Why Every Serious PvPer should play Pirate101

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Hello there young wizards! Do you often find yourself drawn to the arena when you are not paying attention? Do you have a piece or several pieces of arena gear or an arena mount? Do you have a gold deficit? Do you have no idea what the storyline is about? Are you reading Duelist 101 right now? If any of these apply to you, you may be a PvPer. If that is indeed the case, this article will attempt to illustrate exactly why you should be playing in Pirate101’s arena.

Pirate101 PvP: A Primer

p101 pirate Pirate101 PvP

Pirate101 Ranked PvP is an entirely unique experience that has not been replicated in any MMO I have seen. In Pirate 101 the player controls their captain and up to 3 companions on a battle-board. Players move themselves and their companions while s

electing powers to activate. Many passive abilities are in play and must be considered each round while simultaneously balancing your limited list of powers. Much like Wizard101, Pirate101 utilizes a turn based system that includes 1v1 PvP.  Unlike Wizard101, Pirate101 has a unique PvP mode called Battle Royale. In the Battle Royale 4 Pirates duke it out on the same battleboard but every pirate for themselves. Think the hunger games but with Pirates (including all the fun of temporary alliances and betrayal!). Pirates can even enjoy Wizard101-esque Team vs Team PvP in Practice or house-based arenas.

Why Should I Play Pirate101 PvP?

1. A Balanced Turn Based System

Unlike Wizard101’s turn based system, Pirate101 models it’s system like a game of chess. The first player makes their move and then that move plays out. After seeing the move play out, the second person makes their move, while the first player observes. This combined with some other mechanics (such as no movement first round) make for an extremely balanced turn based system where turn advantage is not a defining feature of the match.


2. Different Gameplay Methodologies per Class

Unlike Wizard101 where the battle between classes typically revolves around very few shared features between classes (blade, shields, hits) each class in Pirate 101 plays completely differently. A witchdoctor may use a summon game to deny movement and apply pressure, whereas a musketeer uses long range shots and traps along with clever positioning. A buccaneer depends on charges while a swashbuckler depends on damage spikes while utilizing hidden as a defense. The unique philosophies of each class allows for a much more diversified PvP match.

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3. Multiple Viable Strategies per Class

Within each of the classes there are multiple viable strategies that can be used in the Pirate101 arena. No two pirates need be alike and while there are many powerful strategies that become commonplace due to their viability; you can be sure that you can run a completely off the wall set with a high degree of success.

Witchdoctor Powers and Talents

4. Multiple Viable gear Options

Unlike wizard101 pvp where you are limited to one meta-effective set of gear in most cases (think commander, waterworks or darkmoor gear), there are multiple viable gear options per class. In fact the variety of viable gear is simply mind-boggling in scope and really needs to be seen to be believed.

Pirate101_Empire Bundle_Gear_lvl60 Pirate101 PvP

5. Separation of PvP and PvE  

One of the biggest gulfs separating players in Wizard101 is the effect changes or nerfs have on PvE and the effect certain PvE gear sets or spells have on PvP. Pirate101 neatly solves this issue by having PvP specific rules that apply as soon as you step into the arena. For example at one point in the game a particular robe was too dominant in PvP. The developers modified the robe for PvP while leaving its function unchanged in PvE. Similarly certain spells and talents are banned in PvP while they are allowed in PvE. This does a whole lot for the community. PvE players are left free to enjoy the powers to their full extent while PvP players are allowed to play in a balanced environment mostly free of overpowering statistics.


6. Responsive Development Team

Finally, a huge plus for the P101 system is a responsive development team. Developer Ratbeard looks at and evaluates PvP concerns and addresses them in a timely fashion. He engages in conversation with players and addresses why he can and cannot make changes and even gives us some expectations for the future. An easy example of the level of responsiveness is this: In the early days of Ranked PvP-Privateers and Witchdoctors were struggling. Ratbeard responded with 2 well-placed buffs that instantly made the class much more viable relative to its peers.

Ratbeard Says Banner Pirate101 PvP


Not convinced yet?

Give Pirate101 a try and see for yourself!

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