonious token (based on your pet’s school): Guaranteed drop.
  • School specific token: Guaranteed drop.
  • Extra Elemental/Spirit/Harmonious token: Uncommon drop
  • Extra school specific token: Rare drop

Unlocking Combat/Adventure Talents

Unlocking them isn’t an easy task, as it will require lots of training and pet snacks. Make sure to check out our picks for some of the best plants and a guide to build layered gardens. Arm yourself with this knowledge and your training experience will be way more pleasant. In the previous paragraphs I discussed what you receive by training your pet to ultra. Here are the requirements to unlock adventure and combat talents. You can do the math by yourself:

  • Common talents (0 dots): Unlocked for free.
  • Uncommon talents (1 dot): 15 Talent tokens.
  • Rare talents (2 dots): 30 Talent tokens + 10 Elemental/Spirit/Harmonious tokens.
  • Ultra-rare talents (3 dots): 45 Talent tokens + 20 Elemental/Spirit/Harmonious tokens + 5 School specific tokens.


Pet happiness and talent tokens are interesting additions to the Wizard101 pet world. Right now, they don’t feel too overpowered and are completely optional addition to our pets. Whether you need Tokens right now or not, I’d suggest you to start collecting them. Because we all love to hoard stuff, and you never know what new features we’ll receive in the future.

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Do you like the system or would you make any changes?

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Jeremy Ravenhunter

Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations.


  • I must be really slow, but I can’t find how you get to the talent tokens required screenshot above. I’ve right clicked, left clicked on talents and their corresponding circles on the pets.. nothing, can’t find it

    • I believe you need to click on the lock of the talent – from the pet menu view.

      • I personally don’t see said locked talents in the pet view, and i’m confused as to where it’s supposedly supposed to be?

  • But how do I actually use the tokens I have? I would like a step by step tutorial or the pet just has to be ultra to unlock the use of the talent tokens?

    • To be able to use the talent tokens, you have to have the talent active on the pet. This basically means that the talent is in the pool of the pet. Once you unlock the talent, you will then be prompted to use the tokens.

  • I wonder if they will even do a summer update. The changes in this one were minimal at best. What they need to do is stop doing pointless things like “play as your pet”, and start doing bug fixes, beastmoon balancing, and just making the game better before adding anything else.

    • Seems off topic to mention it here. However, there are plenty of nice additions in the Summer update like craftable GH lore spells, magic mirror for gold, updated school design gear, new beastmoon hunt mode and forms, and Daily Spiral CS page with teleport features (main quest world, events, arena, etc) within.

      Not to mention all the additional spell changes (that were supposed to only be shadow spells this update), the updated character looks, Celestia Lore Spells. Meanwhile, test realm has barely started.

  • I have pets that I am very happy with and have hatched/bred for what I need and they are Ultras. After all these years of pet raising I have them just where I need them and now I am told that in order to use the new tokens I have to have new pets? Is that what I am given to understand? My Ultra Pets are obsolete now?

    • No. Not true at all. I’m sure your ultra pets are amazing and this update hasn’t changed any of that.

      These talents are first of all NEW and something different. Think of it like utility pets (ones you make for energy, fishing, etc). Combat and adventure talents are following that pattern.

      Adventure talents are used in PvE maps and not for combat. Having a teen pet with a single adventure talent is actually enough. As each pet can only have one of those talents at the same time.

      Please check out our pet guides again if you need further clarification.

  • It just seems like KI is all about money now. It wasn’t a cheap game to begin with but now you have to buy too many crowns to buy things. I’ve been playing for a long time, but I won’t be renewing my membership. I played solo and I liked it. No pressure about going to bathroom, etc. but now it’s impossible to beat some of the bosses playing solo. It’s all just too much.

    • Hi Toni,
      I don’t really see how that has anything to do with this article, but I can imagine your frustration. A lot of things do require crowns to purchase, but if you buy the membership it covers a lot of different things for the game. Is there anything specific you are referring to?

      As for combat difficulty, I have to disagree here. There are some battle that will require you to partner up, yes (it is an MMO at the end of the day), but most mainline content can be soloed. There are a few exceptions here and there like some cheating bosses or end world dungeons, but one can easily ask for help through the many many ways there are like Team Up, social media, Discord, Forums, etc.

    • II do not understand this but I like the new update.

  • In the Unlocking Combat/Adventure Talents section you made an error in the paragraph, saying “Here are the requirements to unlock advanture” instead of adventure 🙂

    • Fixed. Thanks!

  • I have the new Sunny alumni pet. I got the frostbite trained talent and I need 5 frostbite talent tokens to unlock it, along with other tokens. How do I get these frostbite tokens?

    • We are still in the process of figuring that out. We tried to train the pet to ultra to see if it drops anything, but was not the case. We will update you as more info is known.

      • Hiya did you ever find anything more out about this? I discovered 2 of these token that I accidentally transferred to my shared bank without realizing what wizard they were on so I have no idea where they came from at all. 🙁 Still want to get the other 3. . .

        • Most likely through Daily Assignments. The day 5, 10 and 15 chests all have a chance to drop some select talent tokens like Frostbite.

  • I haven’t leveled a pet to ultra since the update, but i noticed in two of my pets that you can also recieve random pet tokens leveling your pet from ancient to epic and from epic to mega.

  • These new talents are not going to make pets you already have useless, that doesn’t make any sense. When may-cast talents came out, did pets that were already trained become useless? No.
    I think the new will-cast talents are a nice change, something new for people who have been playing for a long time. And it’s not like every single pet in the kiosk will have these new talents.
    People need to realize that these new will-cast talents are not going to appear in every single pet they hatch from now on.

  • I am still confused as to how the new talents work. I understand that new level 48 pets have replaced previous talent pools with one new combat talent and one new adventure talent. So if you were to have one of these pets, or hatch with one of these pets and successfully transfer it to another, you would still need to level up your pet to discover if one of them manifests or not? Except that now, when you level your pet, if it does manifest one of the new combat/adventure talents, it will be locked and not available until unlocking it using reagents? That is the way I am reading your post, that the new talents are in lieu of, not in addition to, the existing five talents that a pet may manifest during its training? Because I just trained an old/existing pet to Ultra following the update, and upon leveling up received a notification that the pet received one common combat talent, and one adventure talent, but I saw no obvious signs of those. The pet still had the same talents that it had at Mega. If these “new” talents are in effect, just new talent “types” such as existing selfish, maycast and passive, I’m not sure why KI felt the need to go the extra step and force you to unlock them to gain their use. Isn’t pet training tedious enough without also having to collect reagents to unlock manifested talents?

    • I haven’t trained existing pets to Ultra yet in live realm so it’s hard to me to comment on why you’ve received the notification for combat and adventure talent.
      But your general idea of training is correct. You need to train new pet and manifest new talent and on top of that unlock with pet tokens to make it usefull.

  • So basically for new players, we are never going to get these talent tokens? I’ve leveled multiple pets to adult and completed some of the pet event, looks like I’m going to be stuck with multiple useless talents until I get a few pets all the way up?!

    • Hi Tripp. Not necessarily. These new adventure and combat talents are interesting for sure, but they aren’t everything that is out there. Pretty sure that before this update, there were a lot of useful talents, no?

      Talent tokens can be easily obtained from the Pet Promenade. For more advanced players, they can obtain them from training pets to Ancient and above. In the meantime, you can use other talents that are actually pretty useful.

  • I don’t mind KI developing new content if it does improve the game, but their strategy seems to be ‘we think if it, do it, don’t bother checking it ourselves, ignore any feedback from the users during testing and put it live anyway’. The new pet combat and adventure skills seem on the face of it to be useful but will only gradually appear in game due to being in new pets until cross hatched with old ones (and no doubt the good new ones will cost Crowns!). Playing as your Pet is a totally useless feature that no-one asked for. No-one asked for the Talent and Power Manifested and Bloodline values to be swapped around either. There’s no value to doing it but they did it anyway. And messed up the hover over text for the Bloodline value, nor bothered to check it before they put it into Test, which is why it is in the game now. It might have even been reported to them in but as they don’t acknowledge reports and seldom say anything about things they are fixing whilst in Test who knows? The number of times things noticed and reported in Test still end up going live is legendary. Like getting the Three Street Saviour badge award when logging in after the update. Reported in Test, easy to fix, but ignored. Sorry to appear negative but it seems I’m not the only one frustrated by KI ‘tinkering’ and their lack of customer engagement.

  • I agree with Sandy Phelps. It is frustrating to players that already upgraded their pets to ultra. No one that I know was asking for this kind of tampering with Pets.

    • Fair enough. However, how will this temper with existing pets? If so, you can make new utility pets for different things.

      • I have not seen very many players interested in acquiring the new pets. We have all worked extremely hard for weeks to months on end to hatch and train the pets we use now for battle and gardening.

        Why was it so important for KI to tamper with one of the few systems in the game that was not broken???? Running as your pet is not fun, it is useless. Happiness bar??? What a joke. XP increase starting at Ancient to level up means MORE ENERGY at each level as well as the increase in energy required now from Mega to Ultra. The ONLY good thing to come out of this is the “SKIP GAME” allowing players to spend less time in the Pavilion but still being able to train until they use up their energy. Some will actually BUY energy if they think they are close to getting the talents they want.

        The time spent on creating the EVENTS and now this REALLY bad update could have been better spent on trying to actually FIX PvP (with a new platform of its own) and Fixing the bugs that have been accumulating throughout the years. Bugs are still there, updates are becoming less and less interesting and the content is sadly, falling by the wayside.

  • If you only get xp for pet from quests, will the talents such as spell proof still only be 1%?

  • “Because we all love to hoard stuff,..” I’m on it, captain!

  • Does this mean the pets we have now, that we trained to ultra, can not get any of these talents and we have to start over?

    • That’s correct. These are new talents, so just like any other new talent, you’ll have to get it in to your pool via hatching. However, it seems like, at least for now, the “ideal” PvP/PvE pets will still be built as usual. These new talents might be nice for more niche/utility things though

  • It seems to me that this update is going to virtually make the pets we already have trained for Battle, USELESS. The Pet systems was just fine. NO ONE asked for this kind of tampering with Pets.

    • How so? What pets do you use for battles?

      • I have an Ultra Ianthine that has Defy, Proof, MC Blade, Fairy, Spritely and a Crit Jewel. For a non-healing, I have an Ultra Dryad with Defy, Proof, Pain giver, Incredibly Infallible Critical and Stun Recalcitrant Opal. I have at least 2 battle pets per wizard (12) and each wizard also has an energy pet for gardening.

        • I’m confused on how this update changes your current pets. The update introduces new talents in the way that the may casts were introduced. Certain pets have them in first-gen pools, and then they can be put into other gene pools via hatching. It shouldn’t affect your current pets?

          • Thankfully, it didn’t change currently owned and trained pets. I have no intentions of acquiring the UPDATED pets for the New talents. NOT interested. The Will Casts don’t interest me.

            The changes in pricing at the Kiosk are outrageous. I have hatched more good pets since it was introduced to the Pet Pavilion and I have seen MANY others using it rather than having to track someone down with a pet they want to hatch with. The Kiosk made it more convenient for all players to be able to Hatch in their own time WITHOUT having greedy players insisting on multiple Packs in trade.

            I have also seen several others stating they are done with the Kiosk as long as the new hatching prices remain in effect.

            I have finished training the last 3 pets I hatched from the kiosk and that will be all that I do from the kiosk. I will not be hatching with any other players outside my own accounts. With 12 wizards, I have a large selection of pets to choose from. The only difference is the pedigree until I do get them hatched and trained multiple times.

          • You are right to a point. It won’t affect current pets until the new pets get introduced to the Kiosk or players start hatching pets that can go in the kiosk with the new ones. Then you will have the chance to obtain those “Will Cast” from some of the pets in the kiosk.

            Hadn’t thought about that until now so even if prices were reversed in the kiosk, I will have to be sure to not hatch any pets there. I really am not interested in the new talents.

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