P101 Cool Ranch Trivia Answers

KI Free Games has many Trivia games that contain questions about either Wizard101 or Pirate101. William DeathWisper collected the correct answers to help you get the 100% you need to earn 10 crowns! You can play these games every day.

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This article is a part of the series that provides you with the correct answers to Free KI Games’ trivia games. This one is all about the category called Pirate101 Cool Ranch Trivia .

P101 Cool Ranch Trivia Answers:

  1. Don Rodrigo seems to know a lot about this person…
    Answer: El Toro
  2. Who wants to get the Magnificent Seven back together?
    Answer: Timmy
  3. Dancing Stars wouldn’t use this to heal a Masked Bird.
    Answer: Phoenix Feathers
  4. How many watchtowers can be found in Banditoad Gulch?
    Answer: 5
  5. Who is captive in Fort Elena?
    Answer: Napoleguin
  6. Where do you find the Duck of Death?
    Answer: Cemetary of Boot Hill
  7. Out of these options, who do you talk to first in Cool Ranch?
    Answer: Dr. Coop
  8. Which one isn’t an outlaw that Rooster Cogburn is interested in?
    Answer: El Kaboing
  9. Where might you find Lagooneys in Cool Ranch?
    Answer: Silver Stallion
  10. Who sends you to Santo Pollo?
    Answer: Desmond Argleston
  11. Which last name isn’t one of the Magificent Seven?
    Answer: Winkum
  12. Which one isn’t a Spirit Animal in Cool Ranch?
    Answer: Raven Eyes
  13. Where is Three Scars?
    Answer: Big Sky
  14. Who would most likely carry a spirit flute?
    Answer: Red Sash Thug
  15. Which one are you least likely to think of when you hear the name “El Toro”?
    Answer: Johnny Ringo
  16. When Saving Nurse Quinn, which type of Ghost don’t you fight?
    Answer: Ghost Scorpions
  17. Before his time in Port Regal, where else did Governer Stanley serve?
    Answer: Krokotopia
  18. What best describes the type of item Sister Snake wants?
    Answer: Teeth
  19. Which would you be most likely to find on a Banditoad Ship?
    Answer: Sacks of Sugar
  20. Billy the Kid is having problems with who?
    Answer: Frogerales
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