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King Artorius Spells in PvP

Are They Worth It?

At level 90, you can acquire new spells from King Artorius in Avalon! These are given to you just before entering Khrysalis, so not exactly when you turn 90, but rather when you’ve finished questing in Azteca. These 8-pip spells deal a nice chunk of damage to a single target and each has a nifty aftereffect.

How do these stack up against the 8-pip spells we received at level 58 in Celestia? With limited deck space and so many amazing spells to stuff in our PvP decks, which schools will benefit the most from their King Artorius spell in PvP? Let’s take a look!

Stun vs. -90% Weakness? That’s a tough choice for Pyromancers who have two awesome 8-pip spells in their arsenal. Both spells leave your target paralyzed for a round, unable to effectively attack you. However, the King Artorius stun can be avoided with simple stun blocks. Overall, I’d say Efreet is still a great 8-pip attack for Fire wizards (unless you’re facing me, who usually discards Stun Blocks when facing Fire). 🙂



Ice has no shortage of tools at every level, and their 8-pip spells are no different. The Ice version of the King Artorius spell gives Thaumaturges a Pip which can be great for a combo attack, but Snow Angel might be a little better attack from second to avoid an untimely shield.

I’m on the fence about this King Artorius spell compared to Snow Angel, but overall it’s great that Ice has another single-target attack spell!



Storm wizards receive another hard-hitting attack spell at Level 90 with their version of King Artorius, which deals even more damage than the beloved Levy. The extra pierce from the Storm Spear and accuracy are great for a follow-up attack.

Leviathan is still great for removing your opponent’s blades, but with Enfeeble available to Diviners at Level 72 we are seeing less of this spell in PvP at top level. Overall, I’d say the Storm King Artorius is a nice step up from a Triton!



Life Wizards rejoice! The Theurgist’s version of King Artorius is a solid attack spell with a HoT (“heal-over-time”) side effect! This spell has amazing utility in PvP by combining an attack and heal in one turn.

In addition, Lifers now have a decent single-target attack spell between Centaur and Gnomes! Pip-counters beware – if you think you’re safe until your Life opponent has 9+ pips, think again!



Necromancers will have to think carefully about adding this King Artorius spell to their PvP deck: it deals less damage than the Skeletal Dragon and can be easily blocked with a shield. The -30% Infection aftereffect is fairly weak compared to the regular Infection and Doom spells that are staples of most Death PvP decks.

The benefit of Skeletal Dragon is that it’s a “back-loaded” DoT spell, meaning that most of the damage is dealt during the 3 rounds after the spell is cast. This makes it less likely to fail from shielding, and strips off any new shields so the attacker can follow up with Health Drain spells such as Vampire. Even compared to Dr. Von’s Monster which does a base damage of 820, the Death King Artorius does not seem to have a lot of utility compared to other high-pip spells in the Necromancer’s spelldeck.



Myth has never suffered from a shortage of awesome PvP spells, and their King Artorius spell is no different. Dealing even more damage than Medusa, this hard-hitting DoT has the bonus after-effect of removing a ward (shield or armor)!

It’s hard to say which of the Conjurer’s 8-pip spells is better. If your opponent does not have any Stun Blocks, Medusa’s double stun is a great way to gain a 2-turn advantage. However, it’s hard to deny the awesomeness of the back-loaded DoT that Myth wizards have in King Artorius.



Ahhhh… Balance! It’s fair to say that more than a few Sorcerers have been disappointed in Ra as a PvP spell, but all that is made up for with the Balance version of King Artorius.

This 8-pip wonder spell deals a nice 725 damage attack and leaves a -40% Weakness on its target. Wow! There’s no doubt that the Balance King Artorius will make it into PvP decks, making opponents mutter with dismay as they remove that annoying weakness. Perhaps this spell should be renamed Sorcerer’s Revenge for all those Legendary Balance Wizards who took an Efreet in the face from second right before they cast a full-pip Judgement. 😀


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