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The lore of the Spiral is extensive and honestly very intriguing. With so many worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 with so much history, it’s hard to keep track of when, what, and why. In this article, I’m going to attempt to mark down all the lore behind Krokotopia. If you find any bits of Krokotopia lore that you think I should add or something is inaccurate, please tell me in the comments of this article.

The Spiral Lore - All Chapters

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The Enslavement of the Manders

The manders, a peaceful folk, once ruled Krokotopia.  They lived in harmony and fairness until one fateful day. One day in the Krokotopian heat, a mysterious land floated toward Krokotopia. There, the manders found the Tuts, tired from a long journey from unknown origin. The manders, out of kindness, provided hospitality for them and treated them with food and water.

Soon thereafter, the Kroks began to abuse the manders’ aid. They even enslaved the helpless manders. Some manders escaped and hid, but others were not so lucky. Many were treated poorly or went insane.

The Creation of Balance Magic

You can’t talk about Krokotopia without talking balance magic. Krokotopia is the home of balance magic. Alhazred, the balance teacher and master, wandered through the sands of Krokotopia one day, contemplating the mysteries of magic. He was a prodigious pyromancer, but was also intrigued by ice and storm magic.

While pondering, Alhazred experienced a vision of balance magic. He had an idea that he could blend the elemental magic together and create a new balance of magic and power. Later, he found he could also combine the spiritual schools and create even more possibilities.

The Order of the Fang

With his new found power, Alhazred became disgusted upon the current state of Krokotopia. He thought his fellow Kroks mistreated the manders, so he found other like-minded Kroks and founded the Order of the Fang. This secret group’s goal was to free the manders and restore justice to Krokotopia. Though they were vastly outnumbered, Alhazred had hope they could put an end to the Tuts’ rule.

Alhazred and the Order of the Fang banded together to subdue the Tuts and drive them into a deep sleep. He wrote the group’s secrets and methods into the now-infamous Krokonomican. After Alhazred saved the manders, he began teaching his newfound magic to eager students of the Spiral.

He was told that a school in Wizard City called Ravenwood would be teaching magic to students from all over. Alhazred was eager to put his school of magic in place there, but didn’t want to leave Krokotopia in fear of the Tuts awakening once more (which was a good decision). So, Alhazred decided to send his best student (at the time), Arthur Wethersfield, to teach balance magic to the students. Merle Ambrose agreed to the offer swiftly accepted balance magic into his school of arts.

Recent History

Centuries after putting the Tuts to sleep, Professor Winthrop and his team of scientists came to Krokotopia in search of its lost history and ancient secrets. While excavating the Pyramid of the Sun, they accidentally awoke the angry Tuts, who quickly came over power again. During this series of events, Malistaire searched for the Krokonomicon. He hoped to find its necromantic secrets, allowing him to revive his dead wife.

Krokotopia Fun Facts

  • Zigazag, an area unlocked in Krokotopia at level 60, continues the story from the Wizard City dungeon Briskbreeze Tower.

That’s all we know about Krokotopia and balance magic. I really love Alhazred’s backstory and the whole theme of Krokotopia. I do hope they expand upon it more some day.

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