Wizard101 Floor Tiles

Now that you know where to get your wallpapers, how about your floors?
Do you remember where to find those? I sure didn’t, but I do now!



Wizard City – Shopping District – Aubert Quickhammer

black pinwheel floorBlack Pinwheel Floor

blue pinwheel floorBlue Pinwheel Floor

brown pinwheel floorBrown Pinwheel Floor

cyan pinwheel floorCyan Pinwheel Floor

green pinwheel floorGreen Pinwheel Floor

grey pinwheel floorGrey Pinwheel Floor

Lilac Pinwheel Floor

green pinwheel floorLime Pinwheel Floor

maize pinwheel floorMaize Pinwheel Floor

orange pinwheel floorOrange Pinwheel

red pinwheel floorRed Pinwheel Floor

salmon pinwheel floorSalmon Pinwheel Floor

violet pinwheel floorViolet Pinwheel Floor

yellow pinwheel floorYellow Pinwheel Floor

grassy flooringGrassy Flooring

patterned floor tilePatterned Floor Tile

pink carpetPink Carpet

star mosaic tilesStar Mosaic Tiles

wood slat flooringWood Slat Flooring

wooden floor tilesWooden Floor Tiles

wooden flooringWooden Flooring

wizard city wallpaper and flooring

Wizard City – Unicorn Way – Roland Silverheart

dun-stone flooringDun-Stone Floor

ianthine tile floorIanthine Tile Floor

russet tile floorRusset Tile Floor

starbright floorStarbright Floor



Krokotopia – Krokosphinx – Ea’rik

black squares floorBlack Squares Floor

blue squares floorBlue Squares Floor

brown squares floorBrown Squares Floor

cyan squares floorCyan Squares Floor

greay squares floorGrey Squares Floor

green squares floorGreen Squares Floor

lilac squares floorLilac Squares Floor

lime squares floorLime Squares Floor

maze squares floorMaize Squares Floor

orange squares floorOrange Squares Floor

pink squares floorPink Squares Floor

purple squares floorPurple Squares Floor

red squares floorRed Squares Floor

salmonSalmon Squares Floor

violet squares floorViolet Squares Floor

yellow squares floorYellow Squares Floor

checkered stone floorCheckered Stone Floor

onyx tilesOnyx Tiles

sandstone tilesSandstone Tiles

weathered wood floorWeathered Wood Floor


Picture 2015-11-01 09-00-46

Marleybone – Regent’s Square Neville Cobblestone

brickstyle wood floorBrickstyle Wood Floor

geometric mosaic tilesGeometric Mosaic Tiles

granite tilesGranite Tiles

irregular brick floorIrregular Brick Floor

metal floor gratingMetal Floor Grating

opal flagstonesOpal Flagstones

red and white brick floorRed And White Brick Floor

zigzag wood floorZigzag Wood Floor


wallpaper mooshu

Mooshu – Jade Palace – Zhi Lan

bamboo matBamboo Mat

dirt floorDirt Floor

leafy floorLeafy Floor

swirly stone tilesSwirly Stone Tiles

tatami flooringTatami Flooring

zen garden flooringZen Garden Flooring




Picture 2015-11-01 10-01-38

Dragonspyre – The Atheneum – Nessa Lightblade

black parquet floorBlack Parquet Floor

blue parquet floorBlue Parquet Floor

brown parquet floorBrown Parquet Floor

cyan parquet floorCyan Parquet Floor

green parquet floorGreen Parquet Floor

grey parquet floorGrey Parquet Floor

lilac parquet floorLilac Parquet Floor

lime parquet floorLime Parquet Floor

maize parquet floorMaize Parquet Floor

orange parquet floorOrange Parquet Floor

pink parquet floorPink Parquet Floor

purple parquet floorPurple Parquet Floor

red parquet floorRed Parquet Floor

salmon parquet floorSalmon Parquet Floor

violet parquet floorViolet Parquet Floor

yellow parquet floorYellow Parquet Floor

black bullseye floorBlack Bullseye Floor

blue bullseye floorBlue Bullseye Floor

brown bullseye floorBrown Bullseye Floor

cyan bullseye floorCyan Bullseye Floor

green bullseye floorGreen Bullseye Floor

grey bullseye floorGrey Bullseye Floor

lilac bullseye floorLilac Bullseye Floor

lime bullseye floorLime Bullseye Floor

maize bullseye floorMaize Bullseye Floor

orange bullseye floorOrange Bullseye Floor

pink bullseye floorPink Bullseye Floor

purple bullseye floorPurple Bullseye Floor

red bullseye floorRed Bullseye Floor

salmon bullseye floorSalmon Bullseye Floor

violet bullseye floorViolet Bullseye Floor

yellow bullseye floorYellow Bullseye Floor

granite tilesGranite Tiles

opal flagstonesOpal Flagstones

red and white brick floorRed and White Brick Floor

underwater tilingUnderwater Tiling


grizzleheim furniture wallpaper

Grizzleheim – Northguard – Thorlief Woodcrafter

claw-marked floorClaw-Marked Floor

crystalline tile floorCrystalline Tile Floor

fur-covered floorFur-Covered Floor

pebbled floorPebbled Floor

rough stone floorRough Stone Floor

wave grass floorWavy Grass Floor

wood plank floorWood Plank Floor


celestia furniture wallpaper

Celestia – Celestia Base Camp – Otto



wysteria furniture wallpaper

Wysteria – Pigswick Academy – Petunia Floribund

block illusion flooringBlock Illusion Flooring

chevron striped flooringChevron Striped Flooring

haxanogal tile flooringHexagonal Tile Flooring

quilted purple floor coveringQuilted Purple Floor Covering

scribed stone flooringScribed Stone Flooring

steel reinforced flooringSteel Reinforced Flooring

timberline flooringTimberline Flooring



zafaria furniture wallpaper

Zafaria – Boabab Market – Jihane Abletusk

Baobab Wood FloorBaobab Wood Floor

blacktusk print floorBlacktusk Print Floor

lion's paw print floorLion’s Paw Print Floor

obsidian floorstoneObsidian Floorstone

stonetown flooringStonetown Flooring

Zafarian Herringbone FloorZafarian Herringbone Floor

zamunda mask floorZamunda Mask Floor


Picture 2015-11-01 15-15-20 Azteca – Three Points – Old Man Huehue

oak parquet flooringOak Parquet Flooring

patchwork flooringPatchwork Flooring

primitive cave flooringPrimitive Cave Flooring

wallpapers from sets

Floor Tiles from Furniture Sets

Alhazred’s Sandstone Floor
Balance Furniture Set 2

avalonian stone floorAvalonian Stone Floor
Avalon Furniture Set 2

aztecan cracked tileAztecan Crasked Tile
Azteca Furniture Set 2

celestian diamond floorCelestian Diamond Floor
Celestia Furniture Set 2

Cyrus’s Cobblestone Floor
Myth Furniture Set 2

Dalia’s Charred Floor Tile
Fire Furniture Set 2

dragonspyre tile floorDragonspyre Tile Floor
Dragonspyre Furniture Set 2

Dworgyn’s Fetid Floorboards

grizzleheim wood floorGrizzleheim Wood Floor
Grizzleheim Furniture Set 2

Halston’s Steel Floor
Storm Furniture Pack 2

jade palace flooringJade Palace Flooring
Mooshu Furniture Set 2

krokotopian stone floorKrokotopian Stone Floor
Krokotopia Furniture Set 2

Lydia’s Ice Floor
Ice Furniture Set 2

marleybone parquet floorMarleybone Parquet Floor
Marleybone Furniture Set 2

Moolinda’s Forest Floor
Life Furniture Pack 2

ravenwood floorstonesRavenwood Floorstones
Wizard City Furniture Set 2

pigswick floor tilesPigswick Floor Tiles
Pigswick Furniture Set 2

zafarian stone floorZafarian Stone Floor

wallpapers from packs

Floor Tiles from Packs

Black Bullseye Floor
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Ceramic Tile
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Cobblestone
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Parquet Floor
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Pinwheel Floor
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Squares Floor
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Black Waves Floor
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

castle darkmoor flooringCastle Darkmoor Flooring
Terror’s Hoard Pack

Cobblestone FlooringClobblestone Flooring
Wyvern’s Hoard Pack
Wysteria Lore Pack

Cross Section FloorTileCross Section Floor Tile
Wyvern’s Hoard Pack
Wysteria Lore Pack
Immortal’s Lore Pack

fresh powder snowFresh Powder Floor
Winterland Pack & Yuletide Pack

Grassy Flooring
Raven’s Hoard Pack

Gritty Stone Floor Tile
Immortal’s Lore Pack

Marble Diner Floor TileMarble Diner Floor Tile
Wyvern’s Hoard Pack
Wysteria Lore Pack
Immortal’s Lore Pack

Metal Floor Grating
Road Warrior’s Hoard Pack

Red Brick Floor Tile
Wyvern’s Hoard Pack
Wysteria Lore Pack
Immortal’s Lore Pack


Floor Tiles from Fishing Chests

These are the newest of the new! Iridian Willowglen on Twitter has been fishing these up and kindly shared them with us!

Black Ceramic Tile
Nomad’s Camp
Polarian Shipwreck
Winter Wind Tower

Black Cobblestone
Fire House
Myth House
Polarian Shipwreck
Winter Wind Tower

Blue Ceramic Tile

Blue Cobblestone
Amber Estate

Brown Ceramic Tile
Darkmoor Manor
Polarian Shipwreck

Brown Cobblestone
the Storm House
the Death House

Burnt Orange Ceramic Tile
the Myth House
Darkmoor Manor

Burnt Orange Cobblestone

Cyan Ceramic Tile
Polarian Shipwreck

Cyan Cobblestone
Polarian Shipwreck

Cyrus’s Cobblestone Floor
the Myth House

Grey Ceramic Tile
the Myth House
Winter Wind Tower

Grey Cobblestone
the Fire House
Sultan’s Palace

Green Cobblestone

Lilac Ceramic Tile
Polarian Shipwreck
Winter Wind Tower

Lilac Cobblestone
Polarian Shipwreck

Lime Ceramic Tile
Amber Estate
Nomad’s Camp
The Acropolis

Lime Cobblestone
the Myth House

Maize Ceramic Tile
Nomad’s Camp
Polarian Shipwreck

Maize Cobblestone
Nomad’s Camp

Orange Ceramic Tile

Orange Cobblestone
the Myth House

Pink Ceramic Tile
Darkmoor Manor
the Myth House
Polarian Shipwreck
Serpentine Escape

Pink Cobblestone
the Life House
Polarian Shipwreck

Purple Ceramic Tile
Serpentine Escape

Purple Cobblestone
the Myth House
Nomad’s Camp
Winter Wind Tower
Polarian Shipwreck

Red Ceramic Tile
Life House
Polarian Shipwreck

Red Cobblestone
the Life House
Nomad’s Camp
Darkmoor Manor

Violet Ceramic Tile
Polarian Shipwreck
Sultan’s Palace
Winter Wind Tower

Violet Cobblestone
the Myth House

White Ceramic Tile
Botanical Gardens
Darkmoor Manor
Polarian Shipwreck
Winter Wind Tower

White Cobblestone
Night Garden

Yellow Ceramic Tile
the Myth House

Yellow Cobblestone


Dropped Floor Tiles from Bosses

Aztecan Cracked Tile
Ixcax CursedWing

Black Waves Floor
Billy the Cutter

Blue Waves Floor
Billy the Cutter

Cobblestone Flooring
Aunt Millicent

Cross Section Floor Tile
Aunt Millicent
Barbarous Van Der Borst

Cyan Waves Floor
Billy the Cutter

Krokotopian Stone Floor

Lilac Waves Floor

Lydia’s Icy Floor
Omen Stribog

Marble Diner Floor Tile
Aunt Eunice
Barbarous Van Der Borst

Red Brick Floor Tile
Emil SoftPaw

Red Waves Floor

Salmon Waves Floor


Floor Tiles from Daily Housing Items

Cauldron in Battlemage Keep

Patterned Floor Tile (2)

Star Mosaic Tiles (2)

Wooden Floor Tiles (2)




Quilted Purple Floor Covering

Those are the current Wizard101 Floor Tiles available! Which ones are you favorites?

Let us know in the comments!

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