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Free KI Games Trivia Answers Tool

The beginning of the new year brings with it a new tool to add to the Final Bastion arsenal. We’re proud to announce this Free KI games trivia answers tool!

The creator of this tool is William DeathWhisper, who originally started creating articles on the Duelist101 Community. Each article would contain the questions and the correct answers of a certain category of trivia. You can still access these separate articles on Final Bastion here.

However, in addition to those, William made a search tool to make finding the right answers even more simple. He has kindly agreed to share this on Final Bastion along with trivia answer articles.

Message from the creator

Hey all!

For all you that don’t remember me, I am William DeathWhisper, a 6 ½ year old Wizard101 player. Ever since I started playing the game I was so interested in it that I did extra research on almost every topic. This eventually lead me to a bunch of fan sites on the Internet. Some of them I follow even today. Sadly, due to my lack of time, my Twitter profile is full of contest retweets and not exciting content from Wizard101.

As KingsIsle introduced their Free KI Games website I used it to gain crowns thanks to the quizzes. I solved them with no problem, considering I knew a lot about Wizard101 and its storyline which I enjoyed fully. Since the quizzes have repetitive questions in each category I got an idea to just write them down so I can use them later and faster gain crowns. Although, it wasn’t a smart solution to just copy it to a text document I proceeded.

At first, googling for some answers I stumbled upon an idea to open a website with the answers because I couldn’t find not one! I opened a blog on Duelist101 Community and later that evolved into something much bigger (as the numbers was saying). I cannot say with full certainty, but I think I was the first one to open a page with Trivia Answers.

Later on, I had some extra time and I wanted to invest it into Wizard101. I got really creative and made a sketch of my own fan site. I was so into it, I opened it months later under the name WilliamTheHouseOwner and soon got canceled by the hosting provider losing all data. That was the sad part. The funny part was that I announced my moving from Duelist101 blog and then announced again, my returning since my plan didn’t work. That community was so loving and accepting that I had no problem leaving nor returning which says a lot about them.

Sadly, the Duelist101 Community changed and today we have Final Bastion. Why is that important? Well, when I made a sketch for my own fansite, with a help of a good friend, I created a section called Trivia Answers which had all of the questions and answers for most trivia out there which were at the tip of your fingertips. The system was really simple, using the live search option, for an entry of letters, all questions that had those letters would appear and in which one you wanted the answer just had to click the button Answer net to it and the answer would appear under. As I said, that system died with the fansite, but thanks to the loving community that saved my blog from Duelist101 and transported it to Final Bastion, I had a chance to work with it again. Since I had this smart solution I asked misthead if we could implement it into the fast and remove the plug. That is how this tool was born.


Free KI Games Trivia

KI Free Games has many trivia games that contain questions about either Wizard101 or Pirate101.

Why Should You Play The Trivia Games?

Each online trivia quiz you pass will automatically apply 10 Crowns to your KingsIsle account. You can complete ten free trivia games per day and can take each quiz once per day for Crowns. Come back each day to complete more free trivia questions and earn more Crowns! Crowns can be applied to your Wizard101 and Pirate101 account. They help you access new gaming zones and add cool game items to your supply.

What Are the Questions Like?

If you pay attention while playing, you could excel at these questions without the need for a cheat sheet. Some of them are quite simple. Others not so much.

Some KI trivia question examples

How Does the Free KI Games Trivia Answers Tool Work?

Say I’m doing a trivia quiz. I’m confronted with the question “Who thinks you are there to take their precious feathers?” I get four options: Pacal Redmask, Takeda Kanry, Winged Tooth Knight or Copper Wing Guard.

You can find the answer to that question through William’s tool. You simply start by writing either the beginning of that question OR a random word from it and see a list appear with possible questions. I decided to type the word “precious”, and the search engine found the right question right away!

William DeathWhisper’s closing words:
I hope it will be useful and that you all, as part of the community, will help us upgrade it even more with new question I haven’t covered. Currently, the trivia machine has 1578 questions, but there is more to be covered! Happy quizzing dear community! And thank you Final Bastion for making space on your fansite for me and my little trivia answer searcher 🙂

If you find a question that is not showing an answer or showing a wrong answer or the question itself is wrong by any cause (written wrong or showing double of same kind), please alert it with a screenshot proof to this email: williamthehouseowner@yahoo.com with a detailed description of the problem so it can be fixed as soon as possible! Thank you for your contribution and help in forward! 😀

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