Yuletide Pack

The very first of all the Christmas packs, the Yuletide Pack. This pack was first introduced in December 2012 bringing with it tons of Christmas themed items such as the Candy-Cane mounts, holiday weapons, and a couple astonishing gear sets. Take a look below as we uncover the highlights of the Yuletide Pack.


There are two types of mount in this pack, the Winter Treant and the Candy-Cane mounts. The Winter Treant is a two person mount (that also drops from Omen Stribog in Polaris). Also, there is a total of six different Candy-Cane mounts to collect!

Winter Treant – (2 Person)

Candy-Cane Mounts

Candy-Cane Mounts



While the stats are quite common and not something you will want to go for, the festive theme of these pets is worth getting them. Below, unlike other instances, you will find only the pet images that if you click will direct you to the wiki for more information.


Lump of Coal

Yuletide Spirit

Christmas Elf


Trained Spell – Krampus

One of the very first sources for the Krampus spell. Nowadays, you will find that Krampus not only drops from Loremaster and this pack, but also the Winterland and Winter Wonder packs. A great Christmas gift for Pyromancers!


The Yuletide Pack has a lot of different gear including gear from other packs such as the Raven’s Hoard Pack. However, there are two main sets exclusive to this pack, the 3 Soldier sets and the 3 Winter sets. The soldier robes make a great stitch in my personal opinion, but also have challenging stats for your wizards.

Royal Fusilier’s Shako

Royal Fusilier’s Dress Coat

Royal Fusilier’s Boots

Winter Palace Guard Shako

Winter Palace Full Dress Coat

Winter Palace Cavalry Boots

Queen’s Color Guard Shako


Queen’s Color Guard Jacket

Queen’s Color Guard Boots

Crown of Winter’s Reign

Raiment of Winter’s Reign


Mukluks of Winter’s Reign

Helm of the Furious Winter

Robe of the Furious Winter


Furious Winter Mukluks

Mantle of the Frozen Sun

Robes of the Frozen Sun

Mukluks of the Frozen Sun

Bird of the Yuletide Helm

Yuletide Ceremonial Boots



Good options for both stitching and stats! A noteworthy weapon among the others is the Color Guard Wintergreen Blade that is good for critical healing as it offers a high amount of both critical and outgoing healing.

Color Guard Wintergreen Blade (100)

Fusilier’s Fireberry Saber (130)

Winter Palace Spikeleaf Sword


Staff of Wintertime


Staff of the Long Winter (100)

Winter’s Radiant Staff


Ancient Ceremonial Yuleaxe

Bird of the Yuletide Bow

Yuletide Morning Mandolin


Holiday Wands

While these wands don’t give any stats they make quite the festive weapon stitch for your wizards. Check out a few of the holiday wand highlights below.

Mint Staff

Nutcracker Wand

Star Staff

Candy Wand

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