Marleybone: Stray Cat Guide


Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zeke’s Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests. This time we’re taking a look at the Zeke quest in Marleybone.

Regent’s Square Stray Cat

The Regent’s Square stray cat is to the right of Scotland Yard.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points regents square

Digmoore Station Stray Cat

In Digmoore Station, the cat is immediately at your left when you enter the area from Digmoore Station.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points Digmoore Station

Hyde Park Stray Cat

Go to the central area with the teleportation hub. The stray cat is more or less in the direction of where Ms Conrail is pointing her hand. Go up the stairs and make a quick left.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points hyde park

Chelsea Court Stray Cat

Go to the teleportation hub. Next to it is the giant Chelsea tower. Go to the side of the tower with the sigil and go straight ahead.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points chelsea court

The Ironworks Stray Cat

For this one, you actually need to do the dungeon. The stray cat is hidden behind the final room of the instance.



Scotland Yard Roof Stray Cat

Really easy to find! Just walk towards Knight’s Court, but don’t go through the door. Instead, turn to your right. The stray cat is standing in the corner.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points scotland yard roof

Knight’s Court Stray Cat

As with many of the other cats, go to the teleportation hub first. From there, go to the right side of the tower. The stray cat is right there!


Newgate Prison Stray Cat

Once again, go to the teleportation hub. The newgate prison stray cat is right there, behind the blocks laying on the ground. It’s roughly in front and to the right of Officer Malone.

Marleybone Zeke Training Points newgate prison

Katzenstein’s Lab Stray Cat

The Stray Cat in Katzenstein’s Lab is in the last building where you fight the doctor. While facing the battle area, go to the right up the ramp. The stray cat is right there.


Big Ben Stray Cat

There is no map available when you enter this instance, but the stray cat is near the end of the dungeon. It’s right in the room that has the health and mana whisps and some boxes. Check behind the boxes!




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