W101 Spell Ideas:
Storm- Archetype [Card Surge]

In 120 levels of Wizard 101 we have seen all kinds of effects: buffs and debuffs, heals and attacks-all of which contribute to the game we know and love. One of the few concepts that wizard 101 has yet to explore in depth is direct card manipulation. This is likely due to the fact that unlike other ccg games Wizard 101 has unlimited card draw mechanics. Wizards completely fill up their hand on the next round while also having access to a sideboard that is a 1 for 1 trade. As a result, reshuffle is the only direct card manipulation spell we have, something I hope this post will change.

In order to bring some new mechanics to the table I have invented a few spell archetypes for each school. Each of these Archetypes will augment a particular aspect of the school. I invented a school limited 4 pip attack, a school limited 6 pip attack and a pure manipulation spell that can be trained by other schools (given for free to that school and trainable by the other schools for one training point). Since direct card effects are not often felt immediately these cards will be at or slightly above dpp and/or leverage powerful effects for their cost.

A seven part series with a single school focus for each article. This article will focus on the Storm School and it’s Archetype [Card Surge].

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Storm School [Card Surge]

Archetype [Card Surge]

The Storm Archetpe focuses on augmenting the defensive abilities of Storm using damage while punishing the usage of buff cards. It has the ability to reverse buffs/debuffs and to cap damage potential. This is an extension of Storm’s ability to control the opponent’s offensive abilities which acts to augment Storm’s weaker defenses.

Name: Surge Protector
Type: Attack/Manipulation
Accuracy: 70%
Cost: 4 pips

Description: 570 Storm Damage and next incoming damage spell is capped at damage of highest pip opponent card in hand

Explanation: A powerful card that offers Storm some defense that it currently lacks. It caps the next incoming damage spell at the highest pip damage card in opponent hand. So if your opponent has an epic enchanted Efreet as the highest pip damage card in hand their next spell would deal a max of 1195 Damage.

Name: Ionic Flux
Type: Attack/Manipulation
Accuracy: 70%
Cost: 6 pips

Description: 855 Storm Damage and Reverse positive and negative symbols on all cards in opponent’s hand. Opponent cannot discard next round.

Explanation: A powerful Storm spell that makes all cards in hand reverse their positive and negative symbols. This means shields become +70%  and cards like Loremaster will give a blade and accuracy buff to the opponent instead of a debuff. The discard prevention for 1 round means your opponent will have to cast a card or pass on the next round.

Name: Lightning Rod
Type: Manipulation
Accuracy: 100%
Cost: 2 pips

Description: Your next cast card will always hit the maximum output. Place 0 pip copy of the cast card in opponent’s hand.

Explanation: A card that guarantees the maximum positive outcome for the next cast spell. This means wildbolt/healing current when cast will hit 1k damage and cards with a range of damage(such as Kraken) will always hit max value. Balanced by the fact that the opponent gains a 0 pip copy of the spell. Note that this card is not usable with insane bolt unless you like eating 10k points of damage…In which case have fun!(the maximum output of Insane bolt is the 10k self hit).

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