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Starter Pets

In the Spring 2020 test realm, a set of new starter pets were introduced into the game. These Olde Town starter pets are obtained from a tutorial quest just before starting the three major streets of Wizard City (Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane). The quest, called “Secret Strife of Pets,” is obtained from Sergeant Muldoon. It will direct you to a tower in Olde Town where, before entering, you will receive a class-specific pet. This pet will then assist you in the quest. However, I won’t detail the quest any further. That is for you to enjoy!

Note: It is unclear whether the quest will be available on live realm for wizards that already completed the first parts of the game.

Each school gets its own pet with different talents. Upon first glance, these pets seem identical to any other, but let us take a closer look. To get these pets leveled up to Teen you need a mere 4 pet XP. After this stage, the pet is leveled up according to the normal XP requirements. Don’t forget, these requirements have now slightly shifted:

  • Adult – 250 XP
  • Ancient – 525 XP
  • Epic – 1050 XP
  • Mega – 2125 XP
  • Ultra – 2250 XP

Combat Talents aka “Will Casts”

Once it reaches Teen, the pet will automatically learn a combat talent depending on its school. That is what is special about the first generation of these pets: they always learn a combat talent at Teen. Combat talents, or Will Casts, are spell cards used in battles by your pet. If your pet has enough happiness, you can choose your pet’s combat talent spell before you choose the spell your wizard will cast that round. Then, your wizard will first cast their spell, followed by your pet.

The talent offered from these pets is a fairly simple one. It is a zero pip school attack (like a wand hit) that does 45 damage. At the moment, all Will Casts are prohibited from PvP, until Kingsisle can carefully assess their potential. We managed to get all the combat talents from each of these pets.

Balance Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Balance Talent

Death Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Death Talent

Fire Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Fire Talent

Ice Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Ice Talent

Life Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Life Talent

Myth Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Myth Talent

Storm Combat Talent

Olde Town Starter Pets Storm Talent

Do note that these pets are “No Trade”, “No Sell”, “No Drop” and “No Auction”. The only way someone can get an off school starter pet is by hatching, but it will be different from the first generation pet, of course. Combat talents are transferable to other pets just like any other pet talent, so they are not necessarily exclusive to those pets.

Adventure Talents

So far, we’ve only found one adventure talent from these pets – Gold Rusher. As you can see in the image, a pet can only have one adventure talent. These type of talents are used whenever you are running around outside with your pets collecting certain items. This one gives you a chance of finding extra gold in chests you open.

As more talents are discovered, we will add more information about them either in here or a separate article. Make sure to keep an eye out on our site for the latest information, as there are more pets with these new talents coming when test realm closes and the update goes live.

School Pets & Talents

Below are the full details of all the Olde Town starter pets. We are currently missing some of the talents, so if you have any of that information, kindly reach out and you will be credited in the article. This will be updated until all talents are discovered, as some of the talents are actually Adventure talents.

Balance Pet – Clever Cogs

Olde Town Starter Pets Balance

  • Effective (Selfish)
  • Balance Assistant (Combat)
  • Mana Gift
  • Balance-Giver
  • Unbalancer
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Quick-Witted (Selfish)
  • Balance-It
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Death Pet – Midnight Cat

Olde Town Starter Pets Death

  • Rare
  • Rare
  • Death Assistant (Combat)
  • Death-Shot
  • Durable (Selfish)
  • Rare
  • Health Gift
  • Death-Giver
  • Death-Proof
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Fire Pet – Cinder Serpent

Olde Town Starter Pets Fire

  • Fire-Shot
  • Rare
  • Uncommon
  • Mana Gift
  • Fire-Proof
  • Rare
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Rare
  • Fire Assistant (Combat)
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Ice Pet – Sleet Bat

  • Ice Assistant (Combat)
  • Sturdy (Selfish)
  • Ice-Giver
  • Ice-Proof
  • Ice-Shot
  • Steadfast (Selfish)
  • Uncommon
  • Quick-Witted (Selfish)
  • Effervescent (Selfish)
  • Common

Life Pet – Emerald Beetle

Olde Town Starter Pets Life

  • Uncommon
  • Life-Giver
  • Mana Gift
  • Life-Proof
  • Rugged (Selfish)
  • Uncommon
  • Life Assistant (Combat)
  • Uncommon
  • Determined (Selfish)
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Myth Pet – Vexing Imp

Olde Town Starter Pets Myth

  • Myth Assistant (Combat)
  • Intuitive (Selfish)
  • Myth-Giver
  • Mana Gift
  • Myth-Proof
  • Crafty (Selfish)
  • Durable (Selfish)
  • Tenacious (Selfish)
  • Uncommon
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Storm Pet – Catersquall

Olde Town Starter Pets Storm

  • Storm-Shot
  • Mana Gift
  • Durable (Selfish)
  • Astute (Selfish)
  • Spirited (Selfish)
  • Storm-Proof
  • Storm Assistant (Combat)
  • Storm-Giver
  • Dashing (Selfish)
  • Gold Rusher (Adventure)

Will you be testing out these pets to see how these new talents work?
Let us know what you find!

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  • Just to be clear:
    Will the quest “Secret Strife of Pets,” be available to all players, including level 130 players?

    • Nope. It is a quest that has been introduced to new players with FTUE. The talents can still be obtained by hatching.

  • So, now that this has gone to live, my newer life mage has done the quest and gotten an Emerald beetle pet. I’m trying to hatch a different pet, but keep getting the beetle again and again. (I’m assuming it’s one of those “sticky” pets.) My issue is, these emerald beetles are no trade, no sell, and NO TRASH. What are we supposed to do with all of these unwanted beetles? I don’t want to carry all of them around, or waste my bank space on them.

    • Yeah that could be annoying but there is a way to delete it. Open the bank and locate the pet you want to get rid off. Then click the Trash button and it should work 🙂

      • Well, like I mentioned in my original post, they are also tagged “NO TRASH”, so that’s not an option either.

        • Have you tried doing this? Worked for me on test realm even though they were marked “NO TRASH”. I would try myself but I haven’t got any on live yet.

          • You mean going to the bank to try and trash them? Yes, did that before I made my original post. The option is greyed out.

  • I came back to the game after quite a while, and these pets are cute! Back when I first started out, I did imagine my pet playing a more active role. I wanted pets to have a spell using their powers, so seeing these pets feels like KI is really putting in fun features.

  • I have completed every single quest in unicorn, triton, side quests in firecat and cyclops. but can not do the main storyline for firecat and cyclops. I have access to firecat and cyclops. All requirements for the areas are done except the new quest “Secret Strife of Pets”. I can not receive any quests from ambrose or from muldoon. if you can dm me on discord at KingsHawaiian#8691.

    • Why can’t you do the Secret Strife of Pets quest? That should be a mainline quest now.

      I would also suggest opening a support ticket through Wizard101’s website. Keep in mind that we are NOT Kingsisle ourselves and can’t do anything about this.

  • How can I get rid of this pet?

    • If you really don’t like that much (poor pet) go into your bank and there should be a button to “Trash” an item.

  • i am in live realm and having the same issue the quest was available on my new wizard but my level 43 myth wizard cant get the quest because its not showing. does this mean i cant get the pet talents.

    • Unfortunately, that is because these pets are only available as part of the tutorial. You can still get the talents through hatching with other pets.

  • all my wizards are 130 level and a happiness pet has been “forced” upon each of them. How can I get rid of the pet? These pets are so confusing that I don’t want any of them!

    • It’s your same pet. ALL pets now have a Happiness stat. Don’t like it? Don’t play as a pet. It isn’t mandatory to use the Happiness, so your pet still functions exactly like it did before the stat was added.

  • Hi! When I see Sergeant Muldoon he doesn’t have a new quest. I’m level 130.

    • Hello, Fallon. Are you seeing him in Test Realm? The quest isn’t yet available in Live servers.
      If you’re already in Test Realm, then you might want to submit a bug report about what you’re experiencing.

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