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The lore of the Spiral is extensive and honestly very intriguing. With so many worlds in Wizard101 and Pirate101 with so much history, one may find it hard to keep track of who, what, where, when, and why. This article will feature all known Marleybone lore across both games. If you find anything you think I should add or something is inaccurate, please tell me.

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Marleybone Lore

The Evolution of Dog and Marleybone

Similar to humans, Marleybonians started out as tribal, warring cave dwellers. However, one day, a brave dog named Beormutt rose up and conquered all of these warring clans.

Following this alliance, the dogs began to work together. They transformed their society from one rooted in tribal warfare for one focused on progressing art and science. Thus began an era of monarchy, unfortunately ruled by corrupt kings and queens.

These were hard times for Marleybonians, especially when the cat general Robert E. Leary declared war against all dogs. Although we don’t know how this civil war originated, we speculate that it stemmed from anti-cat discrimination, which I touch upon later in this article. The dogs triumphed, restoring political order to Marleybone

marleybone loreEscape from Monarchism into Rebirth

After the war, interest in history and science slowly became more important to Marleybonians. This exciting era was named the Rebirth of Marleybone. Unlike the past, science and art came before kings or queens. Using the knowledge of their ancestors, great inventors created amazing new goods such as the printing press and cars.

However, matters turned south when a popular writer was imprisoned for speaking out against the government. Queen Ellen, the ruler at the time, realized a revolt seemed likely, so she released him and formed a parliament. These actions, deemed the start of Marleybone’s Golden Age, calmed the public and represented a shift away from monarchy of old Marleybone. This freer society allowed Marleybone to become the scientific capital it is now.

Marleybone’s Recent History and Issues

Marleybone is a quite powerful society, having a flourishing economy and powerful military. Though they suffer from issues with gangs and petty theft, their empire reaches far across the Spiral, with colonies in such areas as Skull Island and Zafaria.

Though it may not be apparent in your journey through Wizard101’s Marleybone, foxes and cats are a major part of Marleybone. Unfortunately, Marleybone’s society discriminates against the other species. For instance, foxes and cats have no power in parliament. Furthermore, these species struggle to make an honest living in Marleybonian society, despite some exceptions like Marcus Fox.

Recently, Marleybone has gotten into some trouble after Catbeard and a certain young pirate started a war between Marleybone and Valencia. Although Catbeard anticipated a swift Marleybone victory, these skirmishes quickly turned into a fight for survival, as Valencia’s Armada besieges Marleybone. In addition to the external conflict, internal conflicts have also skyrocketed, as the cats and foxes of Marleybone demand equal rights and independence.

marleybone lore doodleAround the time the war started, Malistaire traveled to Marleybone to steal the Krokonomicon, a powerful ancient text, rumored to hold forbidden methods of necromancy. Malistaire couldn’t steal it himself because of the many anti-magic defenses the museum holds. Thus, he forms an alliance with master cat criminal, Meowiarty. The cat criminal gangs break Meowiarty out of prison, despite our wizard’s attempts to stop them. Meowiarty steals the Krokonomicon and locks himself in Big Ben, awaiting Malistaire’s return. Unfortunately, our wizard is too late to stop him, and Malistaire escapes with the Krokonomicon.

Fun Facts

  • Marleybone has a religion similar to Roman Catholicism, with saints like St. Fido. They also have a devil in their religion.
  • Marleybone is where modern scientific theory originated.
  • Most Marleybonians don’t use magic.
  • Marleybone was involved in the Polarian War and played a key factor in defeating Napoleguin, a power-hungry Polarian emperor.

That’s all we know about Marleybone. I love how similar the history of this world is to England. I also enjoy how big of a role this society plays in the grand scheme of the Spiral. It really makes the Spiral feel interconnected.

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