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Wondering what your new spell does? Well we’ve got all the spell secrets right here! With every new update, Wizard101 has been pushing the limits of what new spells can do. One of those limits is the spell description area. With only 3 lines of text and limited characters, it can be tricky to convey all the details for new spells. With Wizard101’s Spring Update, the devs have added some tools to assist players in understanding the new icons. These new icons and spell keywords will help save room on text and help wizards understand their spells. However, they will only help if you know what the icons mean so let’s dive in!

Icons and Keywords

There are a couple different sets of icons that we’ve compiled from the new icons list in the Help Pages of our spellbook. Spell Effect Icons reflect effects of spells. Target Icons are used to determine who the spell is targeting. Stat Icons signify spells that affect player stats. Last but not least, we have Spell Keywords, or the purple words on spells that have a special meaning. This last set has become quite popular in Beastmoon as well as the latest round of spellement upgrades. All of these icons are used on spells from PvE, PvP, and Beastmoon.

Below you will find tables depicting each icon, a brief description (if necessary), and one or two spell examples so that you can see these icons in action. Some spell effects can also be protected, which is indicated by a light blue outline on the spell icon.

I. Spell Effect Icons
II. Target Icons
III. Stat Icons
IV. Keywords

Spell Icons

Spell Effect Icon Definition Primary Spell Example Secondary Spell Example

It can appear in the spell description to indicate the damage value. It will also appear in spell type box.


Manipulation covers lots of different spell effects and can be described as anything that changes a part of the battle. This icon is usually displayed as the spell type.


May indicate a healing value or be used as the spell type icon. This icon can also represent the health of a minion.


It represents drain damage which will deal regular damage but will also convert some or all of that damage to health.

Drain or Damage
Regular Pip
Power Pip
Shadow Pip
Positive Charm

Includes healing, damage, pierce, accuracy, or convert buffs. Can also be protected.

Negative Charm

Includes healing, damage, and accuracy debuffs as well as dispels. Can also be protected.


A damage-centric charm. Can also be protected.


A dispel prevents a spell from being casted.

Positive Ward

This can include absorbs, shields, and stun blocks. Can also be protected.

Negative Ward

This can include damage traps, converts, heal debuffs, and heal absorbs.


A damage-centric ward. Can also be protected.


A shield that reduces damage by a flat value. Can also be protected.

Damage Over Time

Can also be protected.

Heal Over Time

Can also be protected.

Deferred Damage

Deals damage after a certain number of rounds. Can also be protected.


Indicates the duration of certain effects.


A hanging effect that is activated upon the death of the target.


Forces opponents to target them.

Positive Aura
Negative Aura

A spell that can be combined with another spell to boost its effects.


A type of enchant that changes the original spell.

Shadow Form
Shadow Creature



Target Icons

Target icons are used to distinguish which effect of the spell is affecting which players. That Self icon is extremely new, and hopefully isn’t as confusing as the last iteration which included a mirror.

Target Icon Description Spell Example
Friendly Target
All Friendly Targets
All Enemy Targets


Stat Icons

Stat icons are fairly simple. But sometimes these icons can look pretty similar to other icons mentioned above so they are included below so you can easily tell the difference between them. No more confusing pierce and negative wards or accuracy and auras!

Stat Icons Description Spell Example
Stun resist

Can be paired with any other stat to indicate a buff or debuff to that stat.


Can be paired with any other stat to indicate a buff or debuff to that stat.

Flat Damage

A flat amount of damage applied to a spell.

Flat Resist

A set amount to reduce the damage of a spell.


Spell Keywords

Spell Keywords are not covered in the Help pages in-game but they are worth a mention, especially if you haven’t seen them before. Many of these were just added to regular PvE spells via spellement upgrades, but  you may have also seen them already in Beastmoon.

Spell Keywords Definition Primary Spell Example
Detonate Trigger the remaining damage on an overtime spell to immediately be used on target.
Activate Trigger the remaining health on an overtime spell to immediately be used on target.
Clear Remove hanging effect in exchange for another effect.
Extend Add an additional round to a current Damage Over Time hanging effect.
Push Move effect from self to target.
Take Inflict damage on self
Afterlife Effect that takes place after the death of the target
Gambit Sacrifice conditions for extra effect
Remove Fairly simple but I couldn’t bring myself to leave this one out.

Removes hanging effect on indicated target.

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  • On Life’s Spinysaur, there are two cards: one costs 2400 and the other costs 4500, and it has a round symbol that looks like lightning. Is that a critical mark? Trying to differentiate the save card with varying symbols.

    • No, the lightning symbol means it’s from the Nimbari Hoard Pack

  • Glad to know of someone else with a long-standing history pertaining to Wizard101/Pitate101! I love the game and have been playing it since it very first came out. It was my daughter’s first real video game—aside from JumpStart for preschoolers. She’s 17-years old and my son’s 21. We STILL play! 👶🏻👧🏼🧒🏼👩🏼👩🏼‍🦱!

  • what does “protected damage” mean? from cards like “inferno salamander”

    • It means that the DoT tick is protected from one attempt at removal.

  • For celestial intervention there is this symbol on the 2nd branch for spellment upgrade and I was like what the hell is this?? Can you figure it before I get more spellements.

  • Will aura & harmful aura icon be included?

    • Only the aura icon, harmful aura hasn’t been used in any spell yet, same with the new all enemies / friends icons.

  • Will these icons (updated and new) + keywords be added to the Spell Card Maker soon?

    • Hi, yes – in the next spellmaker update.

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