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How to Spend Money on PvP

and ways to avoid it!
(part 2)


In this article we’re looking at 12 ways to spend Crowns on PvP and whether we think it’s worth it. 

1.  Loremaster’s Second Chance ChestLoremaster NPC

The Loremaster boss in Dragonspyre drops 21 unique spells that wizards can win by battling her. The drop rate is low, but a dedicated player can earn new spells if they are willing to spend time fighting her over and over again. See how many spells Heather Shadowslinger won on 3 of her wizards after 10 hours of farming!

After each battle, a “second chance chest” appears in the room where players can spend crowns to win some extra loot.

Cost = 75 Crowns for 1st try, 150 Crowns for 2nd try, 225 Crowns for 3rd try, and so on adding 75 Crowns each time

No-Crowns Alternative = Keep farming the Loremaster and eventually you will win the spell you want. If you are over level 60 with access to Zafaria, you can craft your own spells in much less time!

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

question mark

This is a tough one. The Second Chance Chest is a nice shortcut, but you can end up spending a lot of crowns and never obtaining the spell you want.

Here’s the math from Duelist author mmailliw:

75 + 150 + 225 + 300 = 750 Crowns

This is $0.75 if you purchase Crowns at the sale price of 60,000 for $60, which is not a bad deal for 4 attempts to win a spell! However, after the 4th attempt you start paying 1125 Crowns and higher, so mmailliw recommends that if you want to spend crowns on the Loremaster, stop after 4 tries and restart the battle.

2.  Card Packs

A Hoard Pack
A Hoard Pack

Card Packs are a fun way to win gear, spells, mounts, pets, snacks, treasure cards, and housing items for a relatively low cost. Some of the Pack gear is good for PvP, but for the most part it is not. The most notable exception are the Wands, which are rare drops from the Card Packs but give some of the best stats in the game! Opening Card Packs are a big gamble if you are looking for one specific item, and you can end up spending a lot of Crowns without ever winning the item you seek.

Cost per Pack = 399 Crowns but sometimes are on sale for less!

No-Crowns Alternative = Many card packs are available as rewards from playing Grub Guardian. Check out Duelist101’s Gear Guides for No-Crowns alternatives for gear.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Red X

No! Open a few Card Packs for fun, or gift them to friends… but if you’re looking for great PvP Gear, check out the PvP Guides and Gear Guides on Duelist101. Spells can also be obtained from Crafting or farming the Loremaster!

If you feel that you MUST HAVE a certain item from a Card Pack, plan on spending around 5,000-10,000 Crowns to get it. There are numerous reports of people spending much more than 10K Crowns and never receiving the item they want, so set realistic expectations before you start opening packs!

3.  HeartsteelHeartsteel

The Heartsteel athame is one of the most poplar and useful pieces of gear used by lower level PvP players, giving the user some extra Health and +5% Universal Resist. This athame has appeared in many PvP guides for levels 5 to 45.

Cost = 260 Crowns

No-Crowns Alternative = Heartsteel can also be obtained as a rare drop from Prince Gobblestone on Colossus Blvd

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

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Yes! At only 260 Crowns, this is a bargain! This athame is perfect for low- to mid-level PvP Players who don’t have any Arena gear or Crowns gear. It’s not very useful for higher level players who have better alternatives starting around level 45+.

4.  Wandslunarium's revelation

Wands in the Crowns Shop are pretty great and deserve a category all their own with some of the best wands in the game at every level. Where else can you find a Level 25 wand that gives a Power Pip to start (the Phosphorescent Maul) or a Level 55 wand with +30 critical/+30 block (the Lifeforce Blade)?

Cost = prices vary by wand, up to 6495 Crowns

No-Crowns Alternatives = If you are Level 30-50, you are probably better off with the Sky Iron Hasta from Mt Olympus. If you are Level 60+ and a Warlord, you might prefer the Staff of Flashing Blades sold by Diego! At max level, dropped wands aren’t viable anymore, sadly.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

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Yes! If you want great gear for PvP, check out all the Crowns Shop wands before making a decision.

 5.  Mastery AmuletsBalance-Amulet

When discussing PvP builds and strategy, many conversations start with, “What amulet are you using?” Mastery amulets can add an entirely new dimension to your PvP strategy at all levels by allowing players to use power pips to cast spells outside of their school of magic.

Cost = 9950 Crowns

No-Crowns Alternative = Mastery Amulets drop from the bosses in the Waterworks and Tower of the Helephant dungeons. The Level 90 Exalted Amulets drop from Tartarus, the last dungeon in Aquila!

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Green Checkmark

Yes! They are very rare drops from dungeons, so farming for them is very time-consuming. 

6.  Stitching/Unstitchingjon arena style

Maybe you want to look menacing, or maybe you want to look innocent and catch people off-guard: you won’t win any matches by looking good but your arena style can be a fun part of your PvP strategy. For only 100 Crowns per item, you can have whatever look you want with a quick visit to Eloise!

Cost = 100 Crowns per Stitched Item

No-Crowns Alternative = Visit the Dye Shop to color-coordinate your gear.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Green Checkmark

YES, YES, YES! Of course you should! 🙂

Happy Dueling!

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