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I have some more ideas for unique spells to improve the various schools. These spells are not designed to address any particular imbalance in the current meta but are simply designed as cool new spells with never before seen mechanics. Of course as with any new spell idea I will balance it to the best of my abilities so leave your feedback!

New Spell Mechanics!

Priority Spells

Priority Spells would be spells that activate first regardless of your turn position. For example if you are second and use a priority spell your spell will activate before your opponents. This spell will literally reverse the turn order as it casts so it will activate before any dot’s trigger(and any other notable activation such as cheats). This type of Spell would be balanced by being lower dpp or higher cost than average. If 2 priority spells are cast on the same round the second turn player’s spell would activate first.

Trigger Spells

Trigger Spells would be spells that are cast on the field and remain there for a number of turns. Once the turn counter is expired the spell activates at the very end of both player’s round similar to guardian spirit. Trigger spells would be balanced by only remaining on the field for a certain number of turns and also having very specific conditions which trigger the spell’s effects.

Tandem Spells

Tandem Spells would be spells that could be cast one after the other on the same round while only consuming the pips of the first cast. In other words tandem spells would act as a double or triple cast for the cost of one spell! These spells would be balanced by having a significantly lower dpp or higher cost than expected of the school. The maximum tandem would be 3 and all the spells you intend to use in tandem must be in your hand at the time of cast and will all be consumed. You would activate a tandem by clicking the spells in your hand in order and hitting the done button once those spells are highlighted.

Wishlist Unbalance new spell mechanicsConditional Spells

Conditional spells would be spells that drastically increase in power when certain conditions are met. These spells would be balanced by being weaker on their own than normal spells. An example of a conditional spell would be: If this spell is dispelled: Recast the spell at double the power with no additional cost. Conditional spells would rely heavily on prediction to be most effective.

Charged Spells

Charged spells would be spells that automatically apply enhanced versions of certain effects or entirely new effects as soon as they are cast. An example of a charged spell would be: This spell will always critical when cast. Charged spells would be balanced by being higher cost than average often imitating the exact damage of a lower ranked spell.

Spell Ideas new spell mechanics


Blade Maelstrom

Type: Charm (Tandem)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 3 pips

Effect: +10%+10%(x) to self and teammates. x=to the tandem count

Explanation: A tandem charm spell for the entire team. Tandem 1 casts one 20% blade to all teammates, Tandem 2 casts one 30% blade to all teammates , Tandem 3 casts one 40% blade to the entire team. In other words the first cast will add a 20% blade, the second cast will add a 30% blade and the third cast will add a 40% blade. If a balance wizard manages to cast a tandem 3 of this spell the entire team will receive 3 blades(20%,30%, 40%).

Natura Mirror

Type: Manipulation (Trigger)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 5 pips

Effect: Inflict 40% of total elemental damage sustained after 3 full rounds to target.

Explanation: A powerful counter spell that punishes debilitating combos.

 Anima Mirror

Type: Manipulation (Trigger)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 5 pips

Effect: Inflict 40% of total spiritual damage sustained after 3 full rounds to target.

Explanation: A powerful counter spell that punishes debilitating combos.


Charon’s Toll

Type: Attack (Priority)

Accuracy: 85%

Cost: 4 pips

Effect: 330 death damage to opponent and -25% to next outgoing damage spell to opponent

Explanation: A priority spell that gives death a great 4 pip damage and utility spell which it currently lacks.

Insatiable Wraith

Type: Attack (Drain) (Charged)

Accuracy: 85%

Cost: 7 pips

Effect: 500 death drain and heal caster 2x damage dealt

Explanation: A drain spell that deals damage and reverses the usual dynamic of drains from 50% health recovered to 200% health recovered.


Chumba Wumba’s Revenge

Type: Attack (Charged)

Accuracy: 75%

Cost: 10 pips

Effect: 750+350 Damage over 3 rounds to all enemies; Auto Critical

Explanation: A charged version of Rain of Fire that redistributes the damage of the spell and guarantees the spell will critical on every cast. Note that the spell can still be blocked.

Volatile Fuel

Type: Ward (Trap) (Priority)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 2 pips

Effect: +20% to next 3 fire spells

Explanation: A priority version of fuel.


Refraction Field

Type: Manipulation (Bubble) (Conditional)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 2 pips

Effect: Reflect 20% damage inflicted to each player as backlash to the caster of the damaging spell. Condition: If overwrites Balefrost only opponent receives refractive backlash and the bubble cannot be changed for 3 rounds.

Explanation: A defensive bubble for ice that can be very beneficial if it replaces baelfrost.

Selkie’s Longing

Type: Manipulation (Trigger)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 5 pips

Effect: Each incoming attack will trigger one 75% tower shield cast at the end of 3 full rounds.

Explanation: A manipulation spell that can cast a number of powerful wards on the wizard at the very end of the spell.



Type: Heal (Conditional)

Accuracy: 90%

Cost: 5

Effect: 440 heal to team; Condition- If dispelled spell recasts immediately at double the power at no additional cost.

Explanation: A conditional heal that has the potential to be the most powerful team heal in the game and cannot be dispelled.

MacGobhann’s Toadstools

Type: Attack (Charged) 

Accuracy: N/A

Cost: 6 pips

Effect: 365 life damage to all enemies. This spell will cast under any circumstances once selected(Ignores dispels, cannot fizzle, will cast even if stunned)

Explanation: A mid-pip life AoE that will always cast regardless of the opponent’s efforts.



Type: Manipulation (Minion) (Tandem)

Accuracy: 100%

Cost: 6 pips

Effect: Summon a minion of increasing power. Tandem- 1 Summons Echidna, Tandem 2- Echidna uses Shadow Sentinel, Tandem 3- Echidna casts Shadow Shepard

Explanation: Echidna is the next phase of myth minions. Echidna Starts at 1500 health. At tandem 2 it goes into Shadow Sentinel, at tandem 3 it casts Shadow Shepherd.  Echidna is a defensive minion that can utilize shadow magic. It can get up to 2 shadow pips and imitates the shadow pip chance, power pip(chance and starting pips) and accuracy of the caster. It has no resist or damage boost but does have 50% universal pierce, universal critical and universal critical block. It knows black mantle, weakness, stun, blinding light, plague, smokescreen, infection, tower shield, legion shield, donate power, earthquake, mystic colossus, shadow sentinel and shadow shepherd.

Chief Lulz

Type: Attack (Conditional)

Accuracy: 80%

Cost: 4 pips

Effect: 320 myth damage to one enemy. Condition: If this spell hits an enemy directly(the opponent has no tower or myth shield)-Double it’s base damage(before enchants) and ignore opponent’s resist.

Explanation: A conditional spell that gives myth some much needed hard hitting low pip power.


Raging Thunderstorm

Type: Attack (Tandem)

Accuracy: 70%

Cost: 6 pips

Effect: 125 storm damage to one target.

Explanation: A seemingly weak spell that does thundersnake’s damage for 6 pips. However when you factor in that it is a tandem spell with a max tandem of 3 you realize just how powerful this spell can be. I could explain the math of this spell but I’ll see if someone in the comments can explain it.

Hypersonic Boom

Type: Attack (Priority)

Accuracy: 70%

Cost: 4 pips

Effect: 500 storm damage to one target and 33% chance to stun opponent for 1 round.

Explanation: A priority 4 pip storm spell with the chance of offering some low pip utility that it currently lacks.

Have any more ideas for spells or mechanics? Let us know below!


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