Zeke Krokotopia
Training Point Guide to the Beetles



Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zekes Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests.

First Oasis Beetle

The first beetle is hidden behind a house in the Oasis.


Second Oasis Beetle

The second beetle is close to Zeke and Eloise, next to the wall of the library.


Altar of Kings Beetle

In the Altar of Kings, you simply go to the left down the stairs. There are some loose blocks laying on the ground there. The beetle is behind them.a


Chamber of Fire Beetle

In the Chamber of Fire, you go up the slow a few levels to find the beetle.

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-chamber-of-fire

Krokosphinx Beetle

The Krokosphinx beetle is hidden ehind the back of the giant statue. Just go past his paw to go behind the statue and you’ll find your beetle!

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-krokosphinx

Entrance Hall Beetle

In the entrance Hall, you simply go up the stairs as if you would be going to the Vault of Ice. Don’t use the sigil, the beetle is right up the stairs.

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-entrance-hall

Emperor’s Retreat Beetle

This beetle requires you to do some questing, because you have to open the door to get to the beetle. Defeat the first bosses as Shalek the Wise requires until you can use the lever to the Frozen Lake. Then, work your way to the far end of the cave you enter. The beetle ison the wooden platform in front of the building at the back of the cave.

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-emperors-retreat

Tomb of Storms Beetle

Use the portal in the Oasis to get to the island. Don’t go into the well of spirit, but rather go to the back of the portal you come out of.

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-tomb-of-storms

Karanahn Barracks Beetle

Keep walking until you get to the area with the little islands with bridges between them. The beetle is at the right side of the cave area.

zeke krokotopia beetles-training-point-karanahn-barracks

Well of Spirits Beetle

Go up the stairs (left or right) and go behind the Temple of Storms.




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