Top 10 Most-Used Companions in PvP

If you’re an avid PvPer in Pirate101 then this article is made just for you! I’ll highlight the most important companions used in PvP and view their latest promotions. Impressed yet? You should be! As we know, the game has hundreds of companions. So after much research, we’ve brought 10 of the most used and decided to list them into this article. Let’s start shall we?

Spot #10 belongs to… Wu Tang!

You aren’t a good buck if you do not learn the way of Wu Xing from Wu Tang! Buccaneers like to use Wu Tang in certain match-ups for his 10 round buff Call to Arms, which gives 25% accuracy and his Rally heal. He obtains this heal in his latest promotion, “Crane Master”. His talents line is good enough to annoy the opponent if their accuracy and dodge are reduced if you give him Flanking and Riposte. For further details about his setup, see the link here by our Wu Tang worshipper, NinjaPikmin.

#9 goes to… Kobe Yojimbo/Wagyu Sanjuro

Mooshu’s great Swordsman. Kobe, and his crown shop counterpart Wagyu, may have a horrible 4 movement range, but that doesn’t stop him from taking out his wrath on his foes. He’s great to counter bucklers if you combine his first strike 3 + riposte 2 with a dodge buff like Battle Zeal. You can also use him against bucks if you’re the type of a person that carries a vicious/brutal charge to reduce accuracy.

Send him to wreak havoc on the reduced buccaneer and watch their health fall. He can get First strike 3 and relentless 2. But what makes him a truly elite companion are his potent riposte chains AND his two guaranteed critical attacks, one which reduces strength and armor. That alone is an incredible reason to use him.

#8 is tricky, but goes to… Subodai/Temujin

From the barbarian halls of Hunan, Subodai always sought to be a Khan. Subodai isn’t just an ordinary horse from Subata. He’s actually one of the best buccaneer companions you’ll see in game. Lucky us swashbucklers recruit him for free, but the other classes often purchase his crown shop variant, Temujin. Subodai’s true power in PvP is found in his chains, his accuracy reduce, and his two guaranteed criticals. Any aggro swashbuckler that plans to eliminate a melee target will definitely disable their accuracy first and send another target for the kill. Subodai serves both spots very well, thanks to his Vengeance Strike 3 that can trigger the rest of his chains.

Now for #7… El Toro

We all use the protector of Santo Pollo in PvP without a doubt. And that’s for 2 reasons. First, when he becomes a Masked Champion he gets the very well-known accuracy and dodge buff, Espirit de Corps (Which helps melees and summons a LOT). He also trains First Strike 3 Relentless 2 Riposte 1, which makes him a perfect Swashbuckler unit to play with and use. One of my favorites if you ask me..

The #6 Award goes to… Contessa Argento

This charming unicorn hails from the lands of conspiracy and clockworks. Contessa is a very unique companion due to her suite of powers. Gallant defense, when coupled with first strike 3, is one of the best ways for classes like privateer or musketeer to protect against aggresive fog or highland rushes. The combination of her hide + backstab is often enough to nearly wipe out an unprotected companion (assuming it doesn’t have first strike 3, of course). She’s pretty much one of the most popular companions to run and is a staple in many PvP builds. If you want to scare your enemy, Show em her bravura and techniques!

Now for #5… Commander Emmett/Exeter

The Marleybonian otter we all know and love to hate. His most frustrating powers are certainly his movement reduces, which are valuable to get map control early in a duel. These otters also can train grit 3, making them (particularly Exeter) strong against musket units like Bonnie, Chantal, and Nausica. He’s an incredibly interesting companion, but he’s not truly exclusive for Privateers. His crown shop version, Exeter comes with the same powers and talent’s line, much higher base accuracy, but no group heal.

We have a tie for #4… Inhuman Resources Companions
(Fan Flanders/Peter Quint/Chantal Livingstone)

What to begin with? Fan Flanders! This is an amazing Swashbuckler frog that everyone fears in the PvP halls, thanks to her Grand Shadowdance, Cloud Spirit, as well as her base movement range and damage. Not to mention, of course, her Super Strike that can deal 1.7k Damage to one unit before her chains start to trigger. She’s a super annoying target for Buccaneers and Privateers specifically. Like most other aggressive swashbucklers, she’s a glass cannon and might die easily sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love her!

Peter Quint

Your friendly (And not so friendly when he’s on Tide 2) neighborhood Pelican hails from the skies of Skull Island. Peter is a Buccaneer-exclusive companion, recruited from the quest “Inhuman Resources”). And let me tell you, This pelican destroys anything that tries to stand in his way. He’s particularly good at eviscerating swashbuckler units, as well as low strength units like muskets and witches. One of the reasons is definitely his aggressive talent suite of Vengeance strike 3, Relentless 2, and Bladestorm 2, a staple for any buccaneer that can get it. Of course his Powers play a major role too. Peter gets a Super Strike, a Brutal charge to reduce accuracy and trigger chain talents, and of course the buff we all worry about, Whale’s Might. Beware when you engage with him… Pelicans are scary.

Chantal Livingstone

As I was saying up there, be careful when dealing with birds. Birds of the same feather flock together as they say. Chantal is the Musketeer Inhuman Resources companion and let me tell you one thing: She’s Lefty’s successor. Her chains are super annoying to deal with if she has a setup of Overwatch 2 Quick Adjust 1 Tap 2 Burst 2. If your pirate lacks Overwatch 3, you can give Chantal Overwatch 3 instead of Quick Adjust. Chantal’s powers are truly what make her so terrifying. She can help provide early game pressure with her 2 Sniper Shot powers, infinite range super strikes that merely require your target be in her line of sight. I’d recommend throwing on an agility buff before using them, as doing so greatly increases their damage. You can also hold on to these sniper shots for use at close range (maybe because you can’t afford to be aggressive with them early on), essentially allowing them to function as a second and third super strike. Let’s not forget her cloud spirit buff and her standard Super strike crit power. Chantal is a very powerful and flexible unit and is clearly one of the strongest units in the game. Just… be careful when dealing with birds. LOL.

The best part about all of this is that you recruit all 3 companions from the quest “Inhuman Resources.” Privy and Witch have a companion from this quest, but they aren’t widely used in PvP.

#3 is here. Don’t trust him… Ratbeard

Here’s our Pirate101 developer Ratbeard Give him a warm… Oh whoops. Wrong Ratbeard? Kidding. Ratbeard is definitely another companion that can be annoying in PvP if he’s not getting killed asap. Thanks to his latest promotion, Rat Admiral, he can get Hold the Line 3 or Repel 3 among with First Strike 3.  A repel 3 Ratbeard is particularly tricky for buccaneers to kill effectively.

Not just that, he has two guaranteed critcal attacks, one of which reduces accuracy/agility. He also has a 1-square knockback effect that gets around all of buccaneer’s trained shields. Have I ever told you his Triton’s Song makes him very well designed for tanking?

For #2, give Bonnie Anne a warm welcome!

This nefarious Musketeer has dominated the Spar Chamber for years. Annie is quite the offensive Fox. She can turn down your accuracy with her Overwatch 3, which can help demolish summons or melee units foolish enough to blindly approach her. Not just that, her base critical rating is amazing.

But the main reasons she’s used in PvP are the facts that she can demolish Privateers (thanks to the fact they have almost no agility) and of course, destroy Musketeers if she has Quick Draw 3. Personally, I love using her to torture Privateers. Her infinite range heal is a unique power that isn’t encountered on any other unit. She’s quite the good medic you see. Yes. Way better than Nurse Quinn obviously..

Last but not least #1… Old Scratch!

Whew. This lad. He was one of the worst companions in the game back in 2014. Now look at him. He’s the best in PvP. Why you ask? The answer is Spell Power buffs. They give Witchdoctor’s spells, Musketeer’s Bombs, Swashbuckler’s poisons/bleeding, and Privateer’s Big Guns and heals a huge boost. But as of his latest promotion last year, Skeletal Shaman, he obtains Purge Magic. This power removes all ongoing positive effects including buffs, heals, and shields. He’s arguably the most common companion in a no rules setting, becoming a favorite of Bucklers these days in ranked 😉

Which one is your favorite companion from the 10 I’ve mentioned above?
Do you use any other favorite companion in PvP?
Let us know in the comments below!

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