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welcome to final bastionWhile the Duelist101.com era (duelist101.com) is coming to a close, we are delighted to have found a new way to carry on. We’ve left you waiting long enough, haven’t we? The wait is over now! We’ve finally gone live! Our new site, Final Bastion (finalbastion.com), will contain all your favorite articles as well as brand new content.

Final Bastion got its name after careful consideration. We want to uphold and defend the positive attitude, teamwork and sportsmanship that have been associated with Duelist101, while also bringing you something new. In Wizard101, Bastion is a breathtakingly beautiful area.

welcome to final bastionOn Final Bastion, we hope to be able to reach out to our readers and give you more of a chance to contribute, if you’re inclined to do so. Nobody gets left out! You will hear more about how we plan to achieve that in the coming weeks.

We hope you will find all your favorite Duelist101 articles here. We’ve imported everything you’ve requested to be added, as well as all the other articles we are most proud of. It’s been hard to let go of our old articles, because each of them has been made with a lot of hard work and research. In the end, we’ve gone from Duelist101’s 1718 articles to Final Bastion’s 437 articles. We hope to add many more in the coming years.

Here’s a small sample of what kind of articles you will be able to find on Final Bastion, in addition to the PvP guides that made our name!

Information about the content of bundles and packs
Guides about (cheating) bosses and dungeons
Fishing quests and location guides galore!
All sorts of pirate101 guides, from pet to PvP guides!
Our very popular pet, training point and skill point tools!
Enough monstrology guides to last a lifetime!

We invite you to click around and find all your favorite guides, as well as some you didn’t even know existed! We also hope you will let us know if you notice something is missing! Here’s to another 6 years, and more!

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You’ll find Dawny most often on his grandmaster Balance either playing in a Tournament, or lurking in the Arena, AFK-spinning in a corner while waiting for the next Turn-Based Tournament (No, I’m just admiring the walls -really!). Favorite activities are using misthead’s carefully hoarded TC, admiring his position on the Tournament Leaderboards and organizing community events!


  • Hey guys, great site. I have been a big fan of Duelist for all these years, and I am glad to see the update with final bastion which looks fantastic.

    Having come back to the game after many years away, one thing I would really love to see is an article that specifically describes the “useful” selfish pet talents, and which attributes they boost. I have scoured the Internet and your many guides, and several posts briefly touch upon the subject, but none go into great detail.

    For example, if I am building a ward pet, am I better off giving it a star jewel that is another ward? Or giving it a selfish talent that boosts all the wards on the pet? Further, what are some great examples of school specific ward pets?

    Similarly, is adding a Boon star jewel on a quint damage pet better than adding Mighty? And what stats does Thinking Cap boost? And how important is it to have a pet with 250 max strength vs 260 or 247?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Happy to have you back! Well done!

  • Hello, can i ask if ill be able to write articles on it or do i need some sort of special permission?
    Thanks in advance!
    looking forward to contribute!

    • Try sending an email to finalbastion101@gmail.com with a description of yourself and some concrete articles you’d like to write!

  • While I do miss some things of Duelist101, I am really digging Final Bastion. I dont know if its just the new colors, simplified (or less crowded) layout or what, but great job. And THANK YOU for always putting interesting and useful info. 😀

    • Thank you so much! We’ve worked hard for this 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Steven!

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