Spotlight on PVP Champion Weapons

Welcome lads to a Pirate101 spotlight. This spotlight will focus on the seasonal champion weapons.These weapons are some of the best in the PvP scene, and maybe PvE as well. You’re going to love them, especially if you’re a fan of an extra set of Blood Flames, an instant heal, or more summoning skills. However, these weapons are meant more for PvP. Without any further introductions let’s move on.

Quick Introduction to Pirate101 Ranked PvP

Pirate101’s ranked system is very different from Wizard101’s. Pirate101’s ranked system has 4 blocks per year. These blocks are seasons. The seasons match the real world seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall. Each season introduces a great set of weapons to go for, and each weapon has a unique power. Each season lasts 90 – 91 days (3 Months). At the end of each season, your rank resets back to zero, which is another difference from wizard101. Then, you have to work yourself all the way back up to reach champion for the next season’s weapon.

The ranks in Order:

  • Contender – 0 to 24
  • Brawler – 25 to 49
  • Warrior – 50 to 99
  • Gladiator – 100 to 149
  • Veteran – 150 to 199
  • Hero – 200 to 299
  • Paragon – 300 to 399
  • Champion – 400+

The Seasons per Month:

  • Jan – Feb – March are Winter Season
  • April – May – June are Spring Season
  • July – August – September are Summer Season
  • October – November – December are Fall

And the cycle continues like that every year.

Rank Needed

In order to buy the PvP Champion weapons, you must be rank Champion. Some other rewards require lesser ranks or even no rank requirement at all. The PvP pet and mount vendor sells pets that require no specific rank, as well as pets that require a specific rank. He also sells Mounts that you can buy at the ranks of gladiator (100+) and hero (200+), which are unique in look. Now to the main talk: PvP Champion weapons.

Fall PvP Champion Weapons

There is a Fall Champion Weapon for each class. Each one comes with the same awesome power.

angry orchard

This is one of my favorite weapons. It looks great, and has a couple of amazing effects on it which makes it look so cool: the falling leaves, the wind, the color. It was designed incredibly well. Additionally, in terms of power, it gives this:

Angry Orchard:
Summons 8 Treants surrounding the player

This power is great enough to give your enemies in PvP some fear. Every Tree is packed with the highest base critical chance in game, which makes most of their hits critical. Not to mention, they provide an effective wall with their Hold the Line 1 if you stay behind them. They can be very annoying for Melees, to the point that some might struggle to battle them. If you’re carrying beastmaster banner, these trees deal a ridiculous amount of damage. Note: these trees can have their level increased by increasing your will (with say, a rallying call, great juju, etc).

Which classes benefit the most from this power?

Almost all classes do. In particular, Privateers and Witchdoctors do, as trees buy these classes the necessary time to set up or time out their opponents’ buffs. This can allow them to win the resource battle. Third comes Musketeer: it puts more stress on the opponent and if there’s a Scent pet around. . . it’s lovely to annoy Swashbucklers and Buccaneers. This power is good for match domination and early game stressing. Fun, no?

Here’s the looks of all of the PvP champion weapons of Fall season for every class:

Fall Champion’s Sabres for Swashbucklers
Fall Champion’s Falchion
Fall Champion’s Falchion for Buccaneers
Fall Champion’s Spyglass
Fall Champion’s Spyglass for Privateers
Fall Champion’s Rifle for Musketeers

Fall Champion’s Sceptre for Witchdoctors

Every weapon of these doesn’t just come with the Angry Orchard Power; they also come with Increased base Agility/Strength/Will (Depends on what the class boosts from) and a stat (dodge, armor, health, magic resist, accuracy) increase.

Spring PvP Champion Weapons

This is my second favorite and one of the best. In terms of design, I love it. But it comes second to me, since I’m no fan of spring’s green colors. But I definitely enjoy the fog surrounding the weapons with the lightning that actually looks pretty fantastic on the weapon design. These weapons come with this power included:

Second Wind:
Heals up to 50% health

If you are above 50% health, it heals 1/2 of the health you are missing. For example, if you are at 60% health, you’ll heal for 20% of your base health, bringing you up to 80%. If you’re below half health, you will be healed for half of your base health.

Behold, one of the best powers in game! This power can change and turn the tide of the match. This heal is a self heal (and ONLY a self heal) that heals up to 50% of your pirate’s lost health. This heal has so much potential, as it can be a clutching heal that can save your match. For instance, you can be at 400 health after a chain of attacks and, after using this power, you can be at about 1900 health. I personally love this heal so much, and I can tell you it gives some pretty great results.

Which classes benefit the most from this power?

Swashbucklers definitely benefit from this weapon, along with Buccaneers. It gives great results for these classes, as it balances the lack of heals that Swash and Bucks have compared to other classes. I wouldn’t recommend this weapon much for Privateers, since they already have access to 5 – 7 heals, along with their team heals. They have better choices for weapons (see fall section up there). The same counts for Witchdoctor as well, since that ~1500 health they gain can be chained away in one round. For Musketeer it’s a 50/50, though I think Haywire Thunder Rifle suits them best right now.

Now, for the looks of these amazing weapons:

Spring Champion’s Sabres for Swashbucklers

Spring Champion’s Falchion for Buccaneers
Spring Champion’s Spyglass for Privateers
Spring Champion’s Rifle for Musketeers
Spring Champion’s Sceptre for Witchdoctors

All of these weapons come with the Second Wind Power as well as the 2 stat grants that are class based which I’ve mentioned up there in Fall weapons.

Now for the Mid-tier Season weapons:

Summer PvP Champion Weapons

These are arguably #3. In terms of design, they look pretty cool, as they come with a very cool-looking glow. The weapon is all surrounded with fire. The yellow color when it comes to the rest of the weapon is actually great, but it doesn’t have any more detail in the weapon effect unlike the Fall, Spring and Winter. That of course isn’t a big deal. In terms of Power, It gives the following:

Summer’s Fire:
Summons 8 Summer Flames which surround
your Pirate for 10 rounds.

This power is decent in PvP. Damage of these fires is based on your spell power. This power wouldn’t be recommended much for certain matchups (vs Swashbucklers with alert 2 or against ranged classes that don’t need to be adjacent to you to attack). However, it can be used well if it’s timed effectively. For example, you can force your opponent to waste protections and take damage by walking through your flames. Alternatively, they won’t walk through the flames and you will have 10 rounds with which to recover, protect yourself, or attack your opponent (with ranged attacks). This power is therefore beneficial for ranged classes. You can also boost the damage of these flames by using Old Scratch’s Spell Power buffs. Just like Blood Flames.

Which classes benefit the most from this power?

Musketeers come first when we talk about the classes that could potentially benefit from this power. As you survive late game and pressure your opponent to consume their powers/protections, you can pull this power as a trump card. Walk away a few squares and summon them as your opponent has already ran out of protections. Meanwhile you can spam your opponent with offensive attacking powers to pressure them. By the time they decide to walk through your fire flames, it’ll be checkmate. For Witchdoctors this might — might — work but it isn’t recommended, as Angry Orchards are way better for this squishy little poor class.

As for the looks, here they are:

Summer Champion’s Sabres for Swashbucklers
Summer Champion’s Sceptre for Witchdoctors
Summer Champion’s Falchion for Buccaneers
Summer Champion’s Rifle for Musketeers
Summer Champion’s Spyglass for Privateers

All of these weapons are coming with Summer’s Fire Power as well as the 2 stat grants that are class based which I’ve mentioned before.

Winter PvP Champion Weapons

This is the weakest of the 4 weapons in my opinion. I consider it low tier and I wouldn’t recommend using them.

 seasonal champion weapons

In terms of design, I admire the chilling wind with the freezing effect that is coming from the weapons. I also like the color combinations (blue for all weapons, completely white for the 70 tier of Swashbuckler’s Winter Champ Sabres as seen in the picture above). However, in terms of Powers, it’s a bit underpowered.

Icy Impediment
Summons an Ice block barricade

The barricade has the same number of ice blocks as your weapon’s range plus 2 (3 for melee weapons). Melts in 5 rounds and its health can be increased by buffing your Spell Power. It works the same as regular Barricades. However, it has a smaller base health (~500 without mojo buffs) and disappears in 5 rounds. If anything, using this would hurt you more than it’d help you if you’re a ranged Pirate, as it just blinds your range.

People haven’t been able to find any good use for this power. One musketeer was somehow able to pull off a strategy for it but it didn’t work all the time. You could, however, use this and your normal barricade as a swashbuckler opponent fogs and completely seal yourself in, which would force them to waste a unit’s hide to break an ice block. This isn’t that effective, however, since you can use Contessa to a similar end.

Which classes benefit the most from this power?

As for class recommendations, I’d never recommend this weapon for any class because the power is kind of underpowered. Regardless, I’d definitely recommend this weapon for stitching its look if you’re a fan of stitching like me.

Now for the Winter weapons and how they look:

Winter Champion Sceptre Wand for Witchdoctors
Winter Champion’s Sabres for Swashbucklers
Winter Champion’s Spyglass for Privateers
Winter Champion’s Rifle for Musketeers
Winter Champion’s Falchion for Buccaneers

Tier list

This might change from person to another but here’s my opinion as a melee player:

Spring > Fall > Summer > Winter

Why spring first? As I mentioned before, Spring heal is a clutch heal to turn a match from defeat to victory. It can help tremendously if timed properly. As a Swashbuckler and Buccaneer main, I’d no doubt recommend it. But don’t worry, that’ll never beat my love for Fall weapon and Angry Orchards ❤ Ranged people or Privateer might pick Fall first over Spring.


Now that our spotlight article is over, I must ask, what is your favorite PvP Champion Weapon out of all the 4 Seasons?

Until next time!

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