In this series, I will be looking at what pets are the most popular among overlords. I will give an overview of what your best pet options are.

Today, we’re looking at Death. Jeremy Ravenhunter’s favorite school! A difficult school, however, there really aren’t many good Death pets around!

This article is based on the data I collected in November and December of 2017. I collected screenshots of the pets of a total on 307 overlords. However, when divided per school, the data is too limited to draw wide conclusions about the subject. I only have 33 Death pets, for example. That’s a pretty small amount. Where the data isn’t complete, I will add my own pet suggestions.


1. Enchanted Armament

Best Ice PvP PetsI think you won’t be surprised if I say the Enchanted Armament once again steals first place. All schools have the Enchanted Armament in the top three. No doubt its three sharpened blade cards are very useful when blade stacking. Of my Death overlords, five were using an Enchanted Armament. One of those Overlords was an Adept, one a Legendary and three were Champions.

Why is the Enchanted Armament a Good Pet for Death?

These Sharpened Blade cards can allow for nice bladestacking strategies. Death’s Deadly Minotaur and Skeletal Dragon can do some serious damage with a couple of extra blades.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Offensive or bladestacking


2. Wildwood Yeti

With three overlords, the Wildwood Yeti is fairly popular. I found one Magus, one Legendary and one Grandmaster Death wizard with a Wildwood Yeti pet. This is definitely is one of the cutest Death pets around.

Why is the Wildwood Yeti a Good Pet for Death?

This pet comes with two cards: a Deathblade (which is always useful) and a Bonetree Lord AoE attack. Death gets Scarecrow very late: only at level 48. In addition, Death can learn Deer Knight, but this requires either a lot of Lore farming or a lot of luck with packs. Honestly, I can’t really see the appeal of this pet. Bonetree Lord is a really cool looking spell, but it’s a lot of pips and you don’t even get your health back like with Scarecrow (which costs one pip less).

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


3. Red Ghost

Two overlords chose a Red Ghost as their pet: one was a Magus and the other a Legendary wizard.

Why is the Red Ghost a Good Pet for Death?

Death lacks a damage bubble, which is especially annoying at lower levels. The three Red Ghost item cards this pet gives solve that problem. In addition to a little damage, this spell will change the bubble to a Death damage bubble. The only tricky part is that, if you’ve been blading yourself already, you will lose your blades casting this spell.

Level range: Any, but especially lower level
Playstyle: Any


4. Vampire

Two Death overlords were sporting a Vampire pet: one was a Legendary and the other an Exalted. Both were running an aggressive strategy.

Why is the Vampire a Good Pet for Death?

I’m actually not all that sure! I’d prefer a Red Ghost or an Enchanted Armament over the Vampire. The Vampire does come with three item cards, which is always better than just one. Still, both the Legendary and the Exalted wizard using this pet have the trained version of this spell, so why do they need the item card? It’s a mystery to me!

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any

5. Ghulture

This newish lvl 118 pet is not popular just yet, but it shows promise if you ask me. None of the overlords I ran into was using this pet, so I see it as an honorable mention.

Why is the Ghulture a Good Pet for Death?

The Ghulture comes with three item cards: a Deathblade, a Feint and a Death pierce/crit bubble. Of these, the blade is the most useful of course. Still, the Feint can come in handy for the damage tick of Skeletal Dragon. The bubble solves Death’s lack of a bubble at low levels pretty well even though it costs 4 pips.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any



6. Avenging Fossil

This pet is similar to the Ghulture, except that it comes with an attack card instead of a bubble. None of the overlords I ran into were using this pet.

Why is the Avenging Fossil a Good Pet for Death?

Just like the previous pet, any Death wizard can benefit from both an extra blade (always) and a feint (occasionally). The third card, the Avenging Fossil, is less useful because it’s front-loaded so hitting into shields is pretty useless. I guess with the right strategy, you could make this work.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


7. Gloomy Eye

Here’s a personal favorite of mine! None of the overlord Deaths I found were using this pet.

Why is the Gloomy Eye a Good Pet for Death?

In addition to being SUPER CUTE (am I the only one who likes giant floating eyeballs?), this pet comes with some useful cards. Just like the previous two pets, it comes with a Deathblade item card. In addition, it has a Colossafrog, which does 265-325 damage to all opponents for 4 pips. It’s basically the AoE attack spell Death is missing. The damage is on the low end, sadly. The third card is called Petrify, which is a two pip spell that stuns all opponents.

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


8. Shadow Beast

Another honorable mention, because none of the overlords I took screenshots of were using this pet. It’s here for old time’s sake, I remember loving this cute pet so much when it was new.

Why is the Shadow Beast a Good Pet for Death?

The one Deathblade item card this pet has gives some extra oomph to Death’s hits. Of course the two previously mentioned pets come with this same item card AND two other cards in addition to it. In comparison to those, this pet is less useful. I do think you’ll probably be able to find a good Shadow Beast more easily than one of the previous pets though!

Level range: Any
Playstyle: Any


As you can see from the table at the top of the page, overlords have many more pet options than I have mentioned here. These pets are the ones that I consider the best, but you can of course choose yourself. Just like Ice, some Deaths have particular strategies with for example a Balance mastery, combined with a Flamenco Tocador (3 overlords) or a Clockwork Paladin pet (2 overlords). These specific strategies are not included in this article.


Do you know of another good Death pet?
Let us know in the comments!


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