wozinaWozina the Edgecutter in Sardonyx, Khrysalis has your Ring, Athame, and Deck Khrysalis crafting recipes. You can find her location on the map to the left.

Directly across from her you will find Zellozosia the Homeglider, who has the Transmute Stardust recipe, along with Crafted Housing Item recipes.

Transmute Stardust


For 5,000 Gold, Zellozosia will sell you Transmute Stardust, which allows you to create a Stardust reagent from 15 Comet Tails.

Comet Tail Reagents are dropped all through Khrysalis Part 2.

Khrysalis Crafting Recipes

Ring Recipes from Wozina the Edgecutter

Desert Stone of Gall


Die Another Day Ring


Dzorak's Ring of Shivers


Hopper Ring of Spine-Chills


Ring of the Day's Death


Ring of Desert Blazes


Raptorial Sentry's Loop


Ring of the Diabolica


Zelda's Signet of Guidance


Stone of the Wave Tamer


Signet of the Sand Devil



Athame Recipes from Wozina the Edgecutter

Blade of the Phantomknight


Athame of the Blazingwind


Cinder Mandibles of Sardonyx




Elder's Razor of Caution


Frozen Mandibles of Sardonyx


Hopper Blade of Sandstorms


Hopper's Claw of Verglas


Hopper's Edgee of Extinction


Mandibles of Maelstroms


Mantis Thorn of Deception


Sandstone Claw of Vitality


Troika Dagger of Harmony


Deck Recipes from Wozina the Edgecutter

















Amulet Recipes from Wozina the Edgecutter

















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Nick originally created Duelist101 and helped the Final Bastion team immensely when getting started. Many of his articles from Duelist101 have made it the Final Bastion, a testament to how useful they have been!


  • KI really dropped the ball with the amulets. The Azteca ones have similar spells with a Dragonblade item card and more health.

  • do you have to be promethean crafter to buy the recipes?

  • Is there a myth level 98 resist ring? I see all schools apart from myth which would make my pvp life a lot easier o:

  • anyone knows where to get the 10 pips tcs? like sun serpent and lord of winter etc?

  • Has anyone been able to craft the new decks yet? I’m a balance and i’m needing the saber tc’s. Tried to just make them but that hasn’t worked for me yet? Any suggestions?

  • I swear we can get better versions of the amulets with more health? Like the snowdrift one,,,

  • Amulets are disappointing… I mean the first amulet shown you can get that from bazaar easily and get 300 more health than that.

  • Ice got the best deck, oh well just few Hp difference.

  • To be honest, I kinda pity Storm and Fire Wizards right now. With the addition of those rings plus Ice’s normal resist for those schools & a specialized pet…even with Shrike they may still be on the other side of immunity. Condolences go out to you all.

    As for me, I’m finding myself to be liking these new gear selections since as a myth, I can finally increase my defenses to storm in particular, without really losing anything! The new hat, robe and shoes grant me an extra 10% damage (approximately) and I’m more than willing to sacrifice the 10% damage from the Alpha & Omega ring to gain an extra 30 Block Rating for all elemental schools, as well is 17% additional Storm resist. In the end, I’ll be walking out with my same damage, more block to fire, storm and ice, extra healing boost and more storm resist. Talk about a home run..

  • Lol the death deck needs 3 spinysaurs? And the life with calendar?

    • oh that is interesting lol, can other schools even get lvl 88 tc spell of other schools? XD

      • Idk 😛 they will probably trade with a friend or maybe there are bosses that drop them

  • the amulets are pretty bad considering the azteca ones had many of the same spells add a dragonblade +35 aswell as about 100 more health

  • oh boy that 17 resist rings to fire and storm gonna be popular jades items in 4v4

  • KI is really loving perice and critical lol. Not sure if the deck is worth it, considering its only one percent.

    • I think we might have a good dfensive setup if the crafting hat,robe, and shoes are good, who knows, it might kill Hades gear right of the back.

  • i love the new ring and decks! the athames seem useless though, with blade of the felled titan.

  • With a confirmed deck drop with both an extra starting pip and health the only things i see really being crafted are the defensive rings for team play or tournaments and the athame for those who want an alternative to the expensive arena gear version or the farmed tarturus version.

  • Hmmm… Should I get the balance athame, or stick with blade of the felled titan? I know for sure I will be crafting the deck though

  • The only things I see worth grabbing here are the decks. IMO, even though the Blade of the Felled Titan has less health, it gives universal block (not just to a specified school) and gives better damage, pips, and healing abilities. As for the rings, it’s cool to see that KI is looking past regular gear for high resist… but what good will that bring? I get it that Storm does high amounts of damage and you want to have high resist against it, but to me this is a bit unfair on their part.

    Quick question, BTW: is there Level 100+ Hoard Gear? If so, please tell me what the Level 100 Frosty Stare Tiki Torch looks like! (Stat-wise)

  • Ah, I have 68% storm resist and 356 Storm block, adding the new ring Ill get 85% storm resist 😀 This gonna be fun 😀 Really, really, fun.

    • First time having a lot of resist? Wait till you get immunity to storm and fire, now that’s, fun, Really, really, fun.

      • I’m Fire, not Ice. 68% was already too much. 😛

        • Fire having 68% storm resist? Impossiblu…

          • that too easy, storm proof storm ward proof defy storm away. plus gear = immunity for fire

  • I can see those storm resist rings being used by jade players pretty soon.
    As for the amulets…..not worth all the reagents they require.
    As for the decks……DEFINITELY not worth the reagents they require. (Like I’m gonna waste perfectly good amber, stardust, and sunstone for an extra 11 crit and 55 health)
    Athames are kinda cool with their pierce…..might be worth crafting.
    IMHO of course.

  • UGH why so many needing EXTRAORDINARY TCS…KI, I LIKE my EX. TCS and THEY DONT GROW ON TREES YA KNOW! *hrrmpphph* commence hissyfittery

  • Shouldn’t the life deck use Spinysaur TCs instead of Celestial Calendar?

    • It seems that way.. but it may be an error on KI’s side.. since there is Jade in the recipe, it’s likely Life.

      • Also looks like the death deck is using Spinysaur.

  • I predict that 98+ anti-Storm ring is going to be PRETTY popular.

    • Personally, I’m without a shred of doubt using the anti-balance ring. Added balance block and resist is so much more valuable than storm, since a onslaught of loremaster/paw spamming is so much more deadly than bats/kraken IMO, as you can always conviction against a storm, and reach a faster kill combo, whereas balance is harder to kill, plus you cannot even use conviction. The added death and myth block is a plus as well 🙂

      • I crafted them both, personally. lol

        • That’s pretty personal 😛

          • Not particularly personal.

  • Do you guys ever sleep? o:
    So much articles in such a small amount of time, i’m suprised.

    • We are many. 😛

      • Now you sound like zombies, lol. (That does make sense though, if you all live in different time zones then you’ll be on all the time).

  • Rings are not really that good but athame and decks would surely be useful.

  • Thanks once again Nick!

    Can’t wait until Hat, Robes, and boots are found! 🙂

    • We’ll have those up tonight. I have the screen caps stored on my computer, just have to crop them and put them in an article. But first… sleep. lol

      So, definitely before the end of the weekend we’ll have that all available. And some interesting videos of some of the new stuff.

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