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Exalted Life PvP Guide


Okay. This is a Life PvP Guide, as the picture above states. Given that there’s no lvl 100 Life pvp guides, I shall make one. My guide on Life PvP will be one that isn’t isn’t very complex and will rely on easier strategies that can get you all the way to the rank of 1500 and maybe even higher.

rank screenshot

So let’s begin. Before I talk about gear decks and everything in between, I want to get the pet thing outta the way.


My pet:

Storm BeetleThe thing about pets and PvP in general is that everything changes based on what the player is trying to accomplish, what his play style is, and what the pet brings itself. For me, pets need two things: Excellent cards and Well-rounded talents.

Excellent cards

  • There are a few pets that can make me ponder on whether I should replace my beetle. One of the pets that makes me ‘jelly’ is the Enchanted Armament. With it, I would not need to bring Sharpened Blades and in return I could “better my strategy.” Sounds like a very good thing, but in the end, I always choose not to go after an Armament for some unknown reason.

To me, a Storm beetle is the best pet there is for Life 1v1 PvP.

  • The pet’s card helps me sooooooooo much.
    • Having a spell that breaks wards and negative damage charms helps me a lot. I can undo what my opponent has been trying to keep me from doing for a few turns in one click. The spell’s simplicity is what makes it so useful to me.
    • Because the spell’s damage is Storm, it helps me combo with great advantages: I can put on my blades, let my opponent use a tower and/or weakness, and the use my beetle to not just break his defenses with ease, but to also boost my following hit.
    • Against Juju Deaths, this pet gives me a very useful advantage. I can clear out Jujus, towers, and weaknesses with ease. In other words, I have four extra wand hits thanks to this pet.
  • The Talents this pet has are fit to fight every wizard in the game, from Glass Cannons to Jades to Juju Deaths to Guardian Spirit spammers. That plus the card become very attractive to a wizard that seeks success.
    • Though I sometimes wish I had a different talent than Fairy, the pet is an amazing all-around pet. So I have no complains.

To me, that’s what makes a pet great. And though others think that there are pets that far surpass the Storm Beetle, I completely disagree.  For a pet to be a successful aid to a Life wizard, it must meets the following requirements:

  1. It must have at least one talent to boost your damage (Life-Bringer, Life-Giver, Pain-Giver)
  2. It must have at least one universal resist talent (Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying)
  3. Whatever you want to do with the rest of the talents
  4. The card it gives must help you dramatically when in battle. (Storm Beetle, Enchanted Armament, Piranha Hunter, Leaf Foot, Premier Porker etc. etc. etc.)
  5. It must help you with different types of players and it must help you improve your strategy/strategies

A very good set of pet talents to have in today’s Arena is  triple damage and double resist (Life-Bringer, Life-Giver, Pain-Giver, Spell-Proof, Spell-Defying).

At a ranks <500, PvP will be very straightforward if you face Lvl 100 players. Although many people may disagree with how I address this, I believe that this method helps the most. My method to ever get out of a low rank (<500) is to just critical my way through. That’s right. Forget strategy (for the most part), and remember one thing when you are in this rank: You will be a storm that literally has second chances and can actually heal. Got it? Good.

Training Points

24 Training Points needed in total

Ice to Tower (5)

Spirit Blades (1)

Conviction (1)

Vengeance (1)

Sun to Colossal (6)

Primordial (1)

Death to Doom (7)

Sharpened Blade (1)

Shrike (1)

Optional Spells to train

Earthquake (9)

Fire Elf (2)

Infection (1)

Stun Block (1)

Infallible (1)

The Gear

The good thing about Malistaire‘s gear is that it gives us essentially OP (overpowered) stats. You get the pierce, the critical, the pips, the health, and damage all the while getting the resist. In other words, Malistaire’s gear is WaterWorks for Exalted wizards. An upside down ‘M’ is, after all, a ‘W’ …. Must be a sign….

Anyway, Malistaire gear has taken over all the builds I use to be honest. Hades’ used to be my go to critical build. Now it’s Malistaire’s. Whenever I would jade I would leave all other stats behind, now I can either go full Malistiare or half and half and get higher resist and still have decent offensive stats. What i’m trying to say is that Malistaire’s will top most lists on almost any build/strategy. The best you can get as of today (2014):

Critical is your best friend. Pierce, high damage, accuracy, high health and good pips are your close friends. Healing boost is your acquaintance/friend/close friend depending on what gear you use. One more thing, just because these are the only examples of gear I suggest you use, it does not mean you cannot make your own. If you come up with a different build that works better for you then, by all means, use your creation.  But remember, once you reach a rank of 500 I believe it is best that your gear and strategy changes to the one I talk about later on.

The Deck

crit. deck 1 This is a very simple deck. It relies on using spells that have a double effect (Weaver and Caterpillar).

Notes on Deck

Luminous Weaver

This is your main spell. It’s efficiency and power are too much to not be spammed. At only 4 pips, this spell is one of the best things to ever happen to Life.

In most cases, this is your go-to spell. Dishing out over a 1000 damage when enchanted and leaving a -25% weaknesses on the opponent, it will become your favorite spell to cast.

With your critical-centered strategy, Weaver gets to be the highlight of the deck. If you cannot get one in hand quickly enough, you may face trouble. That is why you have so many in the TC Deck, so you can get the cards and work on your way to the reshuffles if needed.. The Offensive plus it’s defensive effect is what makes it so useful with a critical build. All in all, this spell is a win-win.

Hungry Catepillar

This thing is what I call AMAZING. Most people use it as a finisher or as a method of major damage, like many Fire wizards do with Efreet–and while we’re at it, I just want to say that doing that to Efreet is ethically wrong.

This spell is meant to do big time damage, but it’s effect is more useful in the right hands. See, you can spam this thing and it will help you way more than using it once or twice per duel.

You can literally go, “You can get it, and you can get it, and you can get it. Oh, oh, and you sooooo can get it!” with this spell. Using this spell to protect yourself is like using Weaver to do damage all the while defending yourself. it’s just good.

Stacking these like you would stack Weaver weaknesses is what I love about this spell. You can create a 2,400dmg Absorb.

Shadow Shrike

This spell is sometimes used incorrectly, at other times it’s overused, and sometimes it’s not used at all. First of all, know that this spell is not very useful when fighting exalted, at least it’s not anymore.

This is the spell you will want to use against Grandmaster/Legendary wizards for a very quick boost that can get you the win.

This plus any of the spells in the deck means a deadly combo on anybody that relies on resist to win matches. In such matches, using a big hitter and following with a smaller hit will result in the best possible outcome. Note that by “big hitter” I do not mean Spiny. Even a Weaver with two blades is a big hitter when there’s no resist to stop it.

The Strategy

The strategy at this rank is to simply kill fast and to apply pressure. This strategy is done differently based on the type of match you are in. At a PvP at the ranks of <500, you will usually face two types of players: the Exalted and the Grandmaster/Legendary.

The Exalted

This type of match is by far the easiest thing there is for you to get matched up against in the arena. This opponent is such an easy target for one or both of the following reasons:

  • He most likely has little to no experience, therefore with some planning you can take them out easily.
  • This person has bad gear, which consists of low resist, low block, low damage, low critical etc. That makes this match a very fast and easy one.

There is no need to go into school specific notes for this part of the guide, as it is a very simple type strategy: Spam.

Glass Cannons

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, you will be doing what ‘Glass Cannons’ do except you will have a major upgrade: Defensive Offense. Not every school has access to it. Glass Cannons are all the wizards that go for a high critical, high pierce, high damage build. To beat other glass cannons with your own version of glass cannon you got two spells: Luminous Weaver and Tower Shield. Hitting and Shielding. Besides that, you have the other two big players in this strategy: Satyr and Hungry Caterpillar. Using Tower Shield to gather pips for your next hit is the goal. Weaver accomplishes the same, dealing an average of 1000 damage per cast and leaving behind a weakness. Hungry Caterpillar is your big hitter in these matches, dealing on average over 2,000 damage and leaving behind what I like to think of as Tower Shield 2.0.

The main point to get from this build is that you are working with defense and offense at the same time. Therefore using spells that help with both aspects of PvP is your key to success. To maintain the pace or to apply even more pressure on the player, Vengeance and Infallible will help speed up the process as they will buff you up and usually give you the boost in stats to pierce all of the opponent’s base resist or to critical through their block. Other, more pip-expensive spells have benefits you can use as well. King Artorius will do a good hit, and heal you as you keep up with your opponent. The Spear it provides as a combo booster with Weaver or Caterpillar for a damage spike with the potential to finish up the opponent. The most glass cannon school is storm.

Use this spammy strategy to take them down faster than they can take you down. When up against other Lifes, Gnomes! might result in a faster match. Against Fire, Death, Ice, Life and Myth players, try to keep a Triage in hand in case they try blade up for a OHKO DoT. These players tend to keep a back-loaded DoT (Damage over Time) spell in deck that if not Triage’d, it can cost you the match. Using Weaver and low-pip spells will have a better match turnout when facing glass cannons. However, make sure you keep a Satyr in hand for whenever a heal is needed.

All Around Players

Take a slower approach against these players as they will have higher block and usually higher resist. The best method against these players is alternating between Weaver and Caterpillar, using both normal versions and enchanted version (especially with Caterpillar) as the spells’ effect will attack and slow down your opponent. The best of the best to do against these players is to simple use Tower Shield –> Caterpillar combos. As the 800 damage Absorb will protect your tower shields from being ‘wasted’ and forcing you to cast another. Giving you an edge throughout the match. Further, do not hesitate to use a couple of Lifeblades. A turn used on a blade allows you to gather up pips and then follow with a much stronger attack.

If your opponent sets out on a ‘Give Me Shields Or Give Me Death’ quest, just Shatter and proceed to hit. The Tower Shield/Life Shield spam is one of the major issues for Lifes, for there is no simple shortcut to take these off unless you have the amazing Shatter. Which you should have if you use the deck I’ve provided. Minions should be taken care of with wands, or low-pip spells at most. To make sure your opponent’s healing abilities is shut down, use a bladed Gnomes! and follow with smaller hits, or a Caterpillar is possible. If killing becomes an issue, use Infections if you have the spell or better yet, use Doom and Gloom to lock them down. The Gnomes! method, of course, does not always work with death and balance wizards, as they can heal with their schools’ spells. For these wizards, you can skip Gnomes! — it’s optional, you will have the final no — and instead spam the opponent with spells such as Weaver and Caterpillar; two un-shielded Caterpillars and one Weaver should finish off any Death or Balance. Keep a Triage in hand for players of schools with DoTs that can deal major damage, they may or may not use the spells. But better ‘safe than sorry,’ right?

In addition, if the match takes a big longer than you expected, use Guardian Spirit as it will give you a major advantage, once you let out the Guardian, you are allowed to go full out on offensive, which is not a big difference from what you are already doing.

Jades or Wannabe Jades

These are the players that have massive resist (60s and higher) and tend to cast shields to your school. These players are not the easiest of players to fight, but can be defeated. If they are not myth or have a Myth Mastery/Exalted Amulet, you will have an advantage as you will have an easier time blading up for a one-hitter. The deck has Lifeblades, Spirit Blades, Sharpened Blades, and if you can use pet blades or blades from gear, you can get at least up to 6 different blades on you. This will make anyone go bye-bye. ANYONE.

However, to counter the resist, more effort has to be made. You will need to use one or two or all of the following: 1)Shrike 2)Infallible 3)Namaste If you can combine all of these into one hit, chances are whoever you are facing, will not even be an opponent when the hit goes off. However, if the player puts on shields, your best bet is to Shatter before you hit. So, Blades …. Infallible —> Shrike —> Shatter —> Hit.

Depending on who your opponent is and what gear he has, the finishing combo can change. However, I would not suggest using Spinysaur for these matches for the simple fact that Hungry Caterpillar completely outdoes Spinysaur when it comes to damage being dealt. Spinysaur is helpful when there are multiple shields and you have no other option but to attack through the shields. But when Shatter is available to you, a Shatter –> Caterpillar combo is a much better combo. If you are second and facing a player that relies on loads of resist, this can be hard to accomplish as it can be dispelled easily or you may run into a shield head on. However, you can, nonetheless get through it. Casting a Life Dispel before you hit will help you if you fear you will get dispelled. So Life Dispel –> Gnomes! –> Caterpillar will be a very strong combo that will help against anyone with Life Mastery Amulet or Lifes themselves.

The Grandmaster/Legendary

I will not go into much detail for these matches because 1) you are a critical build so you just spam either way, 2) there’s many strategies these players use and I cannot go into each and every single one of them (it’s too much work, and chances are once you get out of a rank below 300 you will see less and less of these players), and 3) I cannot stress this enough, you are on CRITICAL MODE, your main goal is to spam until you get the win.

So the best way to fight these players is to, well, I’m sure you know by now: Weaver and Caterpillar. These are multi-effect spells that will build your defense as you destroy you opponent’s. Two critical Caterpillars in a row should be the Goodnight combo for any Grandmaster/Legendary wizard. So do not worry too much. Blades, Caterpillars, Weavers, Satyrs/Fairies and Guardian Spirit should do it. The main thing against these players is that they tend to lose to Exalted players due to the critical-block issue they have. That is why you will make use of critical (Gear, Vengeance, Namaste) to deal more damage than they can handle. And if all else fails, you got Guardian Spirit to help you put up a longer fight.

One more thing on this part of the guide, if you do not have an amulet such as Amulet of Divine Influence or Jewel of the Shadow Web, but you do have a Myth Mastery Amulet/Exalted Myth Amulet/Ampul of Carpathes, I suggest you use that whenever in PvP because it will usually give you an advantage when facing a Grandmaster/Legendary Wizard (they like to blade up or shield up and they love minion-ing up). Better yet, this amulet is one of the few things that I think has gained usage at Exalted PvP. I’ve used it myself and I constantly switch between the Ampul of Carpathes, Divine Amulet, and the Jewel of Shadow Amulet. It just depends on how I feel, but they are all very helpful whenever in a match in their own respected ways.

The Exalted Arena (Ranks >500)

This is where things change. Getting to the top here takes a bit of brains, and, since the latest update, a lot more luck. The gear you will be using is going to be, no matter what you say, a full Malistaire Set. If you’re serious about this PvP thing, you must be willing to farm for the gear. Soooooooooooo


Malistaire gear is what will get you to the ranks of 900+ for sure. I promise you, it’s worth it. No doubt about it. It’s so good it’ll cause a power outage! Anyway. If you do not have the gear then I really suggest you start farming for it because it will get you to where you want to be.


The amulet (Jewel of the Shadow Web) is the best amulet you can use, but  it does not mean it is the one you have to use. If you do not have it, then use something else instead; a Mastery Amulet, preferably Myth, will help you as well. If neither of these are viable options for you, then use the best amulet you have access to. The deck in the screenshots is  only there to give you an idea of what to use. It does not mean that you have to use it for the guide to work. That deck I the only one I have and is the deck I use for PvP myself. It works great, but if you have a deck that gives an extra pip, use that one instead, as it will help you more than the one I have.

crittotal stats for build

But if you don’t want to farm, then there are other options for you (Crafted, Hades, Crowns, Whatever-It’s-In-Your-Bag)


The crafted gear is for those of you that do not want to farm Darkmoor for it’s amazing gear. And that’s cool. However, I’d like to say that the difference in stats betwen the crafted set and the Darkmoor/Malistaire set is, in my opinion, humongous. Using the crafted set will help you against Spirit Schools the most (something that might help you at higher ranks). But gear brings other stats with major importance behind. The drop in block can put you in the critical danger zone against Storm, Fire, and Balance. And the Pierce becomes minimal and not as useful. Lastly, I want to point out that the most important drop in stats, for me, is the Power Pip chance. The pip difference between Darkmoor and crafted is over 30%. And such drop in stats is a BIG difference in your play style because it can change how fast you can play and how hard it will be for you to change strategies when needed. With the deck I’ve made, constant Power Pips are very important; Satyrs, Weavers, heck even Fairy becomes useless if you do not get Power Pips when needed. Using the crafted gear, there’s a very small chance you wont be able to use Spiny whatsoever. Just something I want you to know. Nonetheless, If I had to choose between Hades’ and crafted, I’d choose crafted simply because it has more accuracy, something I think is super important. That is why I put crafted above Hades’.

crafted build 1

stats build


 The midway between good stats and, well, good stats. This is where you are doing good but you know you could be doing better. Hades will help you with the all around aspects of PvP. However, it lacks accuracy, which to me is more important than many other vital stats.

hades buildhades stats build


The Not Trying Outfit: If you really thought I would make one, you should really stop reading this guide.


The one thing I’d like to make clear is that if you plan using Hades’ for PvP, Do not use the Hades wand. It will do you more harm than good. The same goes for crafted gear. DO NOT USE A CRAFTED WAND. Your other options are using a crowns wand (Teeth of the Lords of Night, Frosty Stare Tiki Torch, Lunar Scepter of Anubis), PvP wand (warlords ONLY), dropped wands, and bazaar wands. Now the problem with the last two is that they tend to be useless. And the first two cost money, time, and rank. And you are new to the Arena, thus the PvP wand is not an option. That means you have to either get some luck and spend Crowns on Hoard Packs, or get something that’s far better than most, or all, crowns wands. That is why I put the Staff of the Undying Heart along with crafted and Hades’ sets. Because it will help you. It won’t harm you.

Seriously though, you can get to warlord with any of the three outfits. But only the first one is what I will suggest you use, and I will write this guide with the stats from Malistaire gear in mind because, honestly, if you are not willing to work for the gear, then I do not think you should even try to do PvP at this level. But use Crafted or Hades if you want to, and pretend you’re using the gear I believe you should use before you walk into the arena. All three sets will work just fine.

The Deck

Logan Legendthief Life deck 2

Notes on Deck

Hungry Catepillar

Contrary to the first part of the guide, Weaver does not take the spotlight in here. Hungry Caterpillar is by far your go-to spell. Dealing massive damage is only part of what makes it so great, the absorb is really what gives Caterpillar its reign. This thing and one blade. That’s all you need to make progress in a match. Use three blades and the mighty ‘Pillar, and it’s a KO.

But in most matches that wont be possible, people shield, people hit, and people are annoying. You will need more than just one hit to get around them. That’s why this spell is so useful, it gives you amazing damage that will put anyone on the alert and grants you almost 1000 health with each cast.

Guardian Spirit

Guardian Spirit is OP. The only problem with it is that it’s not always used right. Not even I — a player that has had his fair share of Life PvP — use it right all the time.

The whole point of the spell is to give you a second chance, basically. But it it’s not as easy as it sounds. Once you die, if you didn’t critical it, chances are you wont be able to make the comeback. If you did critical it, however, you will come back with around 2300HP — maybe less, maybe more.

When to use Guardian Spirit is the thing most people have trouble with. How to know if it’s too early to use it? You can’t. But you can estimate it. If you’re not doing so well, you should use it then. That’s all there is to it. Just know when you believe it’s going downhill, that’s when you should use it. The other option is to use it when early in the match, that way you guarantee yourself a 2nd coming and give yourself the freedom of PvP. In the end, the spell is very situational and there is never a perfect answer. You just have to learn to use it.


There are only a few Life wizards who see this are worth the pips in 1v1. I’m one of them. I usually don’t use this. I only use it when I really need to heal and when I’m about to die and have Guardian Spirit on me.

Most people see it as helping the opponent more than it would help them, I see it as a risky investment. That is why I only use it when I really need it. However, I do not use it on a Guardian Spirit that does not critical. Because 500HP isn’t worth it sometimes, but sometimes it is. So Sanctuary is a healing combo that best works with Guardian Spirit but it can be used with Satyrs or Fairies etc.

Well, the almighty deck isn’t as mighty as you’d think. You can change it and in fact I’d suggest you make minor changes to it if you do not find any use for some of the spells in it. I will submit multiple decks and at what ranks I would use them at the end of the guide. But for now, this is the deck you should start with. The deck is very generic and it puts a focus on the schools that seem to have been lit up once again because of the gear upgrades and the devilish new spells. Storm is the same thing, just stronger. Fire has becoming the conversation starter of many citizens of Wizard City. And Death with their Squid thing has become a “1v1 School again,” and Balance, well for Balance all the shields in the deck apply. So there ya go. You’ve managed to kill a few birds with a few stones. BOOM! As for Life, you got Dispels, Gnomes!, Guardian Spirit, and many shields, so that one should be easy to counter. On the flip side, they can do the very same to you, so be cautious.

When Rank Changes, So Does Your Build

Rank 500s-700s

If you’d like, you can switch your Alpha and Omega Ring for a school specific resist ring. Using the Signet of Sand Evil (17% Storm resist, 12% elemental Block) or the Ring of Desert’s Blazes (17% Fire resist, 12% elemental Block) might be a better option at the lower rank, and it will grant you a buff against Storm and Fire, both of which tend to be very aggressive at the lower ranks.

Rank 700s-800s 

A different deck. A slower pace. And more time enjoy the match. rank 700 800 deck    rank 700 800 deck tc

  • Matches tend to be less troubling and much less rushed as you go up in rank.
  • Healing tends to have more importance in the match as well.
  • Guardian Spirit remains useful, however, it is not all that useful for now.
  • Reshuffle might play a bigger role.

Rank 800s-1100s

rank 800 1100 deckrank 800 1100 deck tc

  • Storms are rare sights.
  • Spinysaur is used once in a while.
  • Healing is much more useful.
  • Triage is useful against Death, Life, and ice
  • Reshuffle is used once in most matches, sometimes twice and from time to time thrice.
  • Shadow-infused spells are spammed more than normal spells.
  • Balance is seen a lot more.

Rank 1100s-1500s

  • If you plan on doing PvP after a rank of 1000, I really suggest you buy the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring. The boost in Pierce is super important.
  • Also, If you are looking to go into the high ranks of PvP, buy the Duelist’s Fatal Razor. The new Malistaire Sets are OP, but, and I speak from personal experience here, it’s easy to exploit it’s lack of “OP” Critical Block.

This is the deck I use, btw.

 my 1v1 deck for guidemy 1v1 deck tc for guide

Based on how PvP goes when I do a match.

  • The Towers (normal and TC) become very important
    • I use it them when I have nothing better in hand, when I can predict my opponent’s spell (usually when it’s a shadow-infused spell), when I want to stall, and when I need to heal (Tower –> Satyr works well for me).
  • The Life Dispels are super important when I fight other Lifes (which is normal for me).
  • Because I see mostly Lifes, my deck is set up so that I have an easier time against them. As the many school specific show, I have 11 shields to help me put a stop to other Lifes while I stack up pips.
  • I hardly ever use Shrike. If I do use it, it’s because the opponent has set up for Life as well and his/her resist is at immunity range. Even then, with my stats, 26% Pierce, and Namaste out, I do not need to use Shrike as often.
  • I use Guardian Spirit in all my matches. This is the one thing that makes Life “OP” once they get out of the critical Exalted PvP zone and into the higher ranks.
    • It is best used against other Lifes, Ice, Myth, and Death; Balance can put up a fight and take you down if you let them. Don’t let them.
  • As you can see, I don’t carry Stun Block, that’s because I don’t have enough training points to train it. The same goes for Infection. But even then I can close out matches with ease. This is because of the power of the ‘Pillar. Using a single-bladed ‘Pillar can take out half of your opponent’s health. So you got power within, don’t think you don’t.
  • Conviction is used whenever I face off against a Fire, or the much rarer Storms. Other than that I hardly use it.
  • I try to enchant my blades so that I can hit less when I reshuffle. Don’t judge. I’m a lazy PvP-er.
  • I take an advantage of the current state of PvP with Vengeance. As of now, most players have around 48% block to all schools. My current critical is 64%, with Vengeance and Namaste out, my critical becomes 86%, which doesn’t guarantee a critical, but it helps me get one. Besides that, Namaste increases my Pierce and gets me to 46% pierce, even if I don’t critical my hits my opponent is pressured into a survival state of mind when I use Namaste.
  • The Feint is rarely used. I hardly use it from second; it’s more of an against Life spell. When a player uses Guardian Spirit, I try to get ready to do a OHKO, and then when they come back, I try to get blade(s) and/or the Feint on my opponent so I can clear them out with ease.
  • The Gargantuan is for stacking. Colossal ‘Pillar/Weaver + Gargantuan ‘Pillar/Weaver + normal ‘Pillar/Weaver will help you get through the OHKO players. Don’t question it, just go with it.
  • The Earthquake is for OHKO players, they don’t really expect it because I don’t have a Myth Mastery Amulet. ‘Pillar Absorb stacking, Guardian Spirit, and Earthquake will help you soooooo much against these players.
    • You also have Ether Shields (myth spell) for when they try to Myth Dispel you.
  • The Minions are for Life wizards, Jades, and Juju Deaths. They will help with 1) School specific shields, 2) Stall, 3) Healing.
    • There have been cases where I use my extra Guardian Spirit on my Minion. This is when I’m against Death Juju or such players. It really gives me an advantage.
  • There’s only 1 shield that helps against Myth specifically because 1) they got Earth/Shatter, 2) they got Orthrus/Minotaur/Myth King Art./Basilisk, 3) at my rank, Myth tends to do a Medusa + Nova combo. (if you’re Myth, you might want to try that combo out. It’s extremely successful).
  • There’s one Sanctuary in deck because whenever I’m about to face my death, I Guardian Spirit and try to guess my time of death with the Sanctuary. 3 pips that can get me 500HP or over 1000HP is more than worth it for me.
    • Boosting my possible healing outcome with Sanctuary is much harder to do against Balance. This is because:
      1.  I usually am at over 1500HP and a Lore won’t get it done, so they use Gaze of Fate and, besides killing me, they can cancel out my bubble.
      2. Since my Power Pip is so high, I don’t usually get ‘Noob’ Pips, therefore when I have enough pips for a Sanctuary I also have enough pips for a Satyr and my opponent expects the Satyr which leads them to use Gaze of Fate as their killing hit and takes out my bubble.
  • Doom is meant for Life. But it helps a lot when trying to kill a Death Juju or Balance.
  • There are not a whole lot of Bubbles in my deck because 1) They cost too many pips, 2) I have Guardian Spirit, 3) If I ever do change Bubble is usually Sanctuary when I’m about to die.
    • I only go into ‘Bubble Wars’ against Juju Death. But I never use Sanctuary in these matches until I really need it to be casted.
      • I have 4 Life Spiders (TC) to help with such matches as well.
  • I have 5 TC Primordial-enchanted Satyrs in the Side Deck to help me out earlier in the match. After the first Reshuffle, I usually do not need to use those Satyrs anymore.
    • I save them until I need them once again (usually while I’m attempting to reshuffle for the 2nd/3rd time)
  • The 1 Freeze is because I hardly use stuns. If you ask me, I think Life is so on top of the game now that such spells aren’t as needed.
  • 7 Reshuffles because, well, Juju Death.
  • 7 Empowers because, well, 7 Reshuffles.
    • Besides that, I can combo Empower with Caterpillar. Helps me a lot when I need quick, deadly hits.
  • The 1 Black Mantle is for those who try to lock me out of Reshuffles.  ….. Cough Cough Juju Deaths and Jades Cough Cough …..
    • The one thing that usually gets the match when I face these people is that I can stack shields and Absorbs, which tend to get me the time needed to get the Balance Dispels off with Spirit Blades and Black Mantle TC.
    • Saving your Sharpened Blade for Spirit Blades is very useful in these matches. It multiplies your balance spells in deck so it makes taking the Balance Dispels a lot easier, and faster.

School Specific


Spam Spam Revolution. You got to be quick when fighting storm. My golden rule whenever fighting storm is this: Simple and plain. Don’t go against the grain.

If you decide to go against the grain, this will happen

The Storm = Vegeta You = Nappa Guardian Spirit = Vegeta’s betrayal = Storm wins …….. You didn’t do things fast and played around too much and it was all for fun and you enjoyed it. But when things got rough, you couldn’t keep up. And so you tried to help yourself out (this will be represented by you using Guardian Spirit) and in the end,  your help didn’t help and you were killed. Vegeta (the storm) got what he wanted and killed you (he won), in fact, he made you go Ba-da BOOM! ’cause you played around too much.
Now if you didn’t get what I just said it’s all good. You just never got the enjoy what I think is the best show ever made in the history of me.

Anyway, point is, if you don’t do what you have to do fast enough, you will get pow-pow-wow’d by the Storm. So don’t go against the grain. It’s simple and plain. When fighting storm you have to be “active,” meaning you got to be fast. And the usual solution to fighting storms is that you do a repetitive type of strategy: shield, hit, shield, hit, shield, shield, hit, etc… If you are using Malistai

re set, as you should be, you will have an easy time piercing through the storm’s resist. Furthermore, one Caterpillar and two Weavers should be able to take him out, if not then another Weaver or a Caterpillar will get you the win.

The one thing that you have as an advantage is that you will have absorbs, shields, and weaknesses all providing defense as you hit and kill. So as you make it more of your win, you will also make it an easier match on yourself overall. Using Guardian Spirit isn’t as good of a solution here because a storm can kill you the turn you come back with too many spells, most of which cost very little pips. That is why Spammy Spammy is the way to go in this matches. It’s simply for your own good. Shield –> hit –> shield –> hit –> shield –> hit …. will be your method of killing. Don’t do the triple blade Spinsaur. Storms have both Enfeeble and Glowbug Squall Oh, Lord. Enfeeble On Steroids! And by the time you get to Spiny, you will probably have died. So no. Stick to the plan. Spam them just as hard as they spam you, and if they don’t get the lucky bolts, you’ll spam them harder.


I consider Fire to be Storm’s better version as of now. And, based on what I’ve seen, it’s true. Fires are making it to the higher ranks with more frequency. And their strategy is like that of a Storm, but they can do it better. Fire from Above and Brimstone Revenant form into powerful combos at the Arena. These two are Weaver and Caterpillar backwards, instead of protecting you from future hits, they boost future hits. And, with some illogical logic, for me, that means the same thing. It’s like a+b=c except it’s a-b=c.

Anyway, the best way to counter fire from my personal experience is Spam Spam Revolution (check the Storm section), plus heals, plus shields, plus Guardian Spirit. The Weaver helps lower the boosts from Fire from Above and/or Brimstone. The ‘Pillar will take almost a thousand damage for you (which helps  A LOT). Guardian can help to make the comeback you need to take the win, and shields, well, you know, they shield. The key thing is to keep a constant pace and not let them bring down your health below 50%, that means Satyr whenever your health is at around 3,000. If you feel you will die within the next few turns even if you heal, empower (if you need pips) and use Guardian Spirit.  Another thing to do is Tower and Caterpillar and if possible even Guardian Spirit right after. Or you can use any other spell. The idea is to make use of your pips in such a way that you are attempting to steal the win.

In the end, Fire is like Life except of healing abilities they got hitting abilities. So be careful and do not waste time, especially if you’re second. You don’t want to end up like Nappa. Even though it is much rarer to see a fire that goes for the big time Heckhound nowadays, it is good to always keep a Triage in hand. Do not discard it just because the opponent does not go for the DoT right away. A single bladed hit will do decent damage, so it’s not needed to power up for just one hit. Most fire like to kill fast and hardly heal. And if they do heal, they do so with Power Links. Use this to your advantage, healing for them is both slower and harder. One critical Satyr of yours will heal you over 2,000 whereas one critical Power Link will heal them 1,000 at most. However, the Power Link does leave a mark on you. Power Link is Fire’s version of Poison, so do not take it lightly if Fires spam it and spells such as Brimstone.


O, how I hate thee… At my current rank, ice is the one school that I cannot beat easily. This is, I believe, because of the fact that I hardly face Ice and therefore I’ve set my deck for the schools I fight the most (life and balance). But whenever an Ice shows up, I tend to not do so well. At the lower ranks Ice is more like old school Ice, so that helps you out a bit. A single bladed Caterpillar will help you take almost 3,000 of their health if they do not shield. Now the thing is that if they bring Life Mastery Amulets, it gets harder. If they don’t, it’s easier, sort of. Ice’s new spell can be boosted, and do you evil. Ice has the lowest damage from the Malistaire sets, but they have an omega Tower Shield that also deals hefty damage on its own. If your Ice can heal with ease, Gnomes! might be the way to go, if not, Caterpillar and a Life Dispel or two will do it.

Fighting Ice based on my experience is about shutting their OHKO down. That would mean bubble wars, earthquake, and shields. That’s too much for me. So the next big thing that you can do is enclose a Tower shield within an Absorb, use Weaver to help bring down their hit’s overall damage, and only change bubbles when needed. It’s also important to note that Guardian Spirit can help you and it can also give you the biggest advantage when fighting an Ice that likes to OHKO: the damage will take all their blades, traps, and pips and you will come right back. All in all, Weavers, Heals, and Caterpillar-coated Towers are the best way around the usual Ice. if the opponent is, in fact, going for a OHKO, and you detect it early enough in the match, start stacking Weaver weaknesses and Caterpillar Absorbs. And Towers in between Absorbs. Even if he takes off the weaknesses, you can get up to 2400 of that damage to go away with the absorbs, and a Tower will cut the rest in half. And if you use TC Towers, well, let’s just say you’ve managed to shut down a very powerful hit. I like to think of this as the Life Efreet Movement (LEM).

But yah. These players can, and most do, go for a OHKO. It may come in the form of a Snow Angel, Lord of Winter, or an Abominable Weaver. So keep a Triage in hand and create a ward barrier (Absorbs and towers) to make whatever hit they plan on using much, much weaker. Add Weaver’s weakness to the mix and you’ll have them focused on taking the debuffs off.


Deadly, but counter-able. Deaths’ biggest thing, literally, the Squid, is a good spell but it’s not great. They are still good in the arena, though. Death has one thing that no other school can use: Drains. These doomy and gloomy kids tends to leech off their opponent. A good Death can be hard to stop. Poison puts them high up in the pyramid of DoTs. And the combination of Poison and Vampire can be deadly for a wizard to counter. But Lifes can still manage to make things go their way. 1) Weaver helps reduce the damage of DoTs, and better yet, when they drain through the Absorbs, the weaknesses become much more useful. All the while leaving behind around 1000 damage on your opponent’s face. 2) Caterpillar’s Absorbs can and usually will take most of the damage a Poison has to give. And they can be of tremendous help when fighting the mighty Skeletal Dragon. In fact, the Absorbs can give you the time needed to cast a Triage successfully and receive very little damage from Bones.

My favorite use of the ‘Pillar is when I use it to cancel one of Death’s Pro-Signature Moves: Deadly Minotaur. This thing has ruled the Arena for many top rank Deaths for a long, long time. Shields were little issues for Deaths; Poison takes on the shields meanwhile Deadly Minotaur comes and deal BIG damage even if you Tower’d. Well, thanks to the 800 damage the Absorbs can take on, even double bladed Deadly Minotaurs do not manage to break the absorb and your Tower Shield won’t be wasted. 3) Guardian Spirit helps you get one step closer to winning, especially if your opponent casts many, many Infections on you.

The few things to keep checking is your spells. Make sure you adjust your plays with the spells left in deck. You do not  want to run out of an important card in the middle of the match. It’s sometimes better to reshuffle earlier and to make sure you can keep your pace going than to wait it out and then rush through it. In the deck there are 6 Tower Shields and 3 School specific shields that help against Death. Make sure to be able to balance hits and shields while maintaining pips. It will help in PvP in general. Keeping a Triage in hand will be extremely useful in this match, for nothing is better than stopping a Dragon and wasting all your opponent’s pips and blades. Tower–>Caterpillar will be, as usual, your best way of protecting yourself. As it will help defend against Drain Damage and Normal Damage. Something not all schools can brag about. Healing is the way to go if you aren’t knee-deep in Infections. If you are, just continue your strategy/combo/whatever you’re doing, forget healing (for the most part) and use a Guardian Spirit, and DO NOT let them keep Doom and Gloom out unless you find it useful. A double-bladed Caterpillar will bring most  Deaths’ health down to minute amounts, which will force them to heal, drain, or die. Whenever in second place, DO NOT use triple-bladed Spiny/Caterpillar, a Bad Juju will easily make you regret ever trying to OHKO.


Myth is predictable in many ways, and also ‘futuristic’ when it comes to strategies. But most are only predictable. The one thing that will help you figure out how to approach Myth is if they have a Life Mastery Amulet or not. That will be half the match, the other half is killing them afterwards. Weaver can help you the most in these matches, as weaknesses tend to be better against Myth than Tower Shield. Tower –> ‘Pillar –> Tower –> ‘Pillar isn’t the best thing to do against Myth. They will end up just Earth-ing or Shattering your wards away. So do not temp them. You will regret it.

Against Myth, using a Tower Shield only after the last has been removed is a better strategy. You can still protect your last Tower casted with an Absorb, giving you more freedom and space to go with. Just do not repeat these moves as it will usually result in a Shatter or Mystic Colossus. Myth’s new spell, Mystic Colossus is very useful against this type of play style, for which I will say once again, Weaver tends to be the bigger of the two spells in these matches. They can use one of their three ward-removing spells and get rid of all of your majestic shields. Also important to note, many Myths will carry a Life Mastery Amulet, just like most Ices do. This means that in order to beat them you will need to make sure of using 1) Dispels and/or 2) Gnomes! so you can skip having to deal with their Satyrs. But because you don’t want to literally be killed in action (in the middle of getting your combo ready), Weavers, ‘Pillars, and Dispels will be the easier path. You can try and use Gnomes! but personally, I wouldn’t suggest it. A double Caterpillar combo can be much more effective.

Besides Myth’s new upgrade, not much will be different. Many will use Talos (and when they do, kill this thing ASAP). Most will use Medusa as a combo starter, or finisher. Most use Keeper of the Flame as a boosting spell, like Fires do with Brimstone. Therefore, it is wise to bring at least one (1) Stun Block in deck and/or some Conviction. Myths tend to Stun at least once during their matches.


The Mighty Balance God Wizards. They can control just about everything now. Pips, auras, and bubbles (sorta). I made a bet to a friend that with the next update Balance will receive a ‘control selected wizard for one battle’ spell. The way I see it, fighting Balance is a battle of hope. If it wasn’t for Guardian Spirit, Life would have almost no way of keeping up with Balances. Bubbles are useful if 1) you’re first or 2) want to use your bubble. But don’t waste pips on bubbles. One or two per reshuffle is more than enough. DO NOT go over 4 Power Pips, it’s not worth it. Especially if you’re second. DO NOT use auras if you’re second. If you’re first, you may risk it. Tower and TC Tower will help you out the most. Weaver will deal damage while creating mini defenses. And stacked Caterpillar Absorbs will help you survive the hits. Use Guardian Spirit when you have pips to spare. They can be taken down with two bladed Caterpillars, but finding the time to kill is what makes it hard. And Balances can heal with the same frequency as you, sometimes even more. A satyr a turn for the next three turns is no joke. Do not let them heal off your hits, you will regret it. Balance forces you to spam. Don’t be a fool waiting on pips. It’s better to use pips ineffectively than to not use pips whatsoever.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect from balances:

  • 1 Power pip – Infection(30% chance), Balanceblade (20% chance), Tower or Spirit Shields (40% chance), Balance Dispel (10% chance)
  • 2 Power Pips = Lore
  • 3 Power Pips + 1 Shadow pip =  Gaze of Fate Eyediache gon’ Wrong
  • 3 Power Pips and you with 3+ Power Pips = Mana burn
  • 4 Power Pips = King Art. (Ultra-rare to see in today’s Arena)


Your Brothers and Sisters whom you will fight to the death. These tend to be easier at lower ranks than at higher ranks. There’s less school shields going against you. The only big issue is that they tend to have Life Dispel.  But you have Towers and school specific shields that help against Life. What you can expect:


Spiny, ‘Pillar, Guardian Spirit. Those are the few things most Lifes tend to be into. Something I personally prefer to not do in my matches and that I tend to use to my advantage. I’ve said many, many times throughout this guide that protecting Towers with Caterpillar absorbs is SupaDupaFly, and it’s true, it’ll give you an edge in the arena. And once again, it will help you in fighting your own school. Except this time you can protect both Towers AND Life shields to give you a BIG boost.

Now if the player wants to actually do damage to you, he will need Shrike at the very least. And hopefully by the time he gets to hitting, you have used a few Weavers and ‘Pillar for extra absorbs. Now the only thing that stops this SupaDupaFly strategy of mine is those with Myth Mastery or Shatter TC. It’s no biggie, really, just continue on doing what you’ve been doing. Plus, with the hits and everything that’s happening your opponent should be busy keeping up with healing and shielding and all those beautiful things that should give you an advantage.

You can kill this person in a few ways, I prefer the bladed Caterpillar –> Gnomes! –> Lifeblade –> Caterpillar combo, it works best for me. I don’t even need to use doom for this matches. It’s that useful. Others prefer using combos with Spiny as the first hit and then Weaver spam to kill once they come back. Others just want to spam Caterpillar. Use whatever works best for you, but  make sure it can handle a double attack, for most Lifes love Guardian Spirit. Do not forget to use those three Life Dispels that are in your deck. They will be very useful if you’re first and from second they can help you stall. So do not disregard the power of the Life Dispel.

That’s all, really. Life PvP is pretty, pretty simple. It gets easier with practice and it’s more controllable at the higher ranks.

Have fun at the Arena!

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