How much energy can you get?

No doubt many of you know that Energy in W101 is highly essential, but what do you use Wizard101 Energy for? Doesn’t really matter, does it? In my opinion, you just need to increase your energy limit as much as possible. Whether you’re a pet enthusiast, looking after your garden, or enjoy the art of magical fishing, you want as much energy as you can possibly get! Thankfully Kingsisle keeps coming up with different gear that provides more and more energy.

At this point we have seen a lot of different energy gear, but what is the maximum amount you can get? If I did the math correctly, it should add up to 309 energy!


How will I get that much?

Simple! Let’s break it down into pieces. The current best hat (+25), robe (+29)  and boots (+25) are the ones from the Elven Nightmare Pack (Lvl 120). However, this is quite unfortunate since it is a holiday pack which only appears seasonally. Additionally, the Elven Nightmare Pack was briefly witnessed on the Empyrea Part 2 test realm which had the lvl 130 gear available. The lvl 130 set had an additional +1 energy on each piece, resulting in an additional +4 energy (including wand). This set is not yet available in the live version of the game.

Cowl of the Light Elf

Light Elf Raiment

Light Elf Poulaines

Alternatively, there is the Snowdrifter Energy set that is available from the Winter Wonder Pack. In Christmas 2018 the lvl 130 set of this gear was released resulting in +1 energy on each piece. This means that until the Elven Nightmare Pack makes its way to the game again, the lvl 130 Snowdrifter set can compete with the lvl 130 Elven Nightmare energy set.

Snowdrifter Energy Set

Snowdrifter’s Conical

Snowdrifter’s Outfit

Snowdrifter’s Shoes

Therefore, you can consider the third best: the Greenwarden’s Energetic set (Lvl 100) from the Wyvern’s Hoard Pack. Also, the level 80 version of this gear can be obtained from Avalon’s Telegraph Box when the 5 Boxes Event is in game.

Greenwarden's Energetic Set

Greenwarden’s Energetic Mask (+21

Wizard101 Energy

Greenwarden’s Energetic Shroud (+26

Wizard101 Energy

Greenwarden’s Energetic Boots (+22

Wizard101 Energy

However, if you are not interested in spending crowns for energy, you can try heading to the Arena. After you gain some tickets, you can buy this set from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way.

Seafarer's Set

Seafarer’s Cloche Hat (+10) 200 tickets

Seafarer’s Overcoat (+7) 500 tickets

Seafarer’s Galoshes (+7 200 tickets


As for the best energy wand you can currently have, is the level 130 Snowdrifter’s Stave (+13) from the Winter Wonder Pack or the level 120 Light Elf Sword and Shield from the Elven Nightmare Pack. On the other hand, you can go for second best and just farm Aphrodite II for a wand (+10) which only gives 3 less energy.

Snowdrifter’s Stave
(LvL 130)

Light Elf Sword and Shield
(LvL 120)

Aphrodite’s Tanglevine Staff


Secondary Gear & Jewels

Furthermore, the athame (+6) and ring (+8) can be obtained from Aphrodite II. Actually, you will have a choice between 2 types of each considering that all versions provide the same amount of energy:

  • school specific athame / ring
  • universal athame / ring

In addition, you can find a guide on how to defeat Aphrodite II with a complete list of the drops here.

Finally, you just need 4 jewels that give (+5) energy to socket on tear slots. Regrettably, this isn’t as easy as you might think because they can be found in school jewel packs or Farley’s Gardening Pack only. In any case, the jewel’s name is called Cracked Energy Opal, and you need a total of 4 for the athame, amulet, ring and deck.


The Pet

Another massive energy booster is the Dapper Corgi. You can obtain it from the wooden key boss, Billy the Cutter in the first part of Barkingham Palace. Still, it is possible to obtain one just by hatching with someone who has it, and gain that sweet extra +8 base energy. Additionally, you will want to train it to ancient regardless of what talents it manifests and affix one of these jewels to it:

Basic Energy Opal (+5)Wizard101 Energy

Big Energy Opal (+10)Wizard101 Energy

Huge Energy Opal (+15)Wizard101 Energy

Ultra Energy Opal (+20)Wizard101 Energy

As a development, you can also manifest the Huge Energy (+15) and the Ultra Energy (+20) talents as regular pet talents. Thus, on a Dapper Corgi you can have +8 base energy + 15 Huge Energy talent + 20 Ultra Energy talent + 10 Big Energy Opal = 53 energy on the pet alone!


  • Huge Energy talent – 1st generation Barkerville Hound, Shiverous Knight & Vacant Knight
  • Ultra Energy talent – 1st generation Fantastic Plushie


Will it be easy?

One simple answer, no! Of course I don’t mean to discourage you, but obtaining that much is no easy task. First, you will need to invest in the Elven Nightmare Pack or the Winter Wonder Pack, and any of the school jewel packs for +5 Energy Opals. Second, you need a level 130 wizard that can naturally obtain 130 energy without any additional gear. Finally, you need to spend some time farming for Aphrodite II’s gear, the Dapper Corgi and a jewel to be socketed to it.

All things considered, this isn’t an impossible task. In conclusion, you don’t necessarily need 309 energy even though it would be a very nice achievement, and who knows what the future might hold for energy gear.


How much energy are you able to get?
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