Badge Busters Chapter #1
Wizard City Badges

Badges have been a staple of Wizard101 since the very beginning. Whether you get them by experiencing the main story, plowing through specific enemies, or exploring recreation outside of the duel circle, there seems to be a Badge for nearly everything these days.

In this series, I’ll be going through each world, listing off the various badges you can obtain in each, and giving tips and tricks towards getting each one. With that being said, though, what better place to start than Wizard City? This world has a total of 36 badges!

List of Wizard City Badges

  1. Golem Tower Champion – Clear Golem Tower in Golem Court
  2. Hero of Unicorn Way – Complete all main quests in Unicorn Way
  3. Three Streets Savior – Complete all main and side quests quests in Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue (excluding Crab Alley), and Firecat Alley
  4. Master Diplomat – Complete all main quests in Colossus Boulevard
  5. Wizard City Protector – Defeat Lord Nightshade
  6. Gobbler Chaser – Defeat 25 Gobblers
  7. Gobbler Catcher – Defeat 50 Gobblers
  8. Gobbler Gobbler – Defeat 100 Gobblers
  9. Wizard City Explorer – Complete “Find the Smiths
  10. Sunken City Survivor – Clear Sunken City
  11. Giant Hunter – Defeat 50 Giants
  12. Giant Smasher – Defeat 100 Giants
  13. Blood of the Giants – Defeat 350 Giants
  14. Undead Stalker – Defeat 50 Undead
  15. Undead Hunter – Defeat 100 Undead
  16. Undead Conqueror – Defeat 500 Undead
  17. Undead Crusader – Defeat 1,000 Undead
  18. Undead Slayer – Defeat 2,000 Undead
  19. Golem Breaker – Defeat 50 Golems
  20. Golem Destroyer – Defeat 200 Golems
  21. Technomancer – Defeat 500 Golems
  22. Elemental Dispeller – Defeat 50 Elementals
  23. Elemental Banisher – Defeat 250 Elementals
  24. Elementalist – Defeat 500 Elementals
  25. Briskbreeze Champion – Clear Briskbreeze Tower
  26. Triton Underwater Hero – Defeat King Amadeo
  27. Waterworks Warrior – Clear Waterworks
  28. Undead Enforcer – Defeat 4,000 Undead
  29. Undead Assassin – Defeat 8,000 Undead
  30. Undead Cutthroat – Defeat 10,000 Undead
  31. Undead Master – Defeat 15,000 Undead
  32. Undead Executioner – Defeat 20,000 Undead
  33. Scion of Bartleby – Complete the quest “Finally Growing Into It”
  34. Savior of Wizard City – Complete all main and side quests in Wizard City
  35. Promotions Associate – Complete the quest “Marketing is Everything”
  36. Associate Delivery Person – Complete the quest “Life Is Like…”


Next, let’s divide these badges in categories based on their type!

Main Quest Line Badges: 4/36

The four badges you acquire just by finishing the main quest line in Wizard City are:

  • Hero of Unicorn Way (complete all main quests in Unicorn Way)
  • Master Diplomat (complete all main quests in Colossus Boulevard)
  • Wizard City Protector (defeat Lord Nightshade)

(Additionally, there is the badge Scion of Bartleby. Even though you get this badge by completing the quest “Finally Growing Into It” in Empyrea Part 2, it’s still listed among the Wizard City badges!)


Badges from Completing Dungeons or Side Quests: 10/36

There are eight badges you can acquire from doing objectives on the side, too! These include:

  • Three Streets Savior (complete all main and side quests in Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue (minus Crab Alley), and Firecat Alley)
  • Golem Tower Champion (clear Golem Tower in Golem Court)
  • Sunken City Survivor (clear Sunken City)
  • Savior of Wizard City (complete all main and side quests in Wizard City)
  • Wizard City Explorer (complete “Find the Smiths”)
  • Briskbreeze Champion (clear Briskbreeze Tower)
  • Triton Underwater Hero (Defeat King Amadeo)
  • Waterworks Warrior (clear Waterworks)

(Hey, so you know how the events of Briskbreeze result in the events in the House of Scales? Why can’t Briskbreeze be mandatory for Zigzag then? Just saying.)

The last two badges were awarded for completing promotional quests for Karamelle in 2020. Unfortunately, both quests are now retired, so the badges are unobtainable unless you completed them before the release of Karamelle. For this reason, I personally don’t count these badges towards the total for Wizard City, but list them here for completeness.

  • Promotions Associate (complete “Marketing is Everything”)
  • Associate Delivery Person (complete “Life Is Like…”)


Enemy Smashers: 22/36

And, last but not least, badges you acquire by defeating a certain number of a certain type of enemy. I’ve dubbed these “Enemy Smashers” because that’s precisely what you do: beat up enemies until you get the badge. Yay! 😀

To understand Enemy Smasher Badges, you first need to understand Categories. All the enemies in the Spiral fall under some archetype, ranging from the most common one (Undead) to very niche enemies found in very few places (Gobblers). Some enemies even fall under multiple categories!

Now, all that being said, I’ll go over some general tips and tricks that you can use to acquire some of these!

  • Gobbler Chaser -> Gobbler Catcher  -> Gobbler Gobbler: 

You’ll probably get up to Gobbler Chaser (25 gobblers) by the time you’re done with Colossus Boulevard, so if you’re gunning for Gobbler Gobbler (100 gobblers) you don’t have far to go! The best choice for farming would be the Gobbler Scavenger, as it’s literally the first enemy you encounter in this wintry wonderland. Save for some out-of-place enemies in Mirage, Gobblers are almost exclusive to Colossus Boulevard, so if you’re out to get this set of badges, bundle up!

  • Giant Hunter -> Giant Smasher -> Blood of the Giants:
    Much like how Gobblers are almost entirely exclusive to Colossus Boulevard, the largest concentration of Giants you’ll find throughout the Spiral—Cyclopes, Trolls, Minotaurs, or otherwise—can be found in Cyclops Lane. Every single common enemy in Cyclops Lane counts as a Giant, so don’t feel like you have to be careful who to pull into a fight!
  • Undead Stalker (50 undead) -> Undead Crusader (1,000 undead):
    To be honest, you won’t have to go far out of your way to get these first 4 badges. You’ll be fighting plenty of Undead goons as you romp around the Spiral (fun fact: there are 550+ different enemies throughout the Spiral that classify as Undead!), so don’t worry if this is as far as you want to go!
  • Undead Slayer (2,000 undead) -> Undead Executioner (20,000 undead):
    Now this is where the grinding sets in. Of course, the easiest way to go about this, one would think, is to just farm Lost Souls in Unicorn Way; however, I’d argue that that isn’t the optimal strategy. The earliest one can potentially encounter Undead enemies two at a time are some relatively remote locations in Krokotopia. However, for convenience sake I’d go for literally any area in Dragonspyre. Thanks to the lore of that place, it’s filled to the teeth with Undead enemies. If you’re a bit higher-leveled than that, the first few levels of Briskbreeze Tower are fantastic as well; there, you’ll be fighting four enemies at once as opposed to the regular two! (Oh, and regarding the 20,000 kill requirement for Undead Executioner… why. Just… why.)

  • Elemental Dispeller (50 elementals) -> Elemental Banisher (250 Elementals) -> Elementalist (500 elementals):
    Just like with the first four Undead-related Enemy Smashers, you’ll be fighting a ton of Elemental enemies as you plow through the main story. Wizard City unfortunately doesn’t have many good spots to farm Elemental enemies (the only three enemies that fall under the category in Wizard City are Evil Snowmen in Colossus Boulevard, Magma Men in Firecat Alley, and the Ice-exclusive Ice Colossus in Ravenwood’s Ice Tower), as these enemies will often be accompanied by folks of different categories.That being said, however, if you do want to go out of your way to snag these 3 badges, my top choice would definitely go to the Desert Golem in Krokotopia (see below).
  • Golem Breaker -> Golem Destroyer:
    Don’t be fooled by the name of this badge, farming Golem Tower is NOT the way to go about getting this badge! The REAL way to go about this is an enemy I mentioned earlier: the Desert Golem. Speaking of which…



I’d like to give a special shoutout to Desert Golems in Krokotopia’s Palace of Fire. They have the distinct privilege of being both a Giant, an Elemental, AND a Golem, so if you want to rack up your kill count for all three of those categories at the same time, this is the enemy for you!


And that’s it for now!
More worlds to come, so stay tuned!

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  • Wizard city has no elementals. Apparently the snowmen don’t count. Somehow I gave 465/500 but connot progress further. What’s up? And Colossus Boulevard has NO colossus or giants. Just saying.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. I’ve just tried both snowmen in Wizard City, and you’re right, they don’t count as elementals anymore. However, the Desert Golems in Krokotopia still count as elementals, giants and golems, so I recommend farming there. In terms of giants in Wizard City, you will find them in Cyclops Lane rather than Colossus Boulevard.

  • I know this is a bit of an older post so this has already been figured by now, but the earliest place to farm two undead enemies is Lady Blackhopes tower on unicorn way. You’ll have to fight her and a Skeletal Corsair

  • When my storm wizard looks at his list of badges, it says he has 35 out of 36 wizard city badges. Any idea what the other two are?

    • Promotions Associate and Associate Delivery Person

  • Bloods of the Giants is probably one of my favorite badges. In my opinion, it fits so well for any myth wizard (my first wizard was myth).

    • I prefer Giant Hunter! :p

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