1000-Member Appreciation Event

After almost 4 years we’ve finally done it: 1000 members on our Discord server, wooo! On behalf of the Final Bastion team, I’d like to extend a big thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for letting us help you with everything from pets, to challenging dungeons and tricky PvP setups. Thank for you for showing up to our events, winning prizes and making memories. Thank you for choosing us. We’re really happy to have you!

To commemorate this milestone, we will be running a series of events every Saturday throughout the month of August. These events will be in Wizard101 AND Pirate101, but will all have one thing in common: loads of prizes and lots of fun!

Please be aware that this Discord channel and events are not owned by KingsIsle. Please use proper discretion and ensure the safety of your accounts when using any private messaging service like Discord. KingsIsle is not responsible for your activities there.

August 7th- Wizard101 Gauntlet Party

To kick off our month of fun, we will be hosting a Gauntlet Party!

We will gather in our usual spot: Unicorn Way, Realm Wraith and form 4-person groups with one or more staff members. The groups will vote on a one-shot gauntlet and the level range at which to set the gauntlet, and then jump in.

Giveaways during the gauntlet runs:

We will be giving away 2 codes by secret password. If you’re whispered such a word by one of the hosts below, email finalbastion101@gmail.com with your wizard’s name and the word you were whispered: we’ll send you a prize in response!

In addition, we will be awarding Dragonclaw Blades for the best event screenshots. Submit your images to finalbastion101@gmail.com for a chance to win one of snazziest wands in the spiral!


  • 10AM Pacific time
  • 11PM Mountain time
  • 12PM Central time
  • 1PM Eastern time
  • When: Saturday August 7th
  • Meeting Location: We will be forming teams in Unicorn Way, realm WRAITH
  • Duration: The event will last approximately 2 hours.


Make sure you look for these wizards in Unicorn Way!

140 Storm

Angel Dawn
140 Balance 


Emily DarkWhisper
140 Life

136 Ice

August 14th- Pirate101 Casual Spar Chamber Fun

We’re not forgetting our devoted Pirate101 fans, either! On August 14th, we will meet up in the Spar Chamber realm Vadima for some casual PvP and socializing. Realm Vadima will be our “home base” for the afternoon, and will be where we do 1v1 PvP with balancing rules.

We will also use the following realms for different formats of PvP:

  • Sly Winkum (1v1 no rules)
  • Raven Eyes (group PvP with rules),
  • Ratbeard (group PvP with no rules) 

Regardless of whichever format you plan to play, be sure to meet up in realm Vadima. No need to sign up, just show up, ready to have some fun!

In addition, we will randomly whisper a secret word to people at the event. If you have been whispered such a word, email finalbastion101@gmail.com with your pirate name and the word you were whispered and we’ll send you a random code!

Be sure to watch our Twitter on the day of the event for any realm or other event updates. The event will last approximately 2 hours.


  • 10 PM Pacific time
  • 11 PM Mountain time
  • 12 PM Central time
  • 1 PM Eastern time
August 21st- Wizard101 Fashion Contest & Scavenger Hunt

Our featured event- the Fashion Contest- returns once again. It’s always tons of fun with loads of prizes to boot! In addition to that, one of our staff members will prep a house, in which you can attempt to find items within a certain amount of time for prizes! Email your screenshots to finalbastioncontests@gmail.com.

  • When: Saturday August 21st
  • Pick Up Location: We will have staff ready to teleport you to the party castle in Unicorn Way, Realm Wraith
  • Duration: The first 45 minutes will be dedicated to the Scavenger Hunt, after which we will slowly migrate towards the ever-present giant checkerboard for the Fashion Contest. Judging will begin 60 minutes into the event.


  • 1:30 PM Pacific time
  • 2:30 PM Mountain time
  • 3:30 PM Central time
  • 4:30 PM Eastern time


Look for these wizards in Unicorn Way!

Angel Dawn
75 Storm

Angel Dawn
140 Balance 

Alia Rose
65 Storm

Dakota TitanHeart- 140 Storm

Scavenger Hunt Items:

Candy Corn Bags

Deep Leviathan*

Work Hammer



Watermelon Slice

Wood Saw

Wooden Mallet


1st Place Scavenger Hunt: Pet Trainer Bundle
1st Place Fashion Contest: Creepier Carnival Bundle

2nd Fashion Contest: 5000 Crowns
2nd Place Scavenger Hunt: 5000 Crowns
3rd Place Scavenger Hunt: 3 Random Packs

August 28th- Pirate101 Dreadnaught Farming Event

Our 1000-member event will end with a Nautical XP farming event on August 28th!

  • When: Saturday August 28th
  • Realm: We will meet in Realm Commodore in Avery’s Court. From there, we will head to Skull Island skyway to hunt for Dreadnaughts.
  • Farming Location: We will be farming the Dreadnaught, in the Skull Island Skyway. This is a free to play zone that drops strong weapons and has high level ships. Since we will be realm-hopping to search for a spawned dreadnaught, pay attention to our Twitter  on the day of the event for updates.
  • Pick Up Location: If you need a port to the farming location, we will have staffers waiting in Avery’s Court realm Commodore until about halfway through the event. If you need a port after that, contact us on twitter or discord, and we’ll send someone to pick you up
  • Duration: We will be farming officially for 1-2 hours, although you may see some other Pirates still farming!

In addition, we will randomly whisper a secret word to people at the event. If you’re whispered such a word, email finalbastion101@gmail.com with your pirate name and the word you were whispered and we’ll send you a random code!


  • 11 PM Pacific time
  • 12 PM Mountain time
  • 1 PM Central time
  • 2 PM Eastern time

Let us know in the comments below what part of our 1000-member event you are most excited for!! Best of luck!

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