Empyrea Part 2:
Updated Scion Spells

While we’ve already wrote a review on Scion spells, their functionality has changed rather significantly since they were first introduced. Kingsisle has clearly read feedback across different platforms regarding these spells. Based on that, they have altered the spells in ways that have left some spells better off and some even worse. In this article, I’m taking a look back at the old scion spells and comparing them to their current counterparts.

The Scion spells have been rebalanced in two very distinct ways: pip cost and double damage requirements. The first change affected every single school, as the decrease from 12 to 11 pips resulted in nerfs damage output-wise. (This change by itself was good, as many of us were left wondering why the developers even skipped 11-pip spells in the first place!) The second change only affected some of the spells; Life and Balance kept their original conditions, whereas all the others were altered slightly, since they were either too easy or too hard to obtain.

Since this article, the Scion spells have been updated again.

Scion of Fire

Updated scion spells Fire


  • Damage reduction: 1300 → 1200
  • Condition change: Target has two over times → Target has 6 traps on itself

The Fire school received a pretty nice buff when it comes to fulfilling the condition for double damage. They can easily lay 6+ traps on opponent just with regular attacks (Fire From Above) and shield breaking spells (Fire Beetle).

Scion of Ice


  • Damage reduction: 1185 → 1100
  • Condition change: Max health → 90%+ health

The Ice school was the one that needed the change the most; after all, keeping your health maxed is almost impossible these days. Keeping your health above 90% is still hard to maintain, but it’s a step toward the direction of how Ice should play – defensively.

Scion of Storm

Updated scion spells Storm


  • Damage reduction: 1380 → 1275
  • Condition change: Target has at least 75% of health → Target has no charms

It’s hard to determine whether Storm’s condition received a buff or a nerf. Killing bosses in PvE will definitely become trickier, while the new condition might prove to be better for PvP. Namely, for the stage when the opponent is already below 75% of their health.

Scion of Myth

Updated scion spells Myth


  • Damage reduction: 1260 → 1150
  • Condition change: Target is stunned or caster has 2+ stun blocks → Target is stunned or caster has 3+ stun blocks

Myth was already the best school in terms of fulfilling conditions for double damage. The change to 3 stun blocks is a nice move, since (PvP wise) most of people already place a pair of stun blocks on themselves before obtaining enough pips to unleash the attack.

Scion of Life

Updated scion spells Life


  • Healing reduction: 1315 → 1200+600 to all friends → 1100+300 to all friends

While Scion of Life didn’t receive a single change in its condition, its healing value was changed twice. The initial effect was really underwhelming, as there were many alternatives which could do the same job for a smaller amount of pips. The Life spell got changed with a unique mechanic (a powerful single heal + an AoE heal), which can be useful for some of the toughest bosses.

Scion of Death

Updated scion spells Death


  • Damage reduction: 1040 → 975
  • Condition change: Target has 33% or less health → Either target or caster has 33% or less health

Scion of Death was another Scion spell that really needed a change in the double damage requirement. The implemented change synergizes really well with draining; it can easily return a nice chunk of health to you while significantly weakening the opponent if you don’t run into any shields.

Scion of Balance

Updated scion spells Balance


  • Damage reduction: 1225 → 1125

It looks like the Balance spell is the most balanced out of all 7… pun intended. The spell itself didn’t receive many complaints and we didn’t see any change apart from the obligatory damage drop because of the lower pip cost.

Comparison of The Changes

We’ve discussed condition changes in previous paragraphs, so it’s only fair to touch damage changes as well. We’re going to compare flat damage decrease, then we’ll follow by checking what difference did this make regarding damage/pip and at the end compare damage decrease in percents.

  Original_Value New_Value Change Original/pip New/pip Change/pip Decrease
Fire 1300 1200 -100 108,3 109,1 +0,8 7,7%
Ice 1185 1100 -85 98,8 100 +1,2 7,2%
Storm 1380 1275 -105 115 115,9 +0,9 7,6%
Myth 1260 1150 -110 105 104,5 -0,5 8,7%
Life 1200+600 1100+300 -100 100+50 100+27 0 8,3%
Death 1040 975 -65 86,6 88,6 +2 6,3%
Balance 1225 1125 -100 102,1 102,3 +0,2 8,2%

* Decrease and values/pip are rounded to 1 decimal number.
** For easier comparison, the original value for life spell is healing after first spell update.

*** Decrease for life spell is calculated without healing over time effect.
**** Life spell got healing reduction, but it’s refered as damage for the sake of simplicity

The Life spell is quite special in this case, because it follows with an AoE heal. While we’ve added new and old values of complete spell, we’re going to compare only the initial healing. It would be hard to get a solid conclusion,  since the total value of the AoE heal depends on the amount of teammates.

Flat damage difference

We can split the Scion spells into three groups based on their decreases in flat damage. Fire, Storm, Life and Balance received the short end of the stick. Storm in particular got it slightly worse than the rest. Then we have Ice and Myth in mid range, both of which received a smaller nerf than the previously mentioned schools. On the top is the Death school, which received by far the lowest flat damage decrease.

Damage per pip difference

Things start twisting around when we start comparing damage per pip. While death has by far the highest damage per pip increase, it also has by far the lowest flat damage per pip (due to it being a drain). Following Death, we have all three elemental schools with an increase of around 1 damage per pip. Life and Balance remained approximately the same, while Myth school now deals less damage per pip than it did before.

Decrease in percentages

The damage decrease in percentages shows us a similar story as the damage per pip difference. Death has the lowest decrease percentage, followed by all three elemental schools. Surprisingly, Myth is really close to Life and Balance in this perspective.

Final words

Overall, the spells are looking pretty good now. There is one big dilemma here, which can be applied to every single spell. Since they are pretty pip-costly, should we really aim for this double damage? Should we aim for something that can be little risky and can quickly backfire? I’m wondering how many players will actually decide to go ahead and use the updated Scion spells in an actual fight – whether it’s PvE or PvP.

Do you like updated Scion spells
or do you prefer previous version?
Will you use them in fights?

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Jeremy Ravenhunter

Originally from the .uk server, Jeremy migrated to .us, seeking new challenges. His first school was Death and it has remained his favourite throughout the years. He loves Legendary PvP and is never afraid to try new and crazy things. With good analytical skills and a deep understanding about game mechanics, Jeremy is able to break down many tough and complicated situations.


  • 5 months after the fact, some of these seem pretty popular in pvp!

  • Fire – its better than it was before

    Ice – its just entirely awful max hp was impossible for those that solo or cant find people then the 90% that was by far the laziest change out of all the spells imho

    Storm – it was good before with 75% hp on enemies now its just near impossible because everything blades themselves or another mob..

    Death – i was expecting that they typed the chance for doubles wrong the first time but the change to have it double if we have 33% hp left is better than what it was before

    Life – i gotta say in dungeons like rattles, medulla, krok, dynt and storm titans trident theres no freakin way lifes wizards with pigsie, unicorn, hamadryad and rebirth are ever gonna use that spell

    Myth – now i cant say anything bad about it be cause i dont have a 7th slot to make one but when it was first out the single stun block spell was fine but now needing 3 just makes the fight take longer

    Balance: oh boy.. where do i even begin id probably start with why they didnt change the 6 blades and enfeeble if have said 4 or enfeeble but whatever

    • Fire I agree became a better spell because of the requirement. Now you can set up for a big hit.

      I have a myth and a balance, and both know stun block (trained from Diego). I liked myth’s original Scion spell, and in truth, it was because the requirement was so easy to fulfill. Myth doesn’t play an essential niche or role in any team, so it was nice to be an OP one (for all of two weeks!).
      Regardless, 3 stun blocks isn’t terribly difficult. My balance plays first space in battle, and my myth goes second. In the round before the hit, I can have my balance cast the 0-pip stun block, and then have my myth cast 0-pip stun block. For the next round, I can hit for double damage.

      I think myth is still ridiculously easy to achieve with a little teamwork, especially since stun blocks are 0-pip spells and so they can just be a normal part of setup. There’s no subtracting involved because the set-up for double damage doesn’t cost any pips.

      For balance, though, I think it’s not nearly as fair. Six blades is the same as using elemental blade and spirit blade, but that costs two pips. AND, none of those blades will boost the attack. I definitely agree that Ice, Life and Balance got the short ends of the stick. With new spell updates, there’s always losers, but I would’ve hoped that those three schools wouldn’t continue to lose out.

    • Storm’s is ridiculously easy to achieve with Enfeeble??? Even easier if you’ve got another storm with you that can enfeeble on the same round to reduce the risk of backfire to literally nothing

  • Excellent article! The only thing I have to say is that Scion of Myth has decreased 110 dpp, not 90.

  • I imagine people will carry them for if they happen to get 11 pips just like they do with the Azteca spells right now. The fire one is very OP now and I find it interesting that they changed it from 2 DoTs to 6+ traps because it seems like lately fire has been going from being the ‘DoT school’ to the ’trapstack school’ considering they haven’t gotten a DoT since Zafaria.

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