Pirate 101: New Clandestine Trainer Powers

In the Pirate 101 Test Realm each Clandestine Trainer has New supplementary powers for your pirate to train. Pirates can head over to Devilfish Hollow to visit each of the three secret trainers: Firenzian the Ranged Trainer, Kuratodori the Witchdoctor Trainer and the Lost Hoplite the Melee Trainer. For the Original list of Powers Click Here. Each power costs 1 Practice Point and can be trained at lvl 40 and above.

Special Thanks to Sierra for Images!

Secret Trainers Location

Clandestine Trainer Location

Kurotadori – Spell Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-08-949

New Powers and Talents

New Witch Readied

New Witch Mojo

Lost Hoplite – Melee Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 21-33-08-622

New Powers and Talents

New Melee Flanking

New Melee Cheap Shot

Firenzian – Ranged Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 23-18-20-572

New Powers and Talents

New Musket Parting Shot

New Musket Overwatch


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