The Power of Enfeeble in PvP Matches

Enfeeble. We all love it when it help us and hate it when it removes all of our blades. In case you’re still not familiar with this wonderful spell, it removes all the blades that are spinning around your opponent’s head. Enfeeble is really popular at low and mid level PvP and can still occasionally be found in max PvP. However, due to the power we can achieve with shadow spells and the available pierce, there isn’t as much blade stacking at level 120 as there is at magus or grandmaster levels.

In this article, we’ll go over the sources of enfeeble as well as discuss strategies that involve this spell.


Trainable Enfeeble for Storm School Wizards

At level 72, Storm wizards receive the option to do a side quest, which will reward them with the trainable version of enfeeble. Make sure to finish Wintertusk first, since obtaining Insane Bolt is another requirement for this 3 pip spell.

Enfeeble Gear Card

Amulet with enfeeble cardThere are several items that come with an Enfeeble card, but unfortunately most of them require too big of a sacrifice in the stats division to make them a viable choice. The best option to receive Enfeeble as part of  your gear is to get the amulet from our friend Diego (Memento of Tragedy). You need to be at least level 45, have Knight rank and 500 spare arena tickets. Unfortunately, with all the power that Mastery amulets (and level 100+ resist and resist/pierce amulets) can offer, many players simply don’t have space for this gem.

Enfeeble Item Jewel

If you’re lucky (or dedicated), you can get yourself an Enfeeble jewel, which you can affix to either your deck or your athame. other useful jewels give you extra power pips and accuracy, which are really useful jewels as well. However, depending on the rest of your gear, maybe you’ll be able to squeeze one enfeeble card into your deck. Just like with with the gear card, the jewel’s card costs only 2 pips, which is really powerful when fighting blade stackers. Sources of the Enfeeble jewel can be found here.

Enfeeble Treasure Card

Another 2 pip variation of this spell and personally my favourite: the treasure card. It is marked as no trade and monsters that drops it are found in later worlds. This combination can make it quite tricky to get, and can cause some problems to low and mid level wizards who want to get it. But there is an alternative! An alternatively that isn’t written in the wizard101 wiki or mentioned in the majority of other places. It does require some grinding, but the reward is pretty big. You can farm silver chests in Mirage for a chance to get an Enfeeble treasure card – no fighting, just running and doing mini games.

Personally, I’m getting 1 TC per 2 full realm cycles which take me from 1 – 1,5 hour. Is this worth the grind? It’s up to you, but I’d say it’s worth taking a shot if you’re multitasking and want to do a wizard101 activity that doesn’t require too much thinking.

Possible enfeeble TC drop locations

Enfeeble Pet Talent

This is probably the most popular Enfeeble choice for non-Storm wizards. Sometimes pets can be pretty stubborn and won’t cast it at all, while other times they’ll win you matches. Some players love the talent, others prefer more stable talents. Whether you should use the talent or not is up to you, but I’d still suggest that you get one pet with it. You can always replace it later if you aren’t satisfied with the result.

As for now, only the Jack O Lantern and the Piranha Hunter have this talent in their first generation pool, so it’s probably much easier to find someone with an already established pet to get one of your own.


Enfeeble as a Card in Your Deck

Well, there isn’t much to say about using the card. From first it’s quite easy to use it, but there can be some problems if you start second. In order to assure that you won’t use it right AFTER your opponent hits, make sure to use it in conjunction with weaknesses. Stacking two weaknesses should be enough to hold your opponent back and allow you to safely remove the opponent’s blades. Another big indicator is infallible. This spell is really powerful, but it also gives away the opponent’s intentions – make sure to use this intel to your advantage.

Another thing to mention is that you’ll often have only 1 or maybe 2 copies of this card in your deck (unless you’re a level 72+ Storm). Keep in mind that this one card can be hiding at the bottom of the deck, so make sure to adapt your discarding and TC pulling accordingly. Of course there is always the RNG element involved, but if your strategy relies on using Enfeeble from an amulet or jewel, then try not to pull too many TC’s.

Enfeeble in side deck

Enfeeble as a Pet Talent

Pet with may cast enfeebleSuccessfuly using the pet talent is a whole different story. While having a chance to remove the opponent’s blades, using this talent isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it’s simply better to have an extra damage or resist talent than live with the RNG of enfeeble. Your pet should be an extension of your wizard – an extension of your play style. Having talents and a playstyle that don’t fit well together is a wasted opportunity. If you play offensively with a lot of blading and a lot of hitting, you might want to avoid getting this talent. On the other hand, if you’re more of a defensive player then getting the Enfeeble talent is a great choice.

The most important thing here is knowing the triggers. There are two things that can trigger your pet to cast Enfeeble: your enemy casting positive charms (like blades) or you casting negative ones (like weaknesses, infections and dispels). Maybe you have wondered why some players keep on using infections although opponents has several copies around their head already? Or why some players keep on casting irrelevant dispels? It’s not because they’re clueless dummies, but because they’re hunting for may cast enfeeble. They want their negative charms to trigger the talent. If you’re an agressive type of player who doesn’t pay too much attention to casting negative charms, then you’re just limiting yourself and your pet’s potential.

I know Enfeeble can also cast when the opponent casts their blades, but relying on that is too risky. In most cases it will get triggered when you don’t need and remain silent when you’re desperate for this maycast. Even those who actively hunt for enfeeble don’t always get it. So I’m strongly against having the talent if you don’t plan to incorporate it into your strategy.

Storm dispels

These are mostly used by Grandmaster wizards and their sole purpose is to have control over Enfeeble. Dispeling storm wizards is of course a nice addition, but these are kind of rare in Arena anyway.  If your strategy revolves around blade stacking then it’s certainly a good idea to add a Storm dispel or two to your deck. Not only will it prevent their pet from casting Enfeeble, but it will also prevent opponents from using their own dispels.

If you’re struggling with training points, you can always use the buy back training points trick. Wait for the member benefit, buy them back and cloak a bunch of storm dispels. It will require some time to get extra supplies, but it’s worth it.

Are you using Enfeeble in PvP? Did we miss any strategies or sources? Let us know!

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