W101 Conjuring Trivia Answers

KI Free Games has many Trivia games that contain questions about either Wizard101 or Pirate101. William DeathWisper collected the correct answers to help you get the 100% you need to earn 10 crowns! You can play these games every day.

Each online trivia quiz you pass will automatically apply 10 Crowns to your KingsIsle account. You can complete 10 free trivia games per day and can take each quiz once per day for Crowns. Come back each day to complete more free trivia questions and earn more Crowns! Crowns can be applied to your Wizard101 and Pirate101 accounts to help you access new gaming zones and add cool game items to your supply.

This article is a part of the series that provides you with the correct answers to Free KI Games’ trivia games. This one is all about the category called Wizard101 Conjuring Trivia.


W101 Conjuring Trivia Answers:

  1. What was the name of the powerful Grendel Shaman who sealed the runic doors?
    Answer: Thulinn
  2. Who is the King of the Burrowers?
    Answer: Pyat MourningSword
  3. What did Abigail Dolittle accuse Wadsworth of stealing?
    Answer: Genuine Imitation Golden Ruby
  4. What book was Anna Flameright accused of stealing?
    Answer: Advanced Flameology
  5. Who Is NOT a member of the Council of Light?
    Answer: Cyrus Drake
  6. Kirby Longspear was once a student of which school of magic?
    Answer: Death
  7. Sir Edward Halley is the Spiral’s most famous:
    Answer: Aztecosaurologist
  8. Who is Bill Tanner’s sister?
    Answer: Sarah Tanner
  9. What level must you be to wear Dragonspyre crafted clothing?
    Answer: 33
  10. How many portal summoning candles are in the Burial Mound?
    Answer: Three
  11. What is the shape on the weather vanes in the Shopping District?
    Answer: Half moon/moon
  12. Which Queen is mentioned in the Marleybone book “The Golden Age”?
    Answer: Ellen
  13. The Swordsman Destreza was killed by:
    Answer: A Gorgon


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