Easter Eggs in Mooshu

When it comes to MMOs, wiz and pirate are easily my favorites. The fact that both games reference one another is really funny and cool so I thought I’d take my time to share some of the Easter Eggs I’ve spotted. Previously I’ve written about easter eggs in Cool Ranch.

This time, we will look at Mooshu. I’ve quested a musketeer to max and I’ve been able to spot some pretty cool Easter Eggs to share with anyone who’s missed them. ? If I missed any, make sure to scold me so I can add them in later (limited to Mooshu). Mooshu is interesting just because I had a somewhat hard time gathering references made in such a massive world.

Massive Trouble: Stormzilla in Pirate101!

I’ve been hit with stormzilla in the past but never did I think about how much it would actually hurt. Just imagine getting hit with a lizard larger than a house! Stormzilla is an trainable spell for storm wizards,  with different tc variants including Arcticzilla, Firezilla, and burning rampage. What makes this stormzilla quest in pirate101 super cool is that pirates are sent over to a giant robot and duke it out with the zilla for superiority! Obviously a giant eye laser, arm rocket, karate kicking, with a giant sword robot stands a chance, right?!

Malistaire = Misery 

easter eggs in mooshu

We wiz players all know what happens next after the Emperor refused him the Dragonspyre key! But I admit, it is cool seeing dear old Mali again as an adorable puppet. The emperor does look grand and snobby to me and those dragons look amazing! I don’t think that wiz ever got a dragon, perhaps we saw a few dragon statues but that’s pretty much it, darn.


easter eggs in mooshu

I’m really disappointed we didn’t get some dragons back in Wizard101’s version of mooshu, but at least Pirate101 delivered us a awesome and wise looking one! Just take a moment to admire how much detail went into this dragon, it leaves me quite speechless.  None the less this is the dragon prince and the Dragon king himself is pretty amazing as well. I know this is more like a wishlist for me but if Mooshu does get another key boss, I hope it involves dragons.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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