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In this series, I will be looking at what pets are the most popular among overlords. I will then give an overview of what your best pet options are when you are a wizard of a certain school. This article is based on  data I collected in November and December of 2017. I collected screenshots of the pets of a total on 307 overlords. However, when divided per school, the data is too limited to draw wide conclusions about the subject. When the data isn’t complete, I will add my own pet suggestions if needed.

Today, we’re looking at Balance. Balance has some pretty awesome PvP pets! My favorite one, the Fiery Judgement, didn’t make it to this list sadly. That’s because it isn’t really all that good. It gives one card for a 6 pip judgement attack that leaves two random dispels. I’ve had so much fun with that pet when Avalon was the highest world! Mistheads are allowed to be nostalgic sometimes, alright? Next, let’s look at some pets that are BETTER than my favorite!


1. Clockwork Paladin

The Clockwork Paladin is the most popular Balance pet around at the moment. Of the 67 overlord Balances I took a screenshot of, 27 were using a Clockwork Paladin. When 40 % of all Balances use the pet, you know it must be good.

The Clockwork Paladin is used at nearly all levels, though it’s more popular at level 60 and below. The most popular levels seem to be Initiate, Grandmaster and Legendary, which all have 5 out of 67 overlords using this pet. At higher levels, minions aren’t as relevant anymore. So if you’re a Champion Balance you should consider other options.

Why is the Clockwork Paladin a Good Pet for Balance?

The Clockwork Paladin gives three minion cards. This makes it extremely useful at level ranges where minions are relevant. This is a great pet if you’re a lower level Balance wizard or, for example, a Life with a Balance mastery.

The Clockwork minion can use weaknesses as well as elemental and spirit shields. Those are awesome defensive moves. In addition, it can also blade you or give you spears. It has three attacks: Spectral Blast, Spirit Blast and Sandstorm. It comes with a nice amount of health as well. Make sure to always keep your minion up and kill your opponent’s minion as soon as you can. The only good minion is YOUR minion!

Level range: 5-60 or higher for jade builds
Playstyle: Any


2. Flamenco Tocador

Best Balance PvP PetsThe Flamenco Tocador is the second most popular pet among Balance overlords. Out of 67 Balance overlords, 12 ran around with this pet, which is 18 % of all Balances.

This pet is the most popular at the higher level ranges: I ran into 5 Champions, 2 Legendaries and 2 Exalted overlords using a Flamenco Tocador.

Why is the Flamenco Tocador a Good Pet for Balance?

If you are Balance or have a Balance mastery, the Flamenco Tocador can be very useful. Its Availing Hands heal is a heal over time, which is most effective against people who spam attacks. If you’re facing a Lore spammer, your heal over time can discourage them from attacking you for a little while.

A combination of Satyr and Availing Hands can allow you to survive the biggest of spammers around. Make sure to pack plenty of bubbles to replace Doom and Gloom if your opponent decides to cast it!

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Somewhat defensive to very defensive


3a. Boiler Golem

The place for third most popular pet among Balance overlords is a tie between the Boiler Golem and the Enchanted Armament with 7 % each. That’s 5 overlords choosing these pets. Two of them were Adepts and three Legendaries.

Why is the Boiler Golem a Good Pet for Balance?

The Boiler Golem comes with one Supernova item card. It’s only one card, but that’s still great when you’re a lower level Balance who doesn’t have the spell learned. With this spell, you can do a pretty nice amount of damage for two pips by destroying your opponent’s aura. It’s a spell that’s prone to fizzle, with only 75 % accuracy. Still, that’s better than the 60 % accuracy of the trained spell.

This spell can be used both defensively (when destroying an Infallible aura) and offensively (by destroying a Fortify aura). This spell is exactly the reason why many people don’t use auras when they’re facing a Balance wizard. In addition to using the item card version of this spell, you can get the TC version by gardening Sunions.

Level range: 5-76
Playstyle: Any


3b. Enchanted Armament

Best Balance PvP PetsThe Enchanted Armament is the other pet that shared third place. No doubt its three sharpened blade cards are very useful when blade stacking. This pet is useful at any level, which my data shows by having 1 Adept, 1 Legendary, 1 Exalted, 1 Prodigious and 1 Champion with the pet.

Why is the Enchanted Armament a Good Pet for Balance?

This pet is good if you like setting up for a big attack and killing your opponent in one hit. As a Balance with a Life or Myth mastery, you can set up for a Spiny or Basilisk, all the while also keeping your options to use Chimera open. That’s a popular strategy at Grandmaster in any case.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Bladestacking



After the top three, the number of overlords picking the same pet dwindle significantly. Because of this, the next pets in this list are picked from the list based on my personal preference for them. On with it!


4. Balance Armaments

Best Balance PvP PetsWe have two Balance overlords in my data who use this pet. One of them was Prodigious, the other Legendary. If you can’t get your hands on a Boiler Golem, this pet can be a good alternative. It also comes with one Supernova item card, but in addition it also gets a Cloak card and a card for the Punishment aura.

Why is the Balance Armaments a Good Pet for Balance?

The Cloak item card can be useful at times. You can make your opponent guess whether you just cast a cloaked weakness or a cloaked infection. If you have two different dispels cloaked, you can also make them unsure whether you just Life or Balance dispelled them. Do note that cloak no longer circumvents the dispel shield. The same counts for cloaking either stun blocks or a set shield. They’ll have to guess which one it is!

Supernova’s usefulness was already explained higher up, while the Punishment aura can be useful occasionally.

Level range: 5-76
Playstyle: Any


5. Rain Beetle

Best Balance PvP PetsAnother two overlords chose a Rain Beetle as their pet. One was a Grandmaster and one an Exalted overlord, but this pet is good at most levels.

Why is the Rain Beetle a Good Pet for Balance?

The Rain Beetle is a good pet for most schools, as it comes with no less than four item cards. These Storm Beetle cards are a handy way to get rid of a shield and apply a blade at the same time. If you can, use them while you have infallible up, because their accuracy isn’t great.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any



Of course there are other options. For one, there’s the Firestorm Quetzal with its 70% elemental shields. Also think of the Proper Penguin, excellent at low level PvP because of its three Tower Shield item cards. There are the Desert Beast and the Carnation Pixie with their single blade, the Party Corgi with two sharpened blades, and the Gobblerball with both a balanceblade and an elemental blade. However, all of these options come after the top five I have presented already.


Do you know of another good Balance pet?
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