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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to another Pirate101 Guide from Logan. September’s Pirate101’s Test Realm revealed a mysterious door. I’m sure you have wondered what lies behind it!

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The Skeleton Key Door

The Obsidian Door: Basic Information

This Obsidian Door was introduced with an Old Scratch promotion quest. In order to learn about the Skeleton Key concept, you must have a level 70 Old Scratch and accept the promotion quest. Then, talk to Vadima in order to obtain your first ever Skeleton Key to start this wonderful adventure.

Once you arrive to Scrimshaw and enter through the sigils, expect to find four doors inside. Each door provides an entrance to a different creature. They all use the same kind of key to unlock them. In Skull Island’s Obsidian Door, you can find the following creatures:

  • Old Scratch (Nightmare)
  • Obsidian English Bill
  • Obsidian Captain Blood
  • Obsidian Brass Monkey


Without further ado, let’s look at the boss that is the main focus on this article!

Obsidian Brass Monkey

obsidian brass monkey

You can find the Obsidian Brass Monkey if you take one right and then go straight upon entering the dungeon. He is the easiest of the four, so I’ll sum this up as quick as possible.

First of all, Brass Monkey returns in a nightmare version, as if you’ve never fought him before. As always, after his death, he will threaten you with, “I WILL HAVE MY VENGEANCE!” The vengeance he never gets, LOL.

Obsidian Brass Monkey’s Cheats

  • This boss has access to the second tier of Musketeer Bombs.
  • This boss summons 8 minions at the end of every round. These minions will either be Witchdoctor Water Moles or Buccaneer Cats. They have 100 health each, but their basic attacks can do 800+ damage!

This battle has a victory condition. Once Brass Monkey is defeated, the battle ends immediately. This means you can focus solely on the Brass Monkey. A Musketeer unit with true grit 2/3, and/or quick draw 2/3 absolutely shreds the Brass Monkey.

Recommended Class Crews and Strategies

Crew for Swashbucklers

  • Toro & Fan & Contessa
  • Fan & Goro & Nausica
  • Toro & Fan & Sarah
  • Toro & Fan & Subodai

Strategy for Swashbucklers

  • Round 1: Fog your companions and use their buffs round 1.
  • Round 2: Fort your pirate on round 2 and then charge with your companions, focusing only on Brass Monkey.
  • Round 3: Use an assassin on the Brass Monkey

Crew for Buccaneers

  • Toro & Peter & Barnabus/Ratbeard/Kobe/Contessa

Strategy for Buccaneers

  • Round 1: Use Levy’s Call on your Pirate round 1. Your companions should use their buffs as well.
  • Round 2: Round 2, charge with everyone.
  • Round 3: Continue focusing on the Count. He should be dead this round or the next.

Crew for Musketeers

  • Old Scratch & Chantal & Contessa
  • Old Scratch & Chantal & Nausica
  • Old Scratch & Chantal & Bonnie Anne

Strategy for Musketeers

  • Round 1: Fort your pirate round 1, use Chantal’s buff, Old Scratch’s 100% Mojo buff, and Contessa’s hide.
  • Round 2: Bomb Brass Monkey, use Chantal’s Sniper shot, Scratch’s 50% Mojo Buff, and Contessa’s backstab on him.
  • Round 3: Use another set of bombs, use Chantal’s Sniper Shot, and Old Scratch’s Jobu’s Kiss AOE.

Crew for Witchdoctors

  • Old Scratch & Carcarius & Mormo
  • Old Scratch & Kan Po & Mormo
  • Old Scratch & Contessa & Mormo

Strategy for Witchdoctors

  • Round 1: Fort your Pirate, use Old Scratch’s 100% buff, Carcarius’s Will buff, and have Mormo move forward.
  • Round 2: Have your pirate use a Mournsong or Mojo Storm, use Old Scratch’s 50% buff, and have Carc/Mormo use their AOE spells.
  • Round 3: Use more Mojo Storms or Mournsongs, while Old Scratch uses his Jobu hit, and Carcarius + Mormo basic hit the Brass Monkey. He’ll be dead eventually.

Crew for Privateers

  • Old Scratch & Emmett & Nausica
  • Old Scratch & Contessa & Egg Shen
  • Old Scratch & Bonnie Anne & El Toro

Strategy for Privateers

  • Round 1: I’d Zeal as Old Scratch uses his 100% Buff, while Nausica and Emmet move towards Brass.
  • Rounds 2+: Spam Big Guns as Old Scratch continues to use his buffs, while Emmett and Nausica use their guaranteed attacks (and true grit chains) to chain down Brass.


Thus ends this guide on how to solo the Obsidian Brass Monkey. Hope you enjoyed it and hope your solo attempts will go as smooth as your sailing in the skyways!

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