Easter Eggs in Cool Ranch

When it comes to MMOs, wiz and pirate are easily my favorite. The fact that both games reference one another is really funny and cool so I thought I’d take my time to share some of the Easter Eggs I’ve spotted. This article has references from Cool Ranch in Pirate101, but I have a feeling it may interest our Wizard101 readers as well.

Treasure Cards

Who would have known that treasure cards could be used to predict the future? If it’s not clear enough, right on the table you can spot 8 different spells directly from Wizard101. You can also notice something inside the Globe, but what could it possibly be? Maybe it’s a new wiz world, or maybe it’s just some simple blur?

Easter Eggs in Cool Ranch 1


Death wears reading glasses

In all seriousness, Death has access to the KROKONOMICON. 😮 We went on an epic journey and pain taking this book away from Malistaire, and the thought of multiple copies sitting around in libraries is hilarious. I’m also curious what the book in the image named Necronomicon is. It sounds very very familiar. New

Easter Eggs in Cool Ranch 2


Ravens are evil?

Lately there’s been a lot of speculation about Grandmother Raven actually being evil. Therefore when I found this reference, I thought it funny and highly intriguing. Is it possible that our once trusted ally,  Grandmother Raven is actually evil? Could she be involved with Death himself? Old Scratch does say ravens are ‘Death’s servant’ as you see below. While this may sound like a very long stretch, it may actually happen. If it does happen, I called it!

Easter Eggs in Cool Ranch 3


These are just a few of the references I have spotted so far, so expect to see a few more when I get the chance ^-^

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What is your favorite reference from Cool Ranch?

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