Badge Busters Chapter #2
Krokotopia Badges

Welcome back to Badge Busters, ladies and gentlemen! Last time, we covered the very first world of the Spiral—Wizard City—and went over the literal dozens of badges to be acquired there! This time, we’re heading over to the ruins of Krokotopia. Hope you don’t mind the sand, because this place has a total of 16 badges and 1 Extra Credit Badge up for grabs!

For those of you who are new here, this is the second part of a series where I tackle the various badges in each world and discuss how to get them. For the first part on Wizard City’s badges, click here!

List of Krokotopia Badges

Badges appear in the order in which you will see them in your spell book.

  1. Order of the Fang – Complete all main quests up to “Back to Balance”
  2. Hero of Krokotopia – Defeat Krokopatra
  3. Krokotopia Explorer – Complete “Find the Beetles
  4. Junior Archeologist – Complete all main and side quests in the Pyramid of the Sun
  5. Krokosphinx Delver – Complete all main and side quests in the Krokosphinx
  6. Tomb Raider – Complete all main and side quests in the Tomb of Storms (save for Tomb of the Beguiler)
  7. Mander Savior – Clear the Tomb of the Beguiler
  8. Kroked Around the Clock – Complete all side quests in Krokotopia
  9. Master of The Oasis – Complete all main and side quests in Krokotopia
  10. Krok Thrasher – Defeat 50 Krokotopians
  11. Krok Hunter – Defeat 100 Krokotopians
  12. Krok Slayer – Defeat 200 Krokotopians
  13. Spider Squisher – Defeat 50 Spiders
  14. Web Cutter – Defeat 100 Spiders
  15. Chitin Crusher – Defeat 250 Spiders
  16. Spiderbane – Defeat 500 Spiders
  17. Secret Shopper – Enter the Krokotopia Secret Shop 5 times

*Pink badges indicate the badge is Extra Credit and does not count toward regular badge count.

Main Quest Line Badges: 2/16

Completing Krokotopia’s main storyline will net you these two Krokotopia badges:

  • Order of the Fang (Complete all main quests up to “Back to Balance”)
  • Hero of Krokotopia (Defeat Krokopatra)


Badges from Side Quests and Dungeons: 7/16

Alternatively, you can nab these six Krokotopia badges from completing side quests and dungeons:

  • Krokotopia Explorer (Complete “Find the Beetles“)
  • Junior Archaeologist* (Complete all main and side quests in the Pyramid of the Sun)
  • Krokosphinx Delver (Complete all main and side quests in the Krokosphinx)
  • Tomb Raider (Complete all main and side quests in the Tomb of Storms (excluding the Tomb of the Beguiler dungeon))
  • Mander Savior (Clear the Tomb of the Beguiler dungeon)
  • Kroked Around the Clock (Complete all side quests in Krokotopia)
  • Master of the Oasis** (Complete all main and side quests in Krokotopia)


Other Badges: 1/16

Now introducing the Other category! This category will be dedicated to badges that don’t really fall under any other category (such as travelling to certain places, completing certain tasks, etc.), so they will be relegated here.

Krokotopia only has one badge that falls under this category: Secret Shopper. You acquire this badge by entering the Krokotopia Secret Shop a total of five times. But where is this “secret shop,” I hear you asking? Allow me to show you how to get there…

Upon entering the Oasis, take a left into the shopping area. Make another left and you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a pair of obelisks and a teleporter.

secret shopper

See those little red circles on the obelisk? Every 10 minutes or so, one of those circles will light up. Once all five are lit, the tips of the obelisks will glow, opening up the teleporter. Step in and you’ll be whisked away to the secret shop!

Once you’re there, go into the shop and run around in it a bit. No purchases necessary! Exit, then repeat 4 more times. Do all this, and you should get the badge no problem!

Also, quick heads-up: If you’re a Conjurer, GO SEE THIS GUY. He is on the top of the secret shop, and he has a TON of free spells for you. You won’t get the Master of Monsters badge unless you do!


Enemy Smashers: 6/16

And, last but not least, everyone’s favorite kind of badge: the Enemy Smasher. Thankfully, Krokotopia has only two categories to hunt after in this regard—Krokotopians and Spiders. Thus, acquiring these won’t be NEARLY as painful as the Badges in Wizard City.

Krok Thrasher (50 Krokotopians) -> Krok Hunter (100 Krokotopians) -> Krok Slayer (200 Krokotopians):

krokotopia badgesHey, wanna hear something interesting? Despite only showing Kroks on the badge icons, Manders (and a few Elementals, funny enough) count as Krokotopians too! Literally the first enemy you ever fight in Krokotopia—the Charmed Slave in the Royal Hall—counts as a Krokotopian. If you want easy pickings, they’re your guy!
…Or girl. I won’t assume.


Spider Squisher (50 Spiders) -> Web Cutter (100 Spiders) -> Chitin Crusher (250 Spiders) -> Spiderbane (500 Spiders):

krokotopia badges

krokotopia badges

Spiders. Are. EVERYWHERE. No, seriously. You can find enemies that classify as Spiders scattered in almost every dusty corner of the Spiral; getting up to Web Cutter (100 Spiders) should be a cinch, and you probably wouldn’t have to go far out of your way to get Chitin Crusher (250 Spiders).

Extra Credit: +1

There is only one Extra Credit badge to be earned in Krokotopia, and it is a continuation of the Spider smasher badges. Spiderbane no longer counts toward your standard badge count, so collecting it is optional for Badge Completionists.

If you really wanna be a Spiderbane, Krokotopia has plenty of these creepy-crawlies to spare, but you’ll find a much more concentrated population of arachnids between the Webwood Creepers and Webwood Scuttlers in Grizzleheim’s Savarstaad Pass***. Happy squishing!



This part’s shoutout goes to the Ahnic Strider, a common enemy patrolling the halls of the Ahnic Family Tomb in the Tomb of Storms. While these guys may be a bit tougher than Charmed Slaves, they count as both Krokotopian and Undead; if you want to double-dip for both the Krokotopian and Undead Enemy Smashers, these ghostly gators have got you covered!

(Yes I know they’re crocodiles not alligators I just wanted to do the alliteration okay)



* Don’t worry, you’ll get to be a full-fledged archaeologist eventually… and when I say eventually, I mean WAY, way later. 😛
** Something I really like about the Master of The Oasis badge is that it’s kind of a culmination of the three badges that came before it, those being Junior Archaeologist, Krokosphinx Delver, and Tomb Raider. We’ll be seeing more of these kinds of badges in the future.
*** Technically speaking, the area the Webwood Scuttlers and Creepers are in is called the Webwood. For simplicity’s sake, however, I’m referring to the area as Savarstaad Pass, as Webwood is just a part of the larger whole.


And with that, another episode of Badge Busters is concluded! Join us next time as we venture into Marleybone!


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