W101 Marleybone Trivia Answers

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This article is a part of the series that provides you with the correct answers to Free KI Games’ trivia games. This one is all about the category called Wizard101 Marleybone Trivia.


W101 Marleybone Trivia Answers:

  1. What sort of beverage is served in Air Dales Hideaway?
    Answer: Root Beer
  2. What time of day is it always in Marleybone?
    Answer: Night
  3. What color are the Marleybone mailboxes?
    Answer: Red
  4. Which is not a street in Regent’s Square?
    Answer: Fleabitten Ave
  5. Which symbol is not on the stained glass window in Regent’s Square?
    Answer: A Tennis Ball
  6. What event is Abigail Doolittle sending out invitations for?
    Answer: Policeman’s Ball
  7. What did Prospector Zeke lose in Marleybone?
    Answer: The Stray Cats
  8. What is Sgt. Major Talbot’s full name?
    Answer: Sylvester Quimby Talbot III
  9. What course did Herold Digmoore study?
    Answer: Ancient Myths for Parliament
  10. What initials were on the doctor’s glove?
    Answer: XX
  11. What is a very common last name of the cats in Marleybone?
    Answer: O’Leary
  12. What style of artifacts are in the Royal Museum?
    Answer: Krokotopian
  13. What two names are on the Statues in the Marleybone cathedral?
    Answer: Saint Bernard and Saint Hubert
  14. Arthur Wethersfield is a:
    Answer: Dog
  15. Who is not an officer you’ll find around Marleybone?
    Answer: Officer Digmore
  16. Who is the dangerous criminal that is locked up, but escapes from Newgate Prison?
    Answer: Meowiarty
  17. What transports you from place to place in Marleybone?
    Answer: Hot Air Balloons
  18. What time does the clock always read in Marleybone?
    Answer: 1:55
  19. What is flying around in Regent’s Square?
    Answer: Newspapers
  20. Which of these folks can you find in the Royal Museum?
    Answer: Clancy Pembroke


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