Pirate 101: Secret Trainers

These are three secret clandestine trainers that offer your pirate the chance to train new Talents and Powers for the cost of one Practice Point each. The trainers are located in Devilfish Hollow (off of Corsair’s Channel in the Skull Island Skyway), as seen in the picture below. Jump through the trap door in the lower right corner of the map to find them.  There are currently 3 different kinds of trainers: a spell trainer, a ranged trainer and a melee trainer. These trainers rotate, with each appearing for an hour before switching to the next. The location and available powers and talents for each trainer:

Secret Trainers Location


Kurotadori – Spell Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-08-949

Powers and Talents

Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-15-313

Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-17-729 
Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-20-225 
Picture 2015-07-16 22-09-23-003

Lost Hoplite – Melee Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 21-33-08-622

Powers and Talents

Picture 2015-07-16 21-33-12-850

Picture 2015-07-16 21-33-15-846 
Picture 2015-07-16 21-33-19-554

Firenzian – Ranged Trainer

Picture 2015-07-16 23-18-20-572

Powers and Talents

Picture 2015-07-16 23-18-25-711

Picture 2015-07-16 23-18-28-262 
Picture 2015-07-16 23-18-31-094


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