Making and Saving Gold in Wizard101

What?!?! 100,000 gold for a kiosk hatch? How will I be able to keep hatching, when I don’t have a 100% chance to get my desired pet back (and on top of that it can fail too)? That’s been a recurring complaint since Kingsisle increased the hatching cost in the hatchmaking kiosk. While we’ve primarily written this guide for hatching needs, you can use it as a general reference for obtaining gold in the game. I’d highly suggest you to read our Ultimate Wizard101 beginner’s guide before starting with this one. You’ll get a solid understanding of game mechanics and it will be easier to get through this one.

Frugal Living

Technically, we’re not making gold here (we’re not alchemists 😉 ), but saving it. There are lot of things you can remove from your shopping list, which will make your hatching life easier.

Do you see a powerful treasure card in bazaar? Don’t buy it, use spells from your main deck instead. Are you in a need for more reagents? Don’t buy them, go around and collect them instead. We have a guide on Wizard City reagent locations, so make sure to check it out. For other worlds, you can always check the Wiki. Reagents might appear cheap in the Bazaar, but over time the gold adds up.

There are also clothes and dyes. Try to resist those. Keep in mind, you don’t need to look pretty – you need gold! Of course you can afford some additional stuff from time to time. But make sure that this doesn’t become your habit.

The only big investments you should make before you start seriously saving gold is purchasing the Red Barn Farm and a mount. Those two things are a must have and there is no excuse to not own them.

Passive Gold Income

Your main priority should be passive income. Passive income is gained without any direct interference from you. Active income on the other hand, requires you to work directly to get it. Think of it like investing in the stock market (passive) vs working (active).


In Wizard101’s universe this primarily translates into “plant a lot of seeds and sell their drops”. It’s similar to farming a boss, with the exception that you don’t need to be online while they’re growing up. You just need to tend their needs and reseed them after you harvest them at elder.

Make sure that you create all 6 possible wizards. It doesn’t matter if you’ll actively play all of them or not. It’s important that you have gardens on all 6 of them, since this will make your gold income much higher.

Even if you won’t have a single crown seed, 6 wizards together should get you lot of gold if you’ll be consistent. Visit your gardens on a daily basis and don’t forget to reseed them as soon as you finish harvesting them.

Couch Potatoes

Couch Potatoes should be your first priority. You’ll get access to unlimited amount of mega snacks and they’re a real gold mine with other drops. They’ll drop couple of 5-10 XP snacks, which serve two purposes.

  • If you don’t have abundance of mega snacks yet, you can use those to train pet at early ages.
  • You can sell them for a lot of gold.

They’ll also drop several treasure cards. One of them is Empower, which sells for 800+ gold per card!

You can either buy them in the Crown Shop or farm for them. I’d suggest you the second option, since you don’t need to fight tough bosses to get a chance of their drop. Your best farming spots are various mobs in early Grizzleheim zones or the Wizard City telegraph box during five B.O.X.E.S. event. If you are a more advanced player, the you should try mobs in higher level worlds such as Ghultures in Mirage’s Caravan area.


The second suggested seed is Stinkweed. You’ll need some initial investment to buy seeds, but they grow really fast and you can gather a nice amount of gold from the treasure cards they drop. Unfortunately, they don’t drop any mega snacks, but are good as a gold source. Make sure to maximise their efficiency and plant all 69 plots at the same time – that’s the maximum amount of plots that your large gardening spells can handle.

Prickly Bear Cactus

Last one are prickly bear cactus. You can read more about them in our Ultimate Beginner’s guide linked above, but here’s a quick summary. They drop 25xp mega snacks, own seeds and various smaller snacks you can sell for extra gold.

Scroll of Fortune

We could define the Scroll of Fortune as active income as well. The reason we put it under passive income is that you don’t do the Scroll of Fortune in order to get gold. You do it for other rewards. Gold is just a nice addition. While it might not sound like a lot, it adds up over time. For example, in Spring 2020 in the Scroll of Fortune you could get 55,000 gold for free just by participating in events and gathering points. You could get some extra gold from participating at other events too like the Spiral Showcase.

The second awesome Scroll of Fortune reward is the Next hatch free elixir. You can get it from the Pet Promenade event. Using one effectively increases your gold by upwards of 100,000! Additionally, you can try getting it on all wizards on your account to get 6 elixirs per event instead of one. Instead of wasting gold on a hatch you can simply use this elixir to get a free hatch! You should also pay attention to regular Scroll of fortune rewards. Kingsisle likes to add elixirs in the pool and you’ll never know when we’ll have a chance to get a Next hatch free one.

Active Gold Income


This is probably the most known and common method for getting yourself some gold. Farming is basically beating the same boss over and over again in order to get his loot you’ll later sell in the Bazaar. This can be a really good method, but it get tedious really fast. Why would you farm for loot when plants can do this for you?

You may eventually find yourself in a dire situation. You won’t have any gold and you’ll still need to wait a few days for garden drops. Some of the best farming bosses are Halfang and Asrik from Vestrilund, Grizzleheim. They have quite low HP and you’ll often find other wizards farming them too.


We shouldn’t forget the core of Wizard101. Quests. You can do some side quests to earn extra gold. If you’re lower level this might not be interesting for you yet, but it can be if you’re a high level already. Starting from Mirage (and a few in Polaris), some sides reward you with nice amounts of gold instead of XP. They’re one time only, but hey – it’s easy gold. Next time you see yellow exclamation mark above an NPC go ahead and pay him a visit. Accept the quest if the reward is nice or move on if it isn’t.

Second point here is about main questing. You’ll gather large amounts of gear from just doing the story line quests. Whether they’ll be a quest reward or a drop from monsters, always sell them in the Bazaar! Never use quick sell option from your backpack, since you’ll get much less gold than you would get it from our good friend Elik in the Bazaar.


Fishing is a pretty underrated gold gathering side activity. You can get amazing amounts of gold, but you need to do it correctly. Always focus on the “catch of the day”, since you’ll get extra gold when you’ll sell those fish. On top of that, you’ll get even more extra gold, for every consecutive day you’ll catch the catch of the day fish.

Only problem here is the energy cost. If you’ll frequently garden and train pets, you won’t have much energy left for fishing. Your best option is probably to fish on your highest level wizard. S/he will have the most energy, and if you equip them with a garden which doesn’t have many needs, you’ll still have leftover energy for fishing.


This one is bit trickier and it shouldn’t be too high on your priority list. However, some treasure cards are much rarer and as a consequence worth more then others. One can go hunt for rare treasure cards, trade them for empowers and then sell those empowers for gold. But in order to be successful here you’ll need to do some additional research. You’ll need to find out which cards are more expensive and which are worth hunting. It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind, but you should prioritise your time for other methods.


We hope that you’ll have bit of an easier time gathering gold after reading this article. As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to earn gold. Make sure to try them all to find ones that suits you the most.

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