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Shadow Creatures – Shadow Magic!

Shadow Creatures 1The Shadow creatures that we’re talking about in this article last 2 rounds. In contrast, Shrike, Seraph and Sentinel (which are shadow spells but not shadow creatures) last three rounds. When dealing with Shadow Spells, we can do things they “like” or “dislike”.



Where to train Shadow Creatures

Elana-Darksun-soloElena Darksun in the Solar Arc in Khonda Desert, Khrysalis. She becomes available for training as soon as you complete the Solar Arc quests. These are main line quests, so if you haven’t found her you simply haven’t quested far enough.

The requirements are as follows: you have to be Level 97, have previously learned Shadow Magic, and have completed the quest “Creatures of Shadow and Light”.


Dark Shepherd


Cost: 2 Shadow Pips, 0 Power Pips.

Effect: 815 Health Steal to all enemies, swap half to Health.

Level: 97+


Dark Nova


Cost: 2 Shadow Pips, 0 Power Pips.

Effect: 1200 Shadow Damage

Level: 97+

Dark Fiend


Cost: 2 Shadow Pips, 0 Power Pips.

Effect: 915 Shadow Damage to all enemies.

Level: 97+

Who gets each spell for free (zero training points)?

Who Gets Dark Shepherd?

  • Life
  • Deathshadow creatures 2

Who gets Dark Nova?

  • Storm
  • Ice (Thx to Christian in the comments!)

Who Gets Dark Fiend?

  • Fire
  • Myth
  • Balance


Likes and Dislikes

All three of these spells have the same likes: blades, traps and shadow spells. Their dislikes are also the same: they all dislike heals and shields. The damage of these spells is fixed these days. The only difference likes and dislikes provide is the number of buffs that will be put up to enhance the attack.

How They Work

Please check out our most current article on these shadow creatures! Eric explains it all very well here.


How They Look

These shadow spells appear as.. well, a shadow. They stretch from your feet and rise up behind you, like an actual shadow come to life.




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Nick originally created Duelist101 and helped the Final Bastion team immensely when getting started. Many of his articles from Duelist101 have made it the Final Bastion, a testament to how useful they have been!


  • So it they are happy enough like giving there likes you won’t get any back lash

    • No, if you cast spells that they “like” then backlash gets reduced, the minimum is 10% backlash. Casting a Shadow spell guarantees backlash.

  • I know I might be echoing somebody in the comments or maybe I just didn’t read the guide thoroughly, but I discovered that Dark Nova uses Feints, nonetheless, Feints are universal.

  • Just did some testing with Shepherd. Although Negative damage charms do count as likes, accuracy debuffs like mantle and smoke screen do no affect it.

  • Don’t know if you have added this but Dark Shepherd likes all kinds of Negative Damage Charms 🙂
    When I am jading in a 4v4 I like to activate Shepherd then use Plagues, V.Plagues and JuJu to max out its strength.

  • Also worth mentioning, Dark Shepherd likes weaknesses and black mantles.

  • ok, so i know now that shadow fiend likes damage, but does earthquake count as a double like?

  • I have my last training point. I don’t know weather to use it on dark nova or conviction

  • so can anyone tell me what those cards are?

  • i have seen people in wizard101 use different kinds of shadow creatures

  • I dont get it

  • how can dark fiends benefit balance? it benefits fire with it’s damage over time and myth with its remove ward or trap but how does it benefit balance though?

    • Posting the same question repeatedly will not make it any more likely to be answered.

      The answer to your question is subjective. Any Balance player is capable of casting attacks and therefore “buffing” Fiend and getting heavy damage out of it. So it’s as much a benefit to Balance as it is to any other school.

      The question of how it will benefit YOUR Balance depends entirely on how you play. It may not benefit your playstyle, but that’s true of any spell for any school. It seems to me that Balance, true to their philosophy, are getting a “balanced” set of Shadow Spells. Their last one was defensive, this one is offensive.

      • XD when I posted the comment I didn’t see it get posted but now when I look at the bottom its filled with the same questions my bad it was an accident and thank you


  • Does Guiding Light, Guardian Spirit, or Sanctuary do anything to Dark Shepherd? Would they be neutral, or add or remove Backlash?

    • Not sure about GS or Sanctuary, but I don’t think Guiding Light affects it. Could be wrong though, my memory of that specific test is fuzzy.

  • how can dark fiend benefit balance?

  • How will dark fiend benefit balance?

  • Can somebody tell me how can dark fiend can benefit balance? I understand how it will benefit fire with it’s damage over time and myth with its remove shield and its earthquake but how will it benefit balance?

  • what quest do i get dark nova

  • Wait can you buff these with Sun Enchants? Or nah? 😛

    • Nope.

      • Eh, that would make it somewhat confusing since you have 3 different damage types, and it would go overpowered.

      • FINALLY someone said A USEFUL kind of Information^^

  • can someone help me get dark nova meet me in realm dryad

  • can they be enchanted

  • Ugh. Life, AGAIN, is ripped off in terms of Shadow Spells. Basically, the only thing we can do for those rounds when we have Shepherd or Seraph, we can do nothing but heal in hopes of reducing Backlash. Shepherd likes Health Steals, but we don’t get any of those unless we have Death as a secondary school! So basically, all we can do is heal, whereas in terms of Shrike and Nova, you can do up to 4 things to remove Backlash: Blade, Trap, Damage Bubble, AND Attacking! (I know Nova likes only Blades and Traps, but seriously.) Unfair much, Kingsisle? At LEAST make Sanctuary, Guiding Light/Brilliant Light, and Guardian Spirit reduce Backlash!

    • just spam minor blessing lol

  • Guys I just tested, I don’t know about all weaknesses, but Shepherd likes virulent plague!

  • They last 4 rounds. The first round is the one you casted it on plus the other three rounds.

    • this is not true cause then this would count for the shadow polymorphs too and they last 3 rounds, but when you would use them they both last 3 rounds after you cast it, so that would mean those spells are 4 round polymorph?

  • so do these really last 3 rounds instead of the said 4 rounds, or is the bug fixed? if so please give more info on the 4th like 😀

  • Just got to these spells on live and no longer get one free. All three cost 1 point.

  • I just ran some test on using dark fiend and moon shift paladin, If perform that mouse paladin, the fiend will do a like and a dislike. Also, when i used it again, even it did like and dislike again and it has a shadow blade, it will add shadow pierce.

  • When the Shadow Creature reaches its last round and attacks…is its action staggered until after you take your turn?

  • So the shadow dispell is the beguile?:D

    • there is no shadow dispell, but you can use the shadow spell against them by casting beguile on them when its supposed to hit, then it will change target and hit theyre own team

  • What spell do balance wizards get?

  • Information:
    If you use the moon shift spell in shadow shriek, it will take away the backlash. And if in dark fiend creature, it will have no affect with moon shift spell.

    • This is not true. I just tested with Dark Fiend and it gets a “like” from the damage of a Shift spell.

      • Oh, I probably used a different shadow creature. I just got all the shadow creatures yesterday and still getting used to them. But it still works with shadow shriek.

        • Yeah, I figured. With that in mind – Are you sure Dark Fiend is what you actually got for free?

          • Ya, I did. When I completed quest, it gave me dark fiend.

  • Balance gets dark fiend because i just got it on my balance.

  • Actually, what does balance get?

  • I don’t know why ice got Dark Nova, I mean we’re suppose to have high health and resist, but it dislikes it if you shield/heal.

    • That’s the point.. with their high resist and health ice wizards naturally have, there would be no need for shielding/healing. It goes along with the Shadow Creature that they’re given for free, same with every other wizard that receives their free Shadow Creature.

    • Nova likes buffs.. and Ice has to buff more than any other class. So I mean, makes pretty good sense to me. lol

  • Advantage of shadow creatures: they are like minions that doesn’t take up any spot in Pvp …

  • hmm blind to pet spells sounds good because then it makes the advantage of having certain cards from your pet that help you out a ton in shadow form

  • this beguile glitch needs to be fixed loll someone got twice the beating XD

  • I don’t get it, what’s the glitch? Didn’t make much sense to me?

    • I got beguiled, which meant the AoE attack should have hit my team instead of the opposing team. That part worked, except if you watch the video closely, you’ll see it didn’t hit my whole team. It damaged the player on the far left, repeatedly. Nearly killed him.

  • my brother’s ice wizard is warlord and he just spams blades and traps, then hits with massive lord of winter. with dark nova in his deck, he wll be able to weaken opponents

  • Since these are attacks, Can they be enchanted with colossal?

    • yeah,can they?

    • Nope.

    • That’s actually not a bad idea. I would most definitely implement enchants into the Shadow Creatures.

  • Updated to include video of the Beguile glitch from our testing.

  • Balance gets dark fiend if I remember right 😛 Except.. I trained all 3 so I might get mixed up o_o

  • Minion sacrifice spells do not seem to count as a “like” for Fiend.

    • Beguile works as expected but causes a visual glitch. I’m thinking this glitch could lead to a similar “pop back to life” glitch like Cloak was doing.. so if you get to test that out and find the same bug, please report it on test realm.

      • Currently in 1v1, using beguile on the turn that Shadow Nova is supposed to attack causes it do to nothing. The caster still gets backlash, but nova doesn’t attack anyone.

        So, in 1v1 you can use beguile as a Shadow Dispel, basically.

        • I also think these things are limited to a single “like” per turn. Immolate only counted as one like for Fiend. I tried the new shift spell with Fiend also, since it likes damage and ward breaking effects – this also counted as a single like. So, that’s my impression atm.

        • Hmm I think this is a bug issue … dark nova is a single hit attack … from what I know from group Pvp experience … beguile has no affect on single hits … only all enemy hits … so in 1v1 this might only work against dark nova or dark nova has a bug with beguile … the other shadow creatures are all enemy hits so they might not actually dispel… the program that controls the shadow creatures are trying to look for other teammates on your team … since there is no other players in 1v1 it doesn’t hit anyone … so this might also be considered a bug

          • Beguile has worked like this with regular spells in 1v1 before, so it’s not entirely surprising.

  • Well, obviously balance is the last one to be found out like always. Balance is probably getting Dark Fiend, so I guess I’ll be having to spend an extra point for Nova 🙁

  • For the damage like, do self damage hits count? I know immolate doesn’t, but how about testing it out with those self damage death spells?

    • Just tested this and using Dark Pact, the self-damage counted as a like, then the blade as a dislike.

  • What about Balance?

    • Someone with a Balance needs to let us know what they got for free.

      • Ok I am in test realm but not that far yet, will try

  • Thinking Death players will be excited to find that Shepherd “likes” health steal spells.

  • A few things missing from the Guide:

    Dark Nova’s likes also include Cleanse Charm, Pierce and Shatter (even if there is nothing to clear).

    Myth gets it for free.

    The third like gives +25 universal trap to all.

    • Oh wow nice research … well the description of dark nova did say it liked damage output … you are pretty much making it easier to attack with those spells especially with all those shields/weaknesses gone

      • Was mistake, please update. It’s NOT Nova, it’s Fiend. My mistake confusing them as I learned all 3 to test them.

    • Thanks for the info. I added this to the guide along with a major update from our testing results.

  • NOWS you can get tree likes on shadows dark sheperd gives +25% to hext heal when you get tree likes

  • all of them uses balance blades as well as shadow blades, so balance gets nice boost on shadow spells 🙂

  • Hey guys dark shepherd attacks exactly like scarecrow … so that means if the enemy rebirthed just to stay alive … dark shepherd will go through the absorb and kick as

  • Shadow Fiend always looks like a weird dog thing.

    We tested this with Nova, and since Shrike gives 10% damage boost, it counts as a Like for Dark Nova. Pretty nifty.

    • Lol I mean you look like a shadow dog … XDD … shadow fiend does look like a dog yes … but after you usd shadow shrike … it didn’t look like shadow shrike if you noticed

      • Used it several times tonight and Shrike looked the same as always.

        • Hmm … it must have been a glitch o:

          • “creatures” that we fight in the game have a different look for their shadow spells like Shrike.

            • Oh that explains a lot

            • Actually, me and Ravino. figured out in KH part 1 test that if you have a transformation elixir active and you use a rank 1 shadow spell while still in a shadow spell form, then you can look like these “boss/enemy form” shadow spells. I wrote an article about it for Spiral Libraries that you can see here:

            • It’s possible, but it’s a glitch. Originally this simply happened any time you had a transformation on – you looked like a “creature” so you got a creature shadow. Then they *tried* to fix it, but we’re still able to invoke the glitch.

            • Hmm no wonder I seen it in 1v1 when some guy horribly tried to use it against by shirking twice but had to much backlash

  • hey, does death drains like Scarecrow and Dr.von for example make the dark shepherd stronger? or do you have to use satyr or sacrifice?

  • they should have cut to the chase a little more and not kill eachother and make a 14 min video of them trying to do a simple task >.>

    • It’s a testing video. It’s not a demonstration of just “how to use them”.. it’s showing what happens under different circumstances.

  • Ok guys, if your confused about shadow magic, read on!
    This form of shadow magic puts a shadow behind you. When you do something it likes it grows bigger, but do something it doesn’t like and it adds backlash so watch out! The first time you please it with your actions it gives you a shadow blade +40 damage. The second time you do this you get a shadow spear +10 pierce. and the third time you do it, to do something extra (as stated in the likes=buffs section) at the end of there 3 (may be 4 by live realm) round term they will attack doing more damage the more you pleased them! shadow nova does the most shadow fiend does second most and shadow shepherd does the least but heals you when casted. They each have there own cool animation and each have there own likes and dislikes. Shadow fiend likes all obstacles removed from its path so attacks and shield breaking will make it happy. Shadow shepherd enjoys healing so don’t bother buffing its damage as it will do that for you! just heal away! Shadow nova finally is a selection spell, while all the other spells its all enemy’s shadow nova you can aim on one enemy. It does the most and enjoys traps, blades, so on… I hope this cleared everything up and sorry for any grammar errors!

  • Right now i am so happy i am balance because i can blade fiend or nova to the max

  • Another question-shadow resist? throughout the video I saw shadow resist. Does this mean there will be shadow damage, and more shadow to come?

    • It’s just our universal resist. The same way you can resist moon damage from insane bolt.

      • Oh. Got excited there for a second lol.

  • Just a note, I had to edit “BA” out of two of your comments today. It’s on our list of blocked words lol, sends comments straight to moderation rather than visible on the site.

    • Oops. That explains why my comments went into moderation – I thought that it was caused by some mysterious settings of the laptop I wrote them from. I’ll remember to cool off my enthusiasm when writing epithets 🙂

      On a somewhat related note, I’ve just discovered that you can’t type “Savage Paw” in the game. Oh dear.

      • The game filters are a little aggressive, yeah. lol

  • One more thing – the way I see it, the main problem with the Shadow spells is that they pretty much announce the opponent about your exact actions for the next 3 or 4 rounds. Many other things can give hints (blades – so you will attack; auras – so you will defend / heal / attack etc.), but because of the Backlash, which CONDITIONS the players to do the respective actions, the Shadow spells are the worst offenders in this area. And the creatures are a little worse than the spells, because they also announce WHEN you will be doing a certain action – with Shrike on the opponent can only vaguely guess about when you will hit, and how hard, but with a Creature looming behind you, you’ll clearly not be doing any game-changing move for the next 3 (or 4) rounds. Unless they will be used as decoys? Hmmmm…

  • I’m curious to see how drain spells affect Shepard, if they don’t assist in decreasing backlash like they don’t with shrike then i’m not too sure how to use them lol. Thanks for the updates 🙂

    edit: the more health you drain back the more the backlash will deal, but if you boost the shadow less and cause it to drain less you still take more backlash.

  • Just updated this with more images from our testing, and a bit more info – including the visual aspects of the spells.

  • Is it possible to use Shadow Shrike, Sentinel, or Seraph while using the new shadow spells?

    • I don’t think so.. but we’ll try to test it when we can.

      • ok

    • well I think so … these aren’t like the shadow polymorph thing … they are like summoned minions … idk we have to get three shadow pips for it … but backlash is gonna be huge XD

    • I think you can but kill your opponent when the spells are still active or you are so dead

    • Yes, in fact Shrike is one of the likes for Dark Nova. By the way, it’s 3 rounds, not 4, and the third like adds a +25 universal trap to all enemies.

  • So, for instance I’m using dark shepherd and I use a blade, will it add more backslash, or will nothing happen?
    idk if I can live with just heals lol. In my opinion, Dark fiend should have been the attack that likes attacks, and Fiend should have liked blades.

  • Blaze life hammers’ s video on YouTube

  • Death gets sheperd

  • Death gets Dark Nova for free. Just pointing that out.

    • Just to be sure.. You got it on your Death? This isn’t just the natural assumption of Drain = Death, right?

  • Johnnycentral1 posted the video on YouTube

  • Saw a video of the dark shepherd the shadow creatures appears behind you and its amazing

  • My Ice wizard got Dark Nova for free.

    • Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  • 4/5/2014 – This guide has been updated with findings from our initial testing on Test Realm.

    • Major update to the info here, from more in-depth testing.

  • This makes me think of how powerful Balance can get if they learned the dark shepherd, with all the blades a balance has… Then, Balance has availing hands and helping hands, so keep healing. This would probably intensify the damage, and perhaps hit more than ten thousand damage for a drain done by a sorcerer.

  • and i would love to see them in action so can u make a video of them? i would be gracefull

  • will all school get 1 shadow spell for free again or storm and life only? because it would be awfull

  • cooooooool pictures. so has anyone found out how they function yet?

    • Almost! We only got through a handful of the basics before our testers had to go. We’ll try to update this post with organized info asap 🙂

  • If storm gets dark nova for free that means fire and myth will too like with shadow shrike. and if life gets dark shepherd free then balance will also like shadow seraph. which means ice and death will get dark fiend free like with shadow sentinel.

  • Balance? Do we get any for free?

    • your most likely getting the same one as life

      • Yea figured.

  • Kings isle really has dropped the ball when it comes to life school. I am very upset with how they treat life wizards.

    • Why? They just gave you guys a scarecrow in shadow form.

      • Yeah I agree, I may not be in zafaria yet but I already love it.

    • Shadow shepherd is not underpowered, it steals health which is good.

    • What? I’m a life wizard myself and I’m glad we got something like this. Another all attack spell for us which also gives health back to us. I’m pleased with it.

    • Dude you heal others while it attacks for you honestly … its a great spelt your like multitasking plus it gives healh back how great is that … and it goes through life and ice absorb … dang that is a lot

      • Do you really think that Life wizards JUST heal? Seriously. We use Blades and Traps too!

        • I never Said that dude … chill out … but you guys have the power to heal better than anyone else … you can heal a friend while you want to attack at the same time … sounds like a great multitasking spell … death also gets this spell this spell isn’t just meant for life … so stop wining about it … this spell isn’t specifically life school purpose

    • You guys aren’t alone ice needs some type of damage on their gear too

  • By any chance, would these shadow creatures come with backlash?

    • read the explanations pls

    • Yes! They start out at 30 backlash

    • video

  • No myth AOE. Oh my gosh. Myth is now extremely weak!

    • Really? Myth has frog, quake and multiple stun spells. LIFE needs an aoe. Not myth.

      • Life has at least forest lord myth needs a more powerful myth school only spell.

        • Forest lord costs 8 pips to cast though; myth has humongofrog at 4 pips and earthquake and noble humongofrog both at 6 pips. My main wizard is a fire wizard, yet I still find myself using meteor strike as my main attack when facing mobs with fire dragon for boss fights (and before you ask, yes, I do have a myth wizard and some myth wizard friends as well).

          • It still doesn’t mean myth doesn’t need an aoe spell. My primary is fire and as a fire I can use rain of fire, a very good aoe spell. Myth just needs an aoe spell that at least does 600 damage to all.

      • no its myth that need an AoE and am not even myth but I know lots of Myth friends

      • LIFE has forest lord, a decent aoe. MYTH on the other hand doesn’t have any strong aoe spells.

  • so based on the fact that they are shadow do they ignore shields resist and any other debuffs like the backlash from current shadow spells do?

  • i love the idea of the shadow nova, it can either be as massive as a storm owl, or as pathetic as an ice wyvern. it’s almost like a wild bolt 😀 problem with shepherd is that now anyone can basically use a scarecrow, which makes death class less unique. as for the fiend, I love it! it won’t effect pvp in any way, (which is a pro) but in pve, myth now has an aoe…other schools may not use it though since you can’t boost it in any way

    • not really you can’t blade shepherd except you prefer to die fast but you can heal and let it blade you so it works out i guess?

  • I would love the drain one

    I also noticed that the Shadow spells has a new picture in the right box.

  • To be honest, I don’t see much use for these spells. You can’t boost them up without being balance. I’d only use them if they made a shadowblade.

  • Are these guys, like, minions? I honestly don’t get how they work.

    • These new shadow spells come with the special effect that at the end of the round, when the shadow magic leaves, you will cast that spell to summon the creature, depending on which two-shadow pip spell you used. If you used spells that your creature liked during the shadow magic aura, the damage will be higher. If you used spells that the creature disliked, it’ll do less damage.
      I have seen in one video that when you do something that satisfies the shadow aura, your wizard seems to cast a specific order of blades (only worked for dark fiend in test realm, during last battle of Khrysalis Part 2, against Morganthe, when she used shadow magic): +40% shadow damage, then +10% shadow pierce, then I don’t know what the third one is, if it exists.
      *This needs to be verified.*

  • Wow kingsisle seem to be working hard, first the pirate101 updates and now all of these. I can’t wait for them to go on live realm.

    • pirate101 still hasnt had any actual updates or a test realm… just more teasers… that they have been getting since november… if pirate101 updates this year it will be a miracle.

      • They have said “in the Spring” a few times, so I think it won’t be long. 🙂

  • YESSSSSS! Shadow Creatures! I’m probably going with dark shepherd, but then again dark fiend doesn’t look bad either….
    P.S. still waiting on a balance promethean pvp guide… lol

    • look up mine, i think i called it breaking the scales

  • Trying to decide which one I like most! 😛
    It’s gonna be hard to choose between them, that’s for sure.

  • These look AWESOME.

  • I’m confused as to how these work, is it like a single hit or a minion? Because i’m not sure how a single hit would be pleased/displeased by my actions and if it’s a transformation like the previous, it would seem that i’m limited to that single move on the card? I’m probably missing something

    • I think it’s like a mix between a pet, a minion, and a current shadow spell. It can’t be attacked (like a pet), and it casts things (like a minion) and what it casts on its final turn depends on if you do what it likes or dislikes (like a shadow spell).

      That’s my impression, anyway, testing will tell us for sure.

      • Ok, thank you both 🙂

      • I think you might have to protect it.

    • My initial observation is minion that lingers for four rounds, then does what its supposed to do. Your guess is as good as mine though lol

  • This is a huge amount of change to process, going to be really excited to see how these impact PvP.

    • idk how to even use those things even though i read the description

      • same -_- i am so confused

        • Well i guess the higher you protect it, the more damage it will do at the end.

          • u can enchant THEM???????? i just saw alexander lionheart solo the last boss on his channel

      • No worries! We’re going full speed into test realm to test the new shadow spells out. We’ll be updating this guide as we figure out more info 🙂

  • So if these are from the Solar Arc, these must be the “Sun” Shadow-corrupted spells, yes?

    • Idk, it doesn’t seem like they’re really related to sun spells in any way.. but we’ll find out.

  • I LOVE that two of these are aoe… this is a fantastic addition for classes like life and myth that have been lacking in high level aoe power in the higher levels…it really depends on what these spells “like” i do enjoy that they are focusing on these shadow spells as being the “big damage spells” instead of high level school spells

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