Marleybone Zeke Quest
Guide to the Stray Cats

In your journey through Wizard101 you will notice a series of side quests from Prospector Zeke. This NPC is renowned for following us through every world of the Spiral… or are we following him? These quests are one huge scavenger hunt for select items hidden in each world. In this article we will be looking at the Marleybone Zeke quest and what you will need to find to complete it. Additionally, each of these items are a reference to popular real life bands like the Stray Cats, the Wallflowers, and even the Beatles!

Why should I do these quests?

There is one simple answer to the question. Besides being fun and unique, they award you with a training point when the quest is completed. You can then use the training point to learn new spells from other schools.

Where are the Stray Cats?

You will generally find one in each map of the world that the quest is located in. Let’s take a look at Marleybone’s locations below:

Regent’s Square Stray Cat

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Digmoore Station Stray Cat

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Hyde Park Stray Cat

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Chelsea Court Stray Cat

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The Ironworks Stray Cat

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Scotland Yard Roof Stray Cat

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Newgate Prison Stray Cat

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Knight’s Court Stray Cat

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Katzenstein’s Lab Stray Cat

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Big Ben Stray Cat

Due to Big Ben being a dungeon, it doesn’t really have a map. However, there isn’t that much to get confused on. You will need to climb most of the tower until you reach the 12th floor. This floor will only have health and mana wisps in it, so it is easier to recognise. The cat will be hidden behind three fragile crates on the left hand side.

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  • Ironworks map picture is the same as Chelsea Court map

    • Check out the video at the bottom of the article, it shows where the Ironworks cat is.

  • I love that you guys have the zeke quests so i don’t have to find them on my own.

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