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How to Spend Money on PvP

and ways to avoid it!
(part 1)

Having crowns to spend can be a lot of fun. But if you’re looking for ways to boost your PvP game, navigating the Crowns Shop can be a daunting task. Making the right choice is important…but those crowns go fast, so it’s just as important to avoid making the expensive wrong choice.

In this 2-part “PvP Spending Tips” series, we’ll look at 12 ways to spend Crowns on PvP and whether we think it’s worth it. So put your wallets away for a moment and read on!

1.  KI Tournaments

If you are level 10 or higher and have your eye on arena gear from Diego or Brandon Mistborn, participating in KI Tournaments is a great way to earn arena tickets quickly. Duelist author mmailliw gives tips on how to farm for tickets in this article! Tourney Earnings

Cost per Tournament = 499 Crowns for Members, 899 Crowns for Non-Members

No-Crowns Alternative = Keep playing Ranked PvP! You can still earn plenty of tickets by ranking up in 1v1 or team PvP.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Green Checkmark

Yes! Arena Tickets can be used to purchase some of the best PvP gear in the game.

 2.  Mega-Snack PacksMegaSnackPack

We’ve all been there: you want to train your pet but you just don’t have enough snacks. You look at the Crowns Shop and see instant gratification is just a click away by purchasing a Mega Snack pack, which provides 7 Mega Snacks (Rank 8 and 9). Feeding your pet these snacks will increase its Pet XP by roughly 250 points!

Cost per Mega-Snack Pack = 2500 Crowns

No-Crowns Alternative = Gardening! Of course you can also farm dungeons like Mirror Lake or purchase Mega-Snacks with Arena Tickets, but gardening is the best way to avoid the temptation to spend crowns on those Mega-Snack packs.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Red X

No! Avoid the temptation! Garden for Mega-Snacks.

 3.  PlantsWizard101-Couch-PotatoesEvil-Magma-Peas

If you’re looking for Mega-Snacks to develop a great PvP pet or just want lots of useful treasure cards, Crowns Plants are the perfect investment. The cream of the crop are Evil Magma Peas which are fast-growing and easy to grow.

Cost per Plant = 1250 Crowns for Evil Magma Peas, 1500 Crowns for Couch Potatoes

No-Crowns Alternative = Spend some time farming for Couch Potatoes or buy Prickly Bears for Gold. You can still have a great Mega-Snack garden without spending a single Crown!

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Green Checkmark

Yes! You can never have enough Mega Snacks stored away for pet training. 🙂

Purreau's Potion

Hatching Elixir

4.  Pet Hatching & Training Elixirs

You’re on a mission to create your perfect PvP pet and you want to speed up the process. The Crowns Shop is here to help you out with a few useful elixirs!

Purreau’s Potion will allow you to hatch again immediately, so if you have found a willing hatching partner but your slot is full a quick 400 Crowns buys you the chance to hatch again. Energy Elixirs will refill your energy to continue pet training.

The Hatching Elixir will hatch all the eggs in your backpack immediately so you can tart training immediately.

Energy Elixir

Cost per Elixir = 400 Crowns for Purreau’s Potion, 250 Crowns for Energy Elixir, 150 Crowns for Hatching Elixir

No-Crowns Alternative = Wait it out – that pet will still be there tomorrow!

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Green Checkmark

Yes! Try to avoid using too many elixirs on pets, but a shortcut once in a while on the long road to create a PvP pet can make your journey easier.

 5.  PetsPets

Crowns Shop pets are cute, but rarely make excellent PvP pets. The notable exception is the Sea Dragon which starts with maximum stats and some awesome talents for a hefty price tag of 12,500 Crowns!

Cost = 12,500 Crowns for a Sea Dragon

No-Crowns Alternative = Buy a Starfish from Celestia Base Camp for 10,000 Gold. It’s a great starter pet for PvP! If you have your heart set on a Sea Dragon, try farming Astreaus in the Trial of the Spheres dungeon.

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Red X


 6.  Red Barn FarmRed-Barn-Farm-House-for-Gardening-Thumbnail

Increase your plant drops with the Red Barn Farm, which adds a “Like” for all your plants! This House introduced in April 2013 is a must-have for gardeners who want to maximize the rate of Mega-Snack production for pet training.

Cost = 12,500 Crowns for the Red Barn Farm

No-Crowns Alternative = Save up and purchase it for 125,000 Gold!

Should I Spend My Crowns on This?

Red X

No! Purchase this house with Gold, and save your Crowns for other items!

Part 2 – Spells and Gear!
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